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  Lon Dumont vs. Ethan Axel Andrews

Hair gripping sleeper hold

Ass in the air, Lon's in trouble

Ethan imagining a Lon face-lift!

A low blow stops Ethan cold

With the young stud down on his knees, Lon grinds his boot laces into Ethan's pretty face

"Who Still Gets to Rock the Mop?"

"Didn't realize BG East was running a hair salon now," Ethan smirks as he arrives to find Lon trimming a few split ends. "I was told Lon Dumont was supposed to be here," he continues, "are you, like, his lesbian sister or something?" Lon continues his grooming, seemingly unperturbed. Ethan continues: "Shirley Temple just called, and she wants her curls back... of course, the hair hides all the wrinkles." The implication that Lon may be "over the hill" is the barb that finally sticks, and all the fun and games turn serious.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't like what you're suggesting!" Lon is aghast, clenching his fists then quickly referring back to his visage in the mirror. "I've got wrinkles?!?"

"What are you, like 40?" Twenty-something Ethan asks the thirty-something bodybuilder. Having scratched at a sore spot, he's not about to let up.

"Frankly, if you don't mind me saying so," Lon snarls back, rubbing his fingers through Ethan's mop top, "people in glass houses probably shouldn't be throwing stones! That isn't exactly the best looking hair I've ever seen in my life." It's Lon who proposes that the BG East ring isn't big enough for two such epic mop tops, not to mention two epic egos! "How about instead of this being a mere match for bragging rights, how about making this a match to determine who still gets to rock the mop? In other words, winner grows on, loser goes home a couple inches shorter? What do you say, hair versus hair?"

Agreeing to the terms, the mop tops get down to business. Lon's ring savvy and poise set the pace early on, snagging quick armbars and headlocks that give him the opportunity to muss Ethan's hair and muse about what he'll look like bald. "You know what the only problem is, Ethan? After I shave your head today, nobody is going to be able to do things like THIS to you," Lon chuckles, yanking the young hot shot around the ring by a fistful of his golden locks, making the superstar wannabe scream. It's open season on all dirty tricks and off color humor involving hair, as Lon revels in standing on Ethan's hair while yanking him upward by his arms. Ethan writhes and wails, feeling his hair coming out by the roots.

The moment Lon finds himself distracted by the reflected image of his adored mop top, Ethan makes him pay with a stunning drop kick. All those nasty hair treatments he suffered at Lon's hands, Ethan returns in spades. He pins Lon in the ropes and pries at his ponytail, illustrating what Lon will look like once his tresses have been shaved away. Leaning way back in a stunning camel clutch variation, both hands pulling hard on Lon's hair, Ethan brings the veteran to the brink of losing his shaggy do, as well as the submission fall. Although he wails and screams in abject agony, Lon refuses to concede.

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Lon Dumont vs. Ethan Axel Andrews
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A big forearm smash across the abs has Lon Dumont crashing to the mat

Relentless hair-pulling punishment

Lon cranks Ethan's arm back

Lon applies a nasty headlock

A brain crusher punishes Ethan

Ethan's single leg boston crab

With the cocky punk trapped helpless on the ropes, Lon clamps on the KL killer Kiss of Death

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