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  Mason Brooks vs. Trey Dixon with Kayden Keller, Skrapper, Ty Alexander, and Drake Marcos  

Trey Dixon, tournament finalist - 5'10, 155 lbs

Ty snags Mason in a floating rear-naked choke while Skrapper splits Mason's legs perilously wide

Smothered into Skrapper's armpit, Mason is subjected to a gut bashing from Ty & Skrapper

The others look on as Mason works Trey's packed pouch in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Trey desperate to counter as tall Kayden jerks him clear of the water in a brutal bearhug

Wrestlefest on the Water

Summer is here, and the heat means it was only a matter of time before the BG boys made their way to the pool to strip down and cool off. But rest and relaxation aren't the first things on these boys' minds. Needless to say, the combination of glistening water running down so many toned, nearly bare bodies is more than enough to stir a few speedos. It all starts in good fun as the boys dive into the cool water one after another, but knowing the sort of fun this lot prefers, things are about to get heated.

Six stunningly hot bodies line the water's edge, eyeing each other when Ty Alexander and Kayden Keller win the distinction to be the first to slip into the pool. The two nubile newbies start things off playfully enough as Kayden hoists Ty onto his strong shoulders, a tower of man on man, before turning towards ever-smiling Drake Marcos and impressively-muscled Mason Brooks at poolside. Wet 'n Wild tag team chicken fights!

None of these are boys are inclined to turn down a challenge and shortly a little horseplay sends Ty tumbling into the water as Drake and Mason celebrate their swift victory. However, the bronzed jobber doesn't take defeat lying down, turning the blame on his partner, and suddenly an entirely new conflict is brewing.

Ty's defiance earns a swift reprisal from Kayden, as a crushing bearhug and prolonged full nelson wring more submissions out of the alabaster heel's debut opponent. Tossing Ty aside, victorious Kayden turns back to the poolside lineup looking for another challenger, prompting none other than Skrapper to wade into battle. Both men fight back and forth, with Skrapper seemingly getting the best of the newbie heel in more than one painful hold, but before the BG veteran can even strike a victory pose for the appreciative poolside audience he feels Drake Marcos come from behind with a surprise sleeper.

The action only grows more intense as each wrestler, including Trey Dixon and Mason, take a shot at each latest victor in turn. Call it Wrestlefest on the water, a tournament, or king of the hill (or pool, rather), these six bring their best to this impromptu wrestling meet. Chokes, scissors, racks, even backbreakers send losers splashing for safety as some even crawl away to escape the two competitors who come to stand out among the fallen.

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Mason Brooks vs. Trey Dixon with Kayden Keller, Skrapper, Ty Alexander, and Drake Marcos
37 minutes

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Keeping a possessive grip on Trey's crotch, Mason shares his racked conquest with the boys

Post-tourney, the boys worship one of the champs, their passions becoming too powerful to contain

Mason Brooks, tournament finalist - 5'9, 150 lbs

Mason watches as Ty and Drake work together to break Skrapper and advance to the next round

Trey flexing every muscle to the max, intent on putting Brooks out and advancing

Drake pulls Ty completely out of the pool to work a fullnelson, bodyscissor combo

Roughneck Skrapper's rear-naked choke/scissors combination shows off pretty bronzed Ty

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