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  Kid Karisma vs. Zion Brown

Kid K demands star treatment, forcing his opponent to remove his vest before the drilling begins

Zion's thickly muscled bod arches back as the Kid traps his face in Karisma's underarm

Karisma flexes and tries to break free of Zion's powerful nelson

Pinned again, Zion worshipfully feels the ripped physique of a BG East champion

The muscled ginger tramples Zion, driving his boot into the stud's abs

Private Parts Climbs the Chain of Command

Ordering the impressively built recruit to the ring, he takes a short cut and wastes no time berating the rookie. "What time is it?! It doesn't fucking matter 'cause you're LATE!" he yells at the flustered young hunk. "Now flex for me!" Kid K demands, and earnestly obedient, Zion flashes his mountainous biceps and flexes his diamond carved abs proudly. "Not bad," Kid K mutters, heaping on faint praise that the eager-to-please rookie soaks up like a sponge.

Dripping with condescension, Kid Karisma extends his arms and orders the new recruit to remove his better's vest. The red-headed heel displays the legendary fitness and mouthwatering muscles that have earned him accolades, awards, and an army of amorous fans as he waits for the rookie to play valet. It appears Zion has joined this man's army, unable to resist pausing mid-task to stroke Kid Karisma's massive biceps and steal and indulgent squeeze of his superior's awesome pecs. "Yeah, of course you feel me up. I don't blame you," Kid K magnanimously permits the newbie the thrill of a lifetime. But when Zion proceeds to toss his tactical vest unceremoniously into a corner, Kid Karisma quickly hits the end of his short fuse and opens up with a full frontal assault on the entirely shocked and awed newcomer.

Zion takes this beating like a seasoned pro, and the more discipline and punishment he soaks up, the more Kid Karisma wants to dish out. When forced to do sit-ups at Kid K's feet, the recruit doesn't need to be told twice to kiss Kid K's crotch on the way up each and every time. When the rookie is tackled to the mat and schoolboy pinned beneath his flexing, preening opponent, Zion doesn't miss the opportunity to dig his fingers deep and lustfully into Kid Karisma' award winning ass. If there was any question whether this eager new recruit was ready for BG East's special blend of wrestling eroticism, Zion's full throttle enthusiasm for this muscle on muscle manhandling leaves no doubt. He was made for this!

While Karisma is on board with worship of his hot rocking body, he is also fully committed to carrying out the Boss' orders. He nearly rips the rookie apart with full nelsons, body slams, and soul crushing body scissors. Trapping the handsome hunk's skull in a standing headscissors, Kid K squeezes gallons of sweat and tears out of the recruit, even while landing stinging slaps to Private Parts' bodacious butt. Hung out to dry in an inverted reverse bearhug, Zion discovers what it means to be entirely at the mercy of one of the baddest badasses at BG East.

The weaving of corporal punishment and carnal pleasure is electrifying to watch as these two incredible specimens of athleticism and physical beauty test the limits. Not an inch of Zion Brown's beautiful body is left untested, and he literally goes face-first into every brutal humiliation that Kid Karisma can think of. "You said you'd do whatever it takes, right!?" Kid Karisma asks, having put the military stud through one of the harshest initiations on record. "Yes, SIR!" the destroyed but undaunted recruit bravely barks back. Kid Karisma drags his recruit from the sweat-soaked ring. "Well, let's go find some soap!"

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Karisma stomps away at the abs of his trapped prey

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