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  Skip Vance vs. Steven Ponce*

Skip's bright red gear and ass brings out the bull in Ponce

Ponce Gets Playful

The action is destructive yet seductive right from the start. Despite a crushing claw hold on his crotch, Ponce fights his way to his feet, throwing off the little stud in one of many comebacks between these wannabe dominators. Ponce outmuscles and mounts the blond beauty, staring down at that perky ass bobbing just under his bulge. His lessons under a leather-clad master have left their impression on Ponce's psyche and it shows as a deceptively playful smile crosses his face. "I'm gonna make you my bitch" he proclaims boldly as he brings a broad palm hard against the ass under his hips. The infuriating slaps and the promise of another match ending in a humiliating defeat spurs Skip to even greater struggles, the small scrapper actually lifting Ponce clear from the mat as he throws the larger man off him. The erstwhile jobber extraordinaire meets the dom-in-training's prediction with his own self-assured confidence, "You're just making me mad, you haven't seen tough yet."

Skip scoops, flips, and slams the Ponce, bending him nearly in two, but the hairy redhead has been made to suffer through far worse and glibly refuses Skip's demands for a submission. There's a fire in Skip's eyes and a dangerous edge in his voice as he resolves to make this match, this mat, and this man his own. He maneuvers Ponce into another tight scissors, those surprisingly muscled legs squeezing tight, but when it's not enough he locks in an arm bar, finally forcing Ponce to tap. This hardly seems like the same blond surfer boy we once witnessed receiving what looked like a nearly fatal schooling in submission holds from Jonny Firestorm. This Skip Vance is coming after Ponce with an almost dangerous lust for vengeance, for all the times the he begged his brutal opponents for mercy. Skip doesn't just want to win, he wants to take everything he can from Ponce, the intensity in his eyes only growing as his hands play over the hairy body in his grasp.

This boy means to dominate his opponent every way he can, but Ponce will take it all and demand more. He's suffered at the hands of the best, and one submission won't satisfy his lust for punishment. If the would-be dom can't get what he wants, he'll give it instead, using what he's learned of pain to extract the sweet screams of suffering he craves from Skip's lips. Holds are traded and limits pushed to the breaking point, but even as both men experience agony in each other's arms, there is a growing passion in their mutual punishment. Wrestling and submissions swiftly become a prelude to a more lustful encounter. There is still a winner to be decided, but it may be by the skill of mixing both pain and intense pleasure that one man will hear his opponent moan in a final, and total, submission. The sounds of hands on asses and teeth on nipples give way to growing cries of almost agonized ecstasy, one wrestler begging for mercy or release, his shouts reaching their climax in an explosive and utterly dominant finish. This one leaves no doubt which wrestler is the master on this mat, and which is the trembling sub, soaked and satisfied.

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