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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Christopher Bruce

Jonny Firestorm (5'5", 145 lbs) seeks out an inspirational BGE hero for an autograph

Jonny unleashes a hellacious gut bash on the legend

The jobber legend on the receiving end of a humiliating wedgie

The humiliated idol wavers weakly, wedgied and kneeling before his protege

Jonny drags his humiliated hero to his feet with a wedgie and a handful of hair

The vicious heel doublestomps the jobber star's aching crotch

Star Struck and Striking Back

Knowing the direction Jonny Firestorm's career has taken, it is astonishing to look back at his early days at BG East and hear him gush at the sight of his "childhood idol" Christopher Bruce and say "I've tried to model my entire career after you!" The intervening years have demonstrated that there may be two no more dissimilar wrestling careers. Jonny has aptly earned the title of resident reigning heel, breaking balls, crushing egos, and grinding opponents into submission with sadistic zeal. Christopher, on the other hand, has been one of the most popular muscle jobbers ever, proving repeatedly that fans and opponents alike are never tired of seeing his magnificent physique battered and humiliated. But years ago, when they first met, Jonny was simply star struck and earnestly begging for a autograph on a hot beefcake photo of his long-time hero.

When the mutual appreciation and pose off are completed, Christopher literally picks Jonny up and catapults him across the ring. Jonny is not only far less experienced at this point in his career, but at the leanest he's ever been, he gives away 35 pounds of sculpted muscle mass to his opponent. Persistently Jonny springs back into the fray and is quickly scooped up into one spine numbing body slam after another. "Slow down!" Christopher advises his overeager young fan. "I don't want to have to do that again to you."

But Jonny does not know the meaning of the words "slow down," and mindlessly compelled to impress his childhood idol, he flings his body senselessly at the calculating muscle man. The veteran pounds him in an over-the-knee backbreaker, flings him corner to corner, and presses him straight armed over head before driving Jonny's back crashing into the mat. Suddenly the muscled veteran scoops his would-be protege up into his arms, suspending Jonny in an inverted bearhug and giving Christopher an intimately up close view of just how excited Jonny is to grapple with his hero. Completely outmuscled, Jonny humiliatingly submits to his childhood idol. Talk about being "star struck!"

Chris is full of sage advice for his struggling young protege right up until the time Jonny lands a vicious right hook right up into Christopher's low hanging balls! It turns out our young Jonny is not so eager to model his career after the notoriously straight-laced muscle jobber after all. Shocked, we know! Chris is more than accustomed to weathering dirty tricks, however, and the full throttle battle to determine whether Jonny can vanquish his hero teeters back and forth in a contest of sexy strength versus cute cunning.

The young heel rising deals out every dirty trick to bring the beautiful muscleman to his knees, but Christopher is intimately familiar with every broken rule in the book. From fan lust to blood lust, their mutual appreciation sours into bruised egos and brutalized bodies. Not a corner of the ring or an inch of their bodies is left untouched, until the final, decisive DDT determines which fed up wrestler gets the respect he deserves, the seasoned hero hunk or his ambitious, "star struck" fan. Spectacular! A contender for Best of 2015???

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Christopher Bruce
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The muscled jobber star suffers in a Firestorm specialty, the 3-in-1

Bruce viciously hurls his much smaller, overzealous opponent across the ring

Jonny's arms restrained as his face is brought close to Bruce's bulge in a headscissors

A soccer kick fires into the ribs of a fallen, bare-assed Bruce

Bruce clutches at his groin as Jonny uses a leg to rip his crotch wide open in a spladle

Jonny wrenches back on the chinlock, putting his hero through his paces

Christopher Bruce- 5'8", 180 lbs of muscle

Jonny batters the vulnerable midsection of an exposed Bruce in an abdominal stretch

A bone-crushing bearhug wilts the resident reigning heel

Bruce throws up a double bicep pose as his victim bridges and suffers in a headscissors

A masochistic Jonny moment: his trunks barely able to contain his excitement in an inverted bearhug

Bruce lets out a cry in agony as his fawning idol bridges with a leghold, chinlock combination

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