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  Darius vs. Jeremy Tyler

Darius - 5'9" 185 lbs

The two combatants take a moment to size each other up and compare muscle

Darius finds himself trapped and turned over in a headscissors from the flexing stud

Tyler takes his seat atop the fallen vet in a crotch-to-face schoolboy with a double bicep flex

Jeremy takes the black musclegod to the mat with an abstretch variation

Darius finds himself trapped under the weight of the hulking stud's schoolboy pin

Mutual Appreciation, Mutual Destruction or Both?

There's definitely something in the air when massive Jeremy Tyler strolls into the mat room to find muscle god Darius flexing. They give one another long, slow, suggestive appraisals. They are clearly both abundantly impressed by what they see. Darius playfully punches Jeremy's muscled gut. They feel one another's flexed biceps, groaning just a little with pleasure. When they silently, suddenly lock up, their massive muscles quiver with the strain of closely matched strength going head-to-head, tingling from head to toe.

Jeremy is a relative newcomer to BG East, but he has a long resume of mat wrestling experience. He's built like a mack truck, and he fills out his tighty-whities magnificently. Darius is well-known to BG East fans and throughout the underground wrestling scene.

Darius never shows up without being in phenomenal shape, thick, beautiful muscles sculpted with the devotion of a physique fanatic. When he suddenly snaps his massive thighs around Jeremy's torso, the curly haired hunk writhes involuntarily in agony. "Damn," he gasps through gritted teeth, "you've got strong legs, man!" Jeremy is going nowhere as Darius digs his knees into his captured opponent's gut, flipping and flinging him back and forth from side to side across the mat. Those crushing quads slowly drive Jeremy past the point of no return, and he finally, reluctantly taps out, already glistening with sweat.

These hunks are so into each other! The attraction is palpable and sizzling. Jeremy insists on comparing his muscle mass to Darius' crippling thighs before they resume wrestling. To say they have high regard for one another is a gross understatement. They're seriously crushing on the sight, the feel, the intensity of each other's gorgeous muscles!

The pace of this match is deliberate, each lustful hunk savoring every moment of testing each other's bodies and then openly admiring each other's physiques between falls. When Jeremy crushes out a panicked headscissors submission from the black muscle god, Darius is instantly infatuated with stroking his opponent's flexing quads. They trade schoolboy pins, smothering each other with excited packages, flexing their biceps in each other's faces. Neither wrestler gives anything other than 100% to the battle, but there's just no mistaking how awed they are to be locked together, muscle on muscle, with such incredible physiques.

One of these muscle hunks builds a head of steam, eventually controlling the momentum and scoring the majority of submissions in the end. But there are two winners in this match up, both thrilled by the test of strength and the intimacy combat. Even when all is said and done on the mat, they can't stop flexing for one another, feeling and admiring each other. Whatever it is in the air in the mat room this day, they leave arm in arm to continue building their mutual appreciation. Ebony and ivory with well-matched mighty muscle.

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Darius vs. Jeremy Tyler
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The accomplished amateur studs grapple on the mats

Even though he's in pain, Darius never backs down from a poseoff

The relative rookie looks to pick up a pinfall over our veteran Darius

The curly-haired stud succeeds in trapping his more experienced opponent in a headscissors

Darius snags Tyler once more in a vicious, debilitating headscissors

Tyler works on breaking down Darius' powerful arms to apply an armbar submission

Jeremy Tyler - 6' 192 lbs

Darius' thick quads command a submission from the newbie with a skull-crunching headscissors

Like a vicious pitbull freed of his leash, thick-muscled Darius prepares to attack

Darius rears up with a massive bicep flex as he grinds Tyler's head between his thick quads

Darius' desperate struggles to prevent Tyler from locking on an armbar

A fallen Darius writhes and clutches at his busted abs as big boy Tyler flexes triumphantly

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