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  Biff Farrell vs. Joe Mazetti

Biff Farrell - 5'7", 190 lbs

New Kid vs Old School in the manliest of strength contests

Joe puts the new meat on his knees where he belongs

Mazetti contemplates his past triumphs as he immobilizes the muscle boy with a low blow

Big Biff uses his big guns to attempt to escape Joe's full nelson

Sweet revenge: Mazetti's manhood trampled underfoot

Angels, Demons, and the Demise of Our Better Selves

Stop the presses! The biggest news to hit wrestling fans in quite a while just broke wide open. Joe Mazetti is making a comeback! Starring in over a dozen of the most brutal, bare knuckled, ball-busting wrestling matches in the BG East archives, it's been over 10 years since fans last enjoyed watching Joe rip apart an opponent. Describing himself now as more mature, less impulsive, and eager to turn over a new leaf, the seasoned veteran may be all new on the inside, but he is every ounce the magnificently muscled Mac truck of a man he was the last time you saw him. With a well-earned reputation for being one of the most domineering, dominating, and devastating ring heels on record, Joe was lured back by the skyrocketing quality of muscle and skill in BG East's latest crop of new recruits.

Right at the head of the class is the blue-eyed, blond bombshell Biff Farrell. True, Biff's thick cut of top quality meat has been pried apart and picked over by some of our current reigning ring heels, but he's improving by the minute and has never failed to wring grudging respect out of every opponent.

Matched ounce for ounce and inch for inch, Joe and Biff are the yin to each other's yang. Nearly identical in height, weight, and astonishingly dense muscle mass, the dark haired veteran looks like the twisted alter ego of the bright-eyed blond rookie. Like a granite carved angel on one shoulder and a mirror image devil on the other, years in age and wrestling experience may separate them, but otherwise they are as perfectly paired as two wrestlers could be.

Demonstrating his new philosophy, Joe is downright solicitious in admiring Biff's size and strength. The side by side muscle comparison leaves both men in mutual admiration. Joe actually apologizes that the Boss insisted he wear black trunks and boots. "I used to be kind of a bad ass," Joe confesses, "but I'm here to show everyone I'm not that same old guy."

The compliments fly like spun sugar even when Biff astonishes the would-be comeback king by winning an arm wrestling contest. Like true sportsmen, they agree to go best 2 out of 3, but when Biff once again overpowers the seasoned veteran, something snaps in Joe. He nearly decapitates the muscle kid with a vicious clothesline. "Damn it, kid! Look what you made me do!"

Once unleashed, it's damn near impossible to get the genie back in the bottle. Instinct and muscle memory kick in, and despite himself, Joe stomps and tramples his prone opponent mercilessly. His aspirations to play it straight keep getting shoved aside by the raging heel within roaring back to life. Vile punches to the back and head reign down on the blond beauty. Biff is just so irresistibly vulnerable, writhing and wailing at Joe's feet! "No!" Joe shouts angrily, physically restraining himself from continuing the mauling. "Sorry kid, I'm not that guy anymore." he apologizes, giving Biff a hand to his feet.

"You sure?" Biff asks warily accepting the aid. Before Joe can confirm it, Biff drives a knee viciously into the veteran's muscled core. It seems Joe's not the only one in the ring determined to turn over a new leaf. Straight shooting babyface Biff dabbles in the dark side, tossing his breathless opponent across the ring and literally laughing in his face when Joe is stuck but good between Biff's humungous thighs in crotch-pillow headscissors.

Neither muscle hunk is who you thought he was by the time this ball-busting, back alley brawl sorts itself out. Angels become demons, and virtues are for chumps once both boys abandon their higher callings in order to determine if the next generation has left yesterday's stars far behind. Youth versus experience. Low blows versus dirty tricks. Muscle versus muscle. Just one sweat soaked wrestler is left standing!

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Biff crumbles beneath the returning heel's classic dirty moves

Big Biff's thick pecs are turned to mush under the battering forearm

Biff digs his knee into the ailing veteran's spinal cord

Looking better than ever, Mazetti's massive quads crush the prettyboy's skull

A crippling crossface might spell the inevitable victory for the returning stud

Determined to choke and grind his younger opponent down, Joe adjusts his massive legs

Joe Mazetti! - 5'7", 190 lbs

Biff has everything to prove as he forces the celebrated veteran to his knees

Will Mazetti's comeback end in an upset submission to Biff's vise-like headscissors?

A rear naked choke stops the buff prettyboy in his tracks

"Smile for the camera!" Joe drops the pretty muscle boy as he 'feels the power'!

Biff slumps in Joe's arms as he succumbs to the effects a rear naked choke

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