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  Brute Baynard vs. Kip Sorell  

Kip Sorell - 5'8, 150 lbs

Brute incredulous as the underwear model scales his big back and clamps on a rear-naked choke

That extra hundred pounds comes to bear as Big Brute crushes the prettyboy in a bearhug

Big Brute releases his life-draining grip and poor Kip drops limp to the mat, unable to even stand

Brute's fists dig deep in BG's Best Abs from behind in a reverse bearhug

Big Bruiser Brute flexes mightily as he tramples the little stud underfoot

Crushed Kip Doll

Kip Sorell has certainly endeared himself to BG East's fans since he first hopped in the ring. His memorable inaugural matches against Kid Karisma and Jake Jenkins earned him the 2013 Best Debut of Year Award. The beatings he took from Lon Dumont and Z-Man sealed the deal for the 2014 Best Jobber of the Year Award, securing his place in the Jobber Hall of Fame. And now his phenomenal body has taken home the 2015 Best Abs Award! Never one to rest on his accolades, Kip is ready to impress in 2016, no matter who comes his way. Which is good, because a veritable mountain of muscle by the name of Brute Baynard is determined to completely crush the life out of him.

Brute may not have years of awards under his belt (he's only had two matches so far). But he has enough muscle packed onto his huge frame that he can easily crush most anything he gets his hands on, be they awards or "Jobbers of the Year". Kip's years of experience, his jobber skills, and his amazingly sculpted body will all be put to the test by Brute's massive muscles that seem designed to wring the air out of his opponents.

Before the match begins, Kip is stretching his taut muscles in the ring, his pink briefs barely containing his other tremendous assets. While Kip's body has clearly captivated his many fans, Brute could not be more unimpressed with his opponent: "Really?! This is what I have to work with?" Kip thinks he's big enough to take on Brute, but Brute isn't having it, even offering Kip the chance to walk away. "You're 150 lbs. Brother, I'm 250 lbs! Save yourself the humiliation and embarrassment of being totally, TOTALLY dominated." Kip refuses to back down, which might cost him the 2016 Smartest Decisions Award, as the first lock-up has Kip being flung across the ring like a ragdoll!

Clutching his back, all Kip can do is utter the obvious: "that hurt." Brute continues effortlessly tossing Kip around the ring before giving the little guy a free pass to lock on any hold without resistance. Kip goes right for a sleeper, but Brute is hardly phased and muscles his way to his feet before slamming his 250 lbs and Kip into the closest ring corner. A flurry of stomps and power moves literally shakes the ring before Brute clamps on the match's first bearhug.

That's right, first bearhug. Because this match isn't called Bearhug Beatings for nothing! Once Brute realizes how much fun it is to squeeze the delicious Kip, he just can't resist doing it over and over again. Every imaginable kind of bearhug is thrown Kip's way: frontal; reversed; inverted; side; grounded. The ropes and ring posts are used in ways never seen before to apply agonizing bearhugs. One upside-down tree-of-woe bearhug not only blasts all the air out of Kip, but seems to force a lot of blood to his already ample package to the point where it's ready to burst out of his hot pink speedo! The number of unique bearhugs hits the double-digits as Kip looks like a Ken doll being crushed by a muscle beast determined to break his least favorite toy.

If you're a fan of squashes, plainly unfair size differences, or bulging AND sharply defined muscles, this is a must-see match. But if you're a fan of bearhugs, don't wait, cause there's no topping this one!

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Brute Baynard vs. Kip Sorell
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Kip trapped in the ropes as Brute bears down with a reverse bearhug

Kip lays stunned and wheezing for breath on the canvas

Kip battles his way back to his feet

Brute snags the prettyboy from behind

Kip pushes up valiantly as he tries to withstand the grounded bearhug

250 pounds of brutalizing muscle comes crashing down on Kip's back

Brute Baynard - 5'10, 250 lbs

Aw, how cute! Kip flexes his adorably sexy smaller frame for Brute's consideration

Brute brutalizes the spine of the prettyboy in a powerlifting bearhug

Kip's muscular back doesn't stand a chance against this powerful bearhug

Big bully Brute bears the sexy stud around the ring in an inverted bearhug

Now THAT'S power! Brute flexes over the prostrate muscleboy

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