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  Ty Alexander vs. Beauxregard*

Ty Alexander - 5'7, 185 lbs

A suprising kneeling surfboard from the jobber to the thickly muscled newcomer

Beaux facesits the jobber and gives his bulge an appreciative stroke

The trophy boy spanked like the naughty bitch he is

The X-Fighters measure each other up in a boner battle

Beauxregard smothers the spunky jobber, suffocating him in a facesitting pin

Rookie Muscle meets Jobber of the Year

"Wow!" Ty Alexander says it all when he shows up ringside to find magnificent muscle hunk Beauxregard flexing. "So you really showed up?" Beaux asks in a deep, rumbling bass that will make your dick twitch. "How could I not?" Ty responds, eye fucking every inch of the rock hard specimen in front of him. "I mean, look at you!"

Ty markets himself as the Trophy Boy, capitalizing on the rising tide of fan infatuation with claiming the prize of that phenomenal bubble butt. Fresh off his victory as the fan pick for 2015 Jobber of the Year, Ty couldn't resist big, beautiful Beauxregard's online challenge to a no holds barred, first-to-cum-loses match in the ring. Where has this beast been hiding!? The military haircut, goatee, and comic book superhero physique were custom ordered to get a cock jerk reaction from Ty.

And react, Ty does! Meeting for the first time face-to-face, Ty can't restrain himself from reaching out and pinching the muscle hunk's nipples. Beauxregard bats his hand away humorlessly. With a devilish grin, the Trophy Boy reaches down and feels the massive heft of the would-be X-fighter's package. Beaux slaps his hand away again. "You've got to earn that, boy!"

Despite Ty's well-earned title as jobber supreme, the ambitious young stud has proven over and over he's dangerous if underestimated. A cracking slap to Beaux's face instantly ignites the challenger's blind rage. In his fit of anger, the muscle rookie leaves himself wide open for a sucker punch and brutal beatdown from the cunning lightweight veteran. All that massive muscle gets pounded to the mat, with Ty focusing specifically on breaking down the beast's lower back. Stomps and elbow drops soften him up, and a stunning, back-busting snapmare demonstrates that Ty is a whole lot more than your average jobber.

Should skeptics be concerned that Beauxregard is all muscle and no moves, his authoritative snapmare reversal stops Ty in his tracks and gives us the first evidence that he knows his way around a wrestling ring. His spine-snapping camel clutch is applied to perfection, driving the Trophy Boy well beyond his tolerance for pain as the muscle hunk rides that bubble butt for days. His Irish whips, flinging Ty furiously from one corner to the next, make the entire ring shift several inches. All that mouthwatering muscle, paired with surprising speed and unexpected ring skills start to make Ty look a whole lot like the reigning jobber he is.

The name of the game is first-to-cum loses, though. When they rip each others trunks off, the wrestling offense careens decisively to the erotic side. Both phenomenal asses get the fawning attention they so richly deserve. Expert doses of pleasure mixed with dominating pain turn the burner up to high. If you were impressed with Beauxregard's beautiful muscles so far, just wait until his gorgeous, thick cock comes springing out of his black g-string as he bends Ty over the ring ropes and spanks the Trophy Boy's naughty ass. Not to be outdone, Ty's pulsing erection pops free from his jock strap fueled by sucking on the bodybuilder's nipples and obediently worshiping the muscle god who is taking possession of him.

It's a furious battle to see who can hold out longest. Ty can't keep his hands off his cock even as his challenger hangs him in a tree of woe and plants his own granite glutes on the Trophy Boy's face. The more vulnerable Ty becomes, the weaker Beaux's will power to resist the desire to stroke his own raging erection to climax. It's a hot, messy end to a phenomenal X-fight once the "loser" finally loses his load. The real question in this first-to-cum barn-burner is exactly who gets off first. Ty, Beauxregard, or you?

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Ty Alexander vs. Beauxregard*
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Jobber and rookie lock up on the mat together

Ty hovers over the muscle stud's body, tasting appreciatively

Beaux encourages the jobber as his mouth engulfs his thick pecs

Ty teases the big stud with his stolen gear

Beauxregard lifts Ty off the mat in a tight, constricting reverse bearhug

Big, bulging Beaux regards the jobber's bubble butt

Beauxregard - 6', 210 lbs

Ty cornered and chastised by the thick older stud

Beauxregard enjoys the show

Ty's hunger and lust over the hunky new stud is evident as he fondles his package

Ty obediently services and suckles the hulking newbie's nips

Ty returns the favor, dropping his ass on the new stud's face

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