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  Kayden Keller vs. Drake Marcos*  

Drake Marcos: 5'10, 155

The Cheshire Cat claws at Kayden's face to free himself from the choke

Kayden pins his prey flat to the mat with a well-placed knee to the gut

Kayden strips his victim of his gear and attacks his sensitive nipples

Kayden drains the fight from Drake with a tight full-nelson

A naked Kayden looms menacingly, chain clutched in his fists

Scream for Release

Late at night in the BG East arena, a darkly menacing figure filled with lust is on the prowl for another victim. But Drake Marcos doesn't know this. Having received a mysterious call to wait in the ring, he thinks this will be a match like any other. He has no idea how wrong he is!

Trying on gear in the middle of the ring, Drake has never looked better. His smooth babyface and lean muscles are only accentuated by all his other assets, assets on full display thanks to a nearly see-through singlet that leaves very little to the imagination. Drake himself can't resist feeling his supple ass through the sheer fabric, or cupping his more than ample package. Shuffling through his bag of gear, impatient after waiting so long for his opponent, Drake is done. "He's apparently not gonna show, so fuck it!" But just when he's ready to head home to safety, he hears a loud THUMP from the outer hall. "Hello? Is someone out there?" Drake nervously asked.

And then suddenly... DARKNESS!

The lights are off and it's pitch black. "What the fuck?" Drake has no idea what's happening, especially when he hears the heavy sound of chains hitting the mat. The lights return, and standing behind Drake is the the terrifying force of nature himself: Kayden Keller! He's chosen his next victim and he's here to collect.

Clutching his victim by the neck and throwing him to the ground, Kayden uses some of the extra gear to begin choking the life out of Drake. But the gear is too soft for Kayden, so he uses his own hands to continue choking Marcos, periodically bashing his head to the mat for good measure. But this is one victim that will NOT go down without a fight! Squirreling his way free, Drake locks on his own chokehold, determined to end this as fast as possible.

Getting Kayden up and into a full-nelson, Drake underestimates his opponent's strength as he is flipped down to the mat. With Kayden back in control, he makes sure to punish Drake for having the temerity to fight back. Locking his mammoth thighs around Drake in a crushing bodyscissors, the screams can be heard outside! But Drake keeps fighting back, throwing everything he's got at Kayden, from ab claws and ball claws to chokes and headscissors. Unfortunately, Kayden turns the headscissors into a powerbomb, temporarily ending any resistance and giving ample time to begin torturing Drake's balls. Then comes the nipple torture!

But Kayden didn't choose Drake Marcos to just bash his balls, twist and claw his nipples, choke him, or cause agonizing pain with submission holds. No, Kayden wanted something else. And with Drake tied helplessly in the ropes, Kayden gives a preview as he repeatedly smashes Drake's face into his swelling package.

Choking Drake out, an impatient Kayden strips the singlet from his opponent, revealing him in all his naked glory. Dragging his opponent up and into the corner, Kayden alternates between pain and pleasure, licking Drake's nipples before bashing his balls. Then, out come the chains! And this is only halfway into the match!

This is, hands down, one of the most erotic matches in BG East history. Before the night is over, it's not just nipples that are sucked! No cutaways, no fade to black. The action continues all the way to the exciting climax! Drake's Night of Terror may become a Night of Pleasure. And when all is said and done, Drake and Kayden won't be the only ones enjoying eruptions of joy!

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Kayden Keller vs. Drake Marcos*
58 minutes
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Drake trapped in Kayden's crushing quads forced(?) into a liplock with his torturer

Drake arches as his back bends in the brutal bearhug

Kayden strangles the crawling jobber with the chain

Kayden controls the action with a handful of hair

Drake nibbles Kayden's ear to pleasure his captor

Killer Kayden drags his victim from the ring with the chain as a leash

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175

Drake wails in agony as the massive thighs crush him in a bodyscissor, hammerlock combo

Kayden battles through Drake's retaliatory bodyscissors

A stripped Drake gasps for air (and in pain) in the corner, stimulated by Kayden's big quad

Trapped like a fly in an erotic web, Drake gets a faceful of bulge

Drake drops to his knees as hes strangled mercilessly with his own gear

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