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  Ty Alexander vs. Steven Ponce*

Ty Alexander: 5'9, 10

Bulge-to-bulge, these X-Fighters have a bone to pick with each other

Ty salivates and delights in the screams of Ponce as he tears away at his abs

Pleasure from pain: Ty works the ginger's cock in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Ty cops a feel as he bends the hairy gingerstud over the ropes

Ponce's gets a faceful of Ass of the Year-hopeful Ty Alexander's bodacious bubble butt

"I'm going to have fun being abused by you!"

A lot of wrestling matches generate sexual heat. Bodies straining, pressing, pounding into one another can set erotic passions aflame. But when Ty Alexander and Steven Ponce recently faced off, there was already a three alarm fire raging before they even made it to the ring.

The moment they saw one another at ringside, neither renowned x-fighter could restrain himself from a lusty hands-on appraisal of each other's hot body. Their sensationally sexy, skimpy tights didn't entirely cover those legendary bubble butts. It was instant, explosive chemistry as Ty and Steven immediately grabbed hold and started making out.

"I'm going to have to abuse you," Ty whispers as he nibbles on the red-headed Latino heart throb's ear. It's not an idle threat. As devotees of the Trophy Boy know full well, despite his abysmal win-loss record, Ty is perennially dangerous. With an ever-increasing mastery of pro wrestling skills, he has put much bigger and more experienced opponents in serious jeopardy.

"I'm going to have fun being abused by you," Steven laughs as Ty grabs him by the throat and shoves him into a wall. The ginger pornstar has created quite a stir since injecting BG East with his smoldering brand of sexual aggression. His isn't an idle threat, either, proving time and again that brutal corporal punishment is more apt to make Steven hard than make him submit.

Once they finally reach the ring, the action careens in two directions at once. The erotic titillation particularly makes Steven melt, as Ty worships his pornstar ass and nibbles on his nipples. But just when Steven is weak in the knees, with his monster cock bursting at the seams, Ty abruptly makes him scream with a breathtaking over-the-knee backbreaker and maniacal ball torture.

Steven can't seem to decide if he's cumming or going until suddenly he shocks his opponent with a magnificent bearhug that pulls Ty right off his feet. Outmuscled and caught completely by surprise, Ty can do nothing but suffer as the pornstar wrestler works him over like a pro with agonizing body scissors. In flashes of sadistic brilliance, Steven cunningly rips the wrestling veteran apart in a standing surfboard while grinding his boot into Ty's vulnerable balls for good measure.

Carefully measured doses of pain and pleasure keep this match burning like an inferno to the climactic end. Pain. Pleasure. Pain in the service of pleasure. They slide across the mat in pools of sweat, sucking faces, nipples, cocks, and asses. When one of them tries to submit to skull crushing head scissors, literally sobbing as his opponent drives home the point with a vicious twist of his balls, the endgame becomes clear. The only submission that will really count is who will be forced to cum first.

One battered hunk can't help himself but lose his load trapped in the ropes with his opponent's face buried deep up his ass. The winner's victory lap concludes with him pounding out his own joy geyser with his opponent's phenomenal ass sitting on his face. The line between lust and brutality has never been blurrier, as these two hunks take each other, and you, to the dark and delightful depths of erotic combat that can only be called an X-Fight.

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Ty Alexander vs. Steven Ponce*
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Steven goes low with a crotch grab from behind

Bubble-butted Ty bends Steven's back over the ropes and steals a kiss from his exhausted lips

Controlling from behind, Ty steals another lip-kiss from his fellow X-Fighter

"A true friend always stabs you in the front" A bold and blatant ball grab

A tight figure-four headlock just might give Ty a taste of victory

Ty happily traps himself in Steven's booty

Steven Ponce: 5'6, 170

Ty wails in agony as Ponce devastates his spine with a surfboard

Ponce gives bare-assed Ty a faceful of cock in an inverted bearhug

Ponce hangs, pained in Ty's tight, crunching bearhug

Ty sags as he's hoisted in a bearhug by the ginger pornstar

A rope bound Ponce gets his nips tweaked and lowblowed with a dirty knee from Ty

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