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  Calvin Haynes vs. Christian Taylor  

Calvin Haynes: 5'9, 200

Christian's reach advantage squashed like his ribs in the rookie's retaliatory bodyscissors

"How do you like those legs?" Calvin taunts as he squeezes the fight out of the long, lean stud

The rookie tosses the veteran across the pool with ease

The vet makes the rookie suffer for his cockiness in a hangman's hold

Swelling bulges grind together as the muscle worship session moves to the bedroom

A Taste of Honey...

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Everyone "wants a piece" of Christian Taylor. If you've ever seen his "pieces", you understand why. He is tall and lean, with ripped abs and a classically handsome face that always makes him the talk of the locker room. And the rumor is he tastes like honey, which may explain why opponents line up for the chance to lock lips with our resident kissing champion. Christian's most devastating offense is his sensationally seductive good looks, which have dulled the competitive edge right off of many an opponent, as they have grown completely distracted by his piercing, slate grey eyes and magnetic lips.

Muscle boy rookie Calvin Haynes has already fallen prey to those good looks when he's stopped in his tracks by the sight of all 6'2" of Christian soaking in the Florida sunshine by the pool. Like so many wrestlers before him, Calvin can't help but lick his lips and imagine what it must feel like to conquer the gorgeous veteran and claim that tasty prize. But even for a big, beefy bodybuilder like young Calvin, imagining it is a whole lot easier than making it happen.

The tussle in the pool starts out playfully enough. Christian exploits his reach advantage and extensive wrestling experience to dunk Calvin in the deep end. All of that muscle on the rookie isn't just for show, though. Just when Christian ties him up tight in a full nelson and body scissors, Calvin powers free and tosses the veteran across the pool like a beach ball. When the blond powerhouse snaps on his own bodyscissors, Christian cannot handle the pressure. "How do you like those legs," the massive rookie smirks, squeezing out a shocked whimper. "Those fucking tree trunks!" Christian gasps in pained awe.

Rough housing pool play blurs into muscle worship when Calvin can't restrain himself from strumming Christian's sensational six-pack. "Abs of steel!," the rookie mutters, falling hard for the veteran's seductive wiles. But the temperature in the pool seriously skyrockets when Calvin reaches down and suddenly grabs an appraising hold on Christian's crotch. "Now this muscle looks nice," the beastly rookie coos, grinning ear to ear.

Just when it seems Christian may have bitten off more mouthwatering muscle than he can chew, the amorous rookie gets momentarily lost in the reverie of mutual worship. A moment later, Christian has all of that magnificent beef racked across his shoulders, repeatedly dunking Calvin's face underwater until the undone rookie chokes and sputters a reluctant submission. "I'll let go," Christian announces magnanimously, dropping the muscle rookie like an anchor and dragging him across the pool by his hair, "but only because we need to take this somewhere else. Come with me, big boy."

Christian leads the beefcake rookie to a nearby bedroom. All pretense flies out the window as Calvin suddenly throws Christian onto the bed and mounts him, pinning the backs of his hands to the bed and slowly dragging his crotch up the ridges of Christian's rocking abdominals. Sliding the lean veteran into kidney-crushing scissors, Calvin plays with Christian's nipples and strokes his trapped body. "You like that?" the hungry rookie asks rhetorically, that cocky grin stretched ear to ear.

Christian bites his lower lip, sucking down the pain for a moment. "Actually, I do," he finally responds earnestly, making the playful grin evaporate from the lustful rookie's face. The indoor contest is up close and intimately personal. They trade crotch grinding bearhugs and smothering face-to-crotch headscissors. The harder they punch each other's buttons, the bigger their pouches swell with excitement. Gasping and gagging for it, they worship each other's muscles, raging bulges straining the seams of their trunks. These two were always heading in exactly one direction, with one aroused hunk climbing on top and sucking the fight right out of his opponent. As for who comes out on top, you'll have to watch the match. And if you want to know if Christian Taylor tastes like honey, just ask Calvin Haynes.

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Christian climbs atop the rookie in a schoolboy, shoving his aching crotch into his face

Calvin stretches the long limbed veteran out in a bow-and-arrow submission

The tatted muscle stud moves his swelling bulge up Christian's shredded midsection

The muscle advantage overwhelms Christian as he's restrained, his nipples teased

We've had we have wild as Calvin catches a taste of the legendary Christian's nipple

...For the lips of a strange [man] drop as an honeycomb

Christian Taylor: 6'2, 180

Calvin gorilla presses his lighter opponent high above the water

Christian hoists the hunky rookie in a bearhug, his long arms crushing the beefy muscle

The sexy, sensational rookie's body seesaws in the torture rack as Christian dunks him headfirst

The bigger rookie brings his muscle advantage to bear in a reverse bearhug

The superior muscle bulk crushes the lean prettyboy in a kneeling bearhug

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