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  Kayden Keller vs. Beauxregard*

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 195 lbs

Killer Keller stretches out Big Beaux's buffed bod for a vicious gutbash

Beaux stretches Kayden out in a tight backbreaking camel clutch

Big Beaux's bulge smothers a rope bound Kayden as he attacks his nipples

Beaux unleashes a deep gutbashing on a bound Kayden

Beaten down and bound, Keller pays homage to the muscledaddy's bulge

Human Hanging Punching Bag: "This is the fun part!"

Sexiest Match 2016
Seldom do we see a clash of the titans quite like Kayden Keller and Beauxregard battling to determine who's daddy. On the one hand, over the past two years Kayden has literally upended a long line of shocked opponents. We have watched the babyface giant refine a sophisticated taste for possessing men in body and soul. His potent brew of corporal punishment and sexual domination has repeatedly brought opponents to their knees and fans to their feet. This aspiring superheel has surely up and come, and Kayden has calculated that he's paid his dues. He knows he is ready to complete his ascendency and join the illustrious ranks of the Dark Knights by molding another sexual warrior into his slack jawed boy toy.

On the other hand, have you seen Beauxregard? While this huge cut of beefsteak is undeniably a raw rookie, what he lacks in experience he makes up for in an avalanche of thick, punishing muscle mass. In his one and only match to date, Beaux proved he's no shrinking violet when it comes to barreling headfirst into bare knuckled, balls out erotic combat. With a physique like his and a natural talent for making grown men beg, Beauxregard may not have paid his dues, but he doesn't believe for a second anyone can stop him from cutting in line.

In the opening salvo, it's overwhelming muscle mass that takes an early advantage over ring experience. Beauxregard nearly decapitates the babyface heel with a running clothesline. All that muscle comes raining down on Kayden with a surprisingly expert torrent of high impact moves. Suplexes and scoop slams repeatedly pound the air out of his lungs. A gut buster across Beauxregard's knee nearly snaps the tallboy in half. Monster scissors crush Kayden's internal organs, and then the big man drives home the point by trampling his opponent underneath every ounce of his 210 pounds of solid muscle.

You don't become a Dark Knight by coloring within the lines, though. Kayden makes the bruising powerhouse start to pay those dues with a breathtaking ball bashing. Like the seasoned pro he is, Kayden corners his prey and picks him apart with surgical boot strikes. "Not so tough now, big guy," the babyface giant taunts, hanging the big leatherman from the ropes and punching relentlessly into Beauxregard's rock hard wall of abdominal muscle.

With a single minded focus on destroying each other's will to resist, neither hardcore hunk is willing to concede an inch, even when one stubborn warrior is knocked out cold rather than submit to an expertly applied sleeper. When he wakes up, he finds that his adventure into the dark side of homoerotic wrestling has just begun. Hanging from the rafters, he is driven past the point of no return, stripped naked, beaten senseless, and slowly, surely, seductively bent and then broken by the diabolical will of his new master. Gallons of sweat and raw, naked muscle worship settle the score once and for all. Forced to emit to his master, one of these ferocious fighters becomes the other's Dark Knight trophy on a leash!

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Kayden Keller vs. Beauxregard*
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Kayden digs deep with a gut claw on a schoolboyed Beaux

Leatherdaddy and Leatherboy face off midring, testing each other

Kayden drops for a low blow on the big bodybuilder

Beaux breaks the leatherpup across his boulder shoulders in a torture rack

Big Beaux makes the heelpup kiss his battle gloves reverently

Beaux controls Keller in a sweaty liplock

Beauxregard: 6', 210 lbs

Kayden grins maliciously as he works a rope-assisted rearnaked choke

Kayden grinds a tight face-to-crotch headscissors on Beaux in the ropes

Trampling the outmatched wannabe leatherstud underfoot

Beaux measures Kayden out for a ballbash in a reverse schoolboy

Strung up helplessly, leatherboy seized by the balls by the leatherdaddy

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