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  Thrash vs. El Favorito

Thrash: 5'9, 175

Thrash doubles the masked rookie and works his shoulder with a bent-over armbar.

A sweat-soaked Thrash pins the rookie underfoot as he flexes and stretches.

Bound and bent, El Favorito struggles desperately to keep himself from losing his mask.

The culmination of humiliation: El Favorito is unmasked and exposed to the world.

Beaten, crushed, unmasked, and Thrashed: El Favorito now Ex Favorito.

Origin Story: One Man WILL Get De-Masked!

Lurking beneath every underestimated, mild mannered professional or semi-professional wrestler is a larger than life superhero waiting to be unleashed. The fine line that separates a doormat from a dominator is often nothing more than a mask. In the ring, a mask can liberate a repressed gladiator. It can transform a chump into a champion, a bungler into a badass, a pushover into a powerhouse. Cinching the laces on his lucha mask for the first time, long, lean, sensual and sexy El Favorito feels new strength coursing through his veins. "This is going to be a new beginning for me," he announces as he instantly stands up straighter and surveys the wrestling ring with complete command and confidence.

"You have to earn that mask!" Thrash snarls, arriving ringside in his black singlet and mask, sweeping his villainous black cape off of his huge shoulders. His thick muscles hang extravagantly from his beautifully bulging body. Just one of his tree trunk thighs is about as thick as El Favorito's lean, ripped waist. His hungry eyes sneer from behind his mask at the untested luchador flexing menacingly at him from across the ring. Ceremoniously removing his cape, Thrash reveals his imposing physique and opens his muscled arms wide. With a menacing gesture of his own, he invites El Favorito to take his best shot at wrestling glory.

The fates seem not to favor El Favorito as Thrash immediately opens up a punishing pro wrestling clinic. A savage armbar nearly rips the aspiring luchador's arm off at the shoulder. Thrash manipulates him ruthlessly, transitioning seamlessly from hammerlock to rear choke to neck snapping full nelson. El Favorito bends forward, gasping in agony as Thrash thrusts his hips, saddling up and grinding into the rookie's baby blue ass provocatively. "This is only the start of it!" Thrash groans threateningly. He clearly knows what he's doing.

Just as the legendary mojo of the mask appears to elude El Favorito, he reverses an attempted posting and knocks the wind out of Thrash's sails, pounding him into a turnbuckle. Frustrated, the black-clad bad boy charges, but El Favorito drops to one knee and sweeps the legs out from underneath him with cat like reflexes. With studied precision, he snaps Thrash's black-booted ankles up under his armpits, displaying Thrash's gargantuan quads for our delectation, before turning him over onto his face and chest and slowly and very sensually squatting low, deep and heavily with a severely arched Boston crab.

The reversal of fortune stuns the muscled masked villain. He crawls for the ropes in humiliation, only to be dragged back into the center of the ring mercilessly and back into the brutal full Boston. "You said this was just the beginning, right?" El Favorito crows, sucking down the intoxicating elixir that is the heady joy of dominating another man. "Well, it's my new beginning!" the mystery man in blue proclaims, prying his prey in half dangerously and wrenching out a stunning, upset, first fall submission.

Masks bring out the best in both of these fierce competitors, and by best, we mean that they are more cunning, vicious and devastating than they would ever dare without the anonymity and mythic power of their masks. El Favorito makes Thrash suck on humiliation in a face-to-crotch headscissors smother, crushing his masked head between the rookie's astonishingly powerful and defined thighs. Thrash squeezes gallons of tear-soaked screams out of the upstart with ball clawing suplexes and slams that leave big bulging El Favorito arched and writhing in blinding pain. Thrash targets El Favorito's mask for the ultimate humiliation of total head-stripped-bare revelation. One of these masked marvels WILL be unmasked! That was a given. Thrash is intent that it NOT be him!

Thrash's singlet straps come down, and El Favorito's trunks come off to reveal an eye-popping, massively bulge thong. Thrash takes inordinate pleasure in yanking on that thing and displaying El Favorito's beautiful bare butt. Thrash clamps on a camel clutch and feeds El Favorito his own sweaty trunks. More skin, fewer inhibitions, and out of this world bruising, body bashing brutality drives both masked wrestlers over the edge of human decency. There's just one way this battle for masked supremacy can end, and that's with one shocked luchador trussed up in the ropes and unmasked, revealing the merely human, flawed, broken imposter he truly is. One of the hottest Masked Mayhems ever. Pure pro poetry and prose in action. Iconic mask reverence and revelry as only BG East can create.

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El Favorito fights back with a smothering face-to-crotch headscissors.

El Favorito's comeback stopped dead in its tracks with a crotch grab.

El Favorito screams in agony as his nuts are clawed.

Has Thrash had enough? A tap out to the newbie's deep seated crab.

Thrash circles his grounded, wounded prey.

Thrash in full control of the boy in blue with a degrading thong wedgie.

El Favorito: 5'10, 165

El Favorito bulges and writhes as he suffers between the masked heel's legs.

Being stripped of the shimmering gear is only a precursor to the ultimate humiliation.

The masked babyface's debut is humbling to say the least as he's forced to eat his own gear.

Thrash is not yet finished as he drags his opponent up on all fours by a pull of the thong strap.

As if being unmasked wasn't humiliating enough, El Favorito gets a face full of Thrash.

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