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  Christian Taylor vs. Mason Brooks

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 160

Christian catches Mason sleeping and can't resist taking a peek

Mason claims Christian with a blisteringly hot liplock on the mats

The hearthrobs engage in a playful push and pull with barely disguised lust

Christian puts his lean and long limbs to use as he wraps up his bigger opponent

Mutual crotch-grabbing holds betray just what these two studs were after from the start

Morning Wood

Just imagine waking up, feeling in the mood, and rolling over to find your favorite BG East wrestler sleeping next to you. One morning after a hot and heavy day of recording wrestling matches, Christian Taylor awoke to the smell of sweat, cum and testosterone in the air, and Mason Brooks sleeping soundly next to him in the BG East mat room. What's a randy young stud like Christian to do but gently, quietly pull back the covers and take a look at Mason's rocking body and his amply stuffed green briefs?

"What are you doing!?" Mason rouses just as Christian rolls back over and pretends to be asleep. "Were you checking me out? Why don't you just ask if you want to look at my dick?" "No one's looking at your dick, Mason" Christian groans, trying to sound half-asleep. But Mason isn't so easily fooled. "I'm going to make you admit it," he insists, flipping on the lights and mounting a spry, early morning attack on his sly provocateur. Shoving Christian's face into his crotch in a schoolboy pin, Mason demands to know, "Is that what you wanted?!"

In the drowsy wee hours of the morning, both Christian and Mason teeter on the edge of competing desires. It's a close call as to whether their libidos or their egos will dictate the outcome of the match. Christian uses his long legs to pin his opponent's shoulders to the mat and exploit the moment to appraisingly knead Mason's crotch. After a fleeting hesitation to debate whether he really wants to fight on, Mason muscles free and mounts Christian from behind, seductively grinding his morning wood into Christian's taut ass. "Is this what you wanted?" Mason asks, roughly rolling Christian to his back and grinding crotch-to-crotch. "That's not so bad, is it," Mason asks. Christian gasps with open pleasure, his jaw dropping breathlessly for a moment before he summons the will to reject Mason's erotic advance. "No," Christian admits, "but I still wasn't looking!"

Both of these rousing and arousing hunks score submissions and, just as importantly, admissions to what's truly on their minds as they grapple and stroke and punish and please one another. Christian swoons, shockingly admitting it when Mason discovers the Achilles heel that makes his defenses evaporate. Just when Mason is celebrating his success with a hungry make out session, Christian exploits his distraction with an immobilizing hammerlock, using a free hand to lustily manhandle Mason's joystick. Mason whimpers in his opponent's clutches, which inspires Christian to spank Mason's ass with a self-congratulatory laugh. "You want a piece of that?," Mason takes note of Christian's appreciation for his ass. "Trust me, that part is pretty good, too!"

As the submissions mount, wrestling starts to give way to full throttle body worship. Mason locks down an armbar and headlock, sliding on top to suck Christian's nipples and stroke his long, lean muscles. "Are you going to get out of that, or are you just enjoying it too much?," Mason asks. "I'm conflicted," Christian gasps frankly. Safewords are exchanged. Erotic buttons are pushed. And in the end, carnal desires are openly acknowledged. "You know what I'm thinking," the winner of the final submission asks. Now fully awake and mutually aroused, the roomies turn off the lights and pull up the covers to resolve that last, raging tension still left in the room.

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Mason in real trouble with his hands bound and his abs bashed by the lean foe

Mason flexes and gives it his all as he tries to power free of the neck-cranking nelson

Mason continues to work the headscissor variation with a ball claw for good measure

Christian intends to end this how it began ...with Mason passed out cold

Christian fights against the muscle advantage as Mason bears down

Mason works a tight figure four headlock as he wedges Christian's face further up his ass

Christian Taylor: 6'2, 170

Mason bullies the veteran mat stud as he cranks the skull in the crook of his knee

Mason takes the opportunity to preen and pose with a double bicep flex in the schoolboy

While giving a faceful of crotch, Mason also manages to snag a handful as well

Christian rolls Mason up onto his shoulders with a tight cradle pin to claim a fall

Mason works a back-bending camel clutch, sleeper combination

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