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  Kid Vicious vs. Devon Britt-Darby  

Kid Vicious takes a moment to survey the buffet of beef before him

Devon dangles in the buckles as KV drives his knee deep into his gut

Stretched out and suffering in the corner, Devon's abs get drilled

Devon demolished and devastated as Vicious lays waste to his shredded core

Devon stretched out helplessly as Vicious drills deep in his ripped midsection

Devon throws up a bicep for Vicious' approval in a bearhug

The Quest to Beat the Unbeatable Abs: The Real Deal

No one loves a set of rippling, diamond cut abdominal muscles as much as Devon Britt-Darby. And Devon loves no magnificent six-pack as much as he loves his own. It's hard to fault him for being entranced by the image of his own sexy washboard abs reflected in the mirror. This Narcissus has a beautifully handsome face, broadly muscled shoulders, and thick, sexy legs.

So in love is he with his own undeniably outstanding abdominals, Devon invites all-comers to crush their knuckles into his granite walled gut. Frankly, it gets him off to watch would-be conquerors throw themselves at his pride and joy and walk away with swollen hands, bruised egos, and begrudging admiration for the love of Devon's life, namely, his washboard abs. Devon is already congratulating the perfection of his powerful core, even before his next challenger arrives to lay down the gauntlet once again. But Devon has never encountered a challenger quite like this before. Already a master a multiple forms of physical destruction, Devon's opponent is particularly known for the total ab domination in genre-classic Gutbash 5. Aroused by this new Narcissus of Abdominals, he's come out of selective retirement.

"What have we here?" Kid Vicious asks as he walks in. "Fucking muscle, that's what we've got here," Devon growls angrily, irked to have to explain what's plain to see.

"Nice," Kid Vicious admires, stroking his hands all over Devon's muscled body uninvited. "You like to show that muscle off, huh?" he asks. There's a synergy about the rising sexual tension as Kid Vicious takes Devon's gorgeous muscle in hand appreciatively, and as Devon's ego gets stroked that much more erect by his challenger's lustful appraisal. "Do you think these are hard enough?" Kid Vicious asks out loud, intentionally tweaking the Narcissus' ego. "Do you think your fists are hard enough?" Devon snaps back, defending the legendary honor of his washboard.

The epic quest starts as Kid Vicious ties Devon's wrists overhead and uses him as his heavy bag. Initially gloved, the dull thumps of the dark sadist's punches driving into Devon's core grow damp with sweat. True to legend, Devon soaks them in without so much as a flinch. "Having a good time?" Kid Vicious asks as his conquest's beautiful abs begin to flush dark red. "All good!" Devon boasts, starting to sound a little breathless under the pounding, relentless onslaught. He taunts Kid Vicious for wearing gloves. He boasts that KV's knuckles could not survive this ordeal bare fisted. You don't have to send and engraved invitation for Kid Vicious to happily drop the gloves and resume to drive thumping fists into that vaunted, muscled wall!

"I'm getting a little turned on here," Kid Vicious admits, peeling out of his street clothes and down to a purple singlet with a dramatically protruding crotch. Devon denies that the session is sexually provoking him, but the low moans accompanying his deepening breaths suggest otherwise.

Every new test Kid Vicious proposes, Devon sneeringly accepts. Kid Vicious tosses the muscle boy into the ring and, in his natural habitat, drives home his cruel blows deeper. He ties Devon into the ropes and knees him in the gut. He drives violent shoulder blocks deep into his core, pinning him into the corner of the ring. Devon continues to defy his barking commands to submit, his seductive promises to relent, but Devon's handsome face looks more worried by the minute. It takes more than anyone would have guessed, but the darkly sadistic pleasure Kid Vicious takes in inflicting pain slowly, but surely, unlocks the key to beating Devon's unbeatable core.

Physical conquest and sexual conquest are two sides of the same coin for a challenge like this. Wreaking havoc on a stunned muscle boy is guaranteed to get Kid Vicious off. More surprising, particularly for Devon, is how profoundly aroused being finally destroyed is for the formerly impenetrable one. Beaten into submission, controlled and conquered, Devon rips off his trunks and willingly allows his conqueror to play him like an instrument, worshiping his muscles, driving him to a blinding climax in Kid Vicious' naked reverse bearhug.

From start to finish, the punches are solid. The egos are huge. And the direct line between pummeling another man into submission (and being pummeled) and erotic climax is undeniable.

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Kid Vicious vs. Devon Britt-Darby
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Devon's double bicep flex doesn't distract from Vicious' gutbashing tunnel vision

Stretched out and measured for a thunderous right

Kid Vicious' fists drives the air from the newbie's battered body: how long can he hold out?

Vicious forces a flex off while working a constricting bodyscissors on the jobber

Devon's dreams go up in smoke as he's trampled and choked underfoot

Vicious has the musclejobber right where he wants him

Devon's body bound and stretched out for the Kid's vicious glove work

The dreaded Vicious claw digs deep in Devon's demolished midsection

Kid Vicious back in action (and back on top) as he slowly pressures that breaking core

Vicious continues to torture the muscled pretty boy as he drops the medicine ball to his gut

Devon laid out as Vicious measures up for a grueling gut bash

Stripped and roped, Devon is helplessly exposed against Vicious' onslaught

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