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  Calvin Haynes vs. Beauxregard

Calvin Haynes: 5'9, 205

Youth vs Experience: Haynes bends back as Beauxregard dominates the test of strength

Big Bad Beauxregard launches an abs-bashing flying kneedrop to demolish Calvin's arching bridge

The big bodybuilder has had enough of the buff prettyboy as he kicks him from the ring

With one forearm crunching Calvin's throat, Beauxregard rains forearms down into his exposed pecs

Calvin crumbles as Beauxregard crushes him into the ringpost with a bulge bashing bearhug

Atomic Heat! Muscle Power!! Cool Cal & Big Bearhugging Beaux!

After a long hiatus, the Wrestle Worship series is back, showcasing Beauxregard, whose previous matches found him dealing out tough love to two of BG East's incorrigible miscreants, Ty Alexander and Kayden Keller. The man is bursting-at-the-seams massive, half tugboat, half atom bomb, and BG East's 2016 Fan Poll Best Debut winner! The six-footer is a wall of seemingly impenetrable brawn and well-stropped sadism. Up against him is Calvin Haynes, perhaps best known for his TWO award-winning fights in 2016: his electrifying liplock with Christian Taylor in Wet & Wild 8 and his jockstrap-wetting humbling at the hands of Jonny Firestorm in Hunkbash 18. Calvin is, in a word, hot. Hairy-chested, alluringly inked, the man is the homomasculine fantasy mix of construction worker and club bouncer. He's the guy any wrestler would want to wrestle. And now he's a BG East Superstar!

To repeat a well-worn cliche, Calvin is drawn to Beauxregard like a moth to the flame. "Who are you?" he asks the strongman, repeating one of BGE wrestlers' favorite kiss-offs. Like most verbal sparring in wrestling, the opening exchange between these two is designed to provoke. Calvin is literally "asking for it." Beauxregard's response is coolly condescending, showing the challenger the seat of his caution-tape-yellow trunks on which the name BEAUXREGARD stretches in all caps. Calvin's response follows the usual ritual by pretending the name is unpronounceable. "You ready to take this on?" Beauxregard asks in a gravelly voice as he curtly strikes a couple of biceps poses. Calvin throws the question right back at him, and not to be outdone in the muscle department, pops his own impressive guns.

Posedowns lead to a test of strength. The two men clasp hands, arms fanning out left and right, then descend to crotch level, muscles swelling from the strain. Calvin fails to gain leverage on Beauxregard, so the arms fan out again and the two chests collide, producing audible grunts from both. The men seem evenly matched until Beauxregard bends Calvin backwards till the shoulders and arms are flat against the mat. Beauxregard chuckles, assured of his mastery before using his knees to flatten the rest of Calvin's body to the mat.

Crotch on top of crotch, Beauxregard uses one arm to fix hunky Calvin Haynes in place while repeatedly slamming his free knuckles to the man's left pec. Big Beau is unable to resist the urge to grind his Popeye forearm against Calvin's scruffy jawline for the simple though perverse enjoyment of the man's distressed moans. And what sexy moans they are!

Back on his feet, Calvin retaliates with a bear hug. Beauxregard pries himself loose, but he's visibly winded from the strain. Calvin opportunistically applies a reverse hug, longer and tighter, causing the bigger wrestler to go red in the face as his body writhes helplessly. Beauxregard heaves backwards, smashing Calvin's back to the turnbuckle and then whipping him from corner to corner, where he feeds his urge to pummel Calvin's beefy torso. When he rolls Haynes out of the ring, it's safe to assume Calvin is nearing the end of his short string of hope spots. The strongman lords his muscle over his conquest, crushing him against one ring post, then another, before hurling him back onto the mat.

Shortly after the match's midpoint, Calvin is semiconscious at best when Beauxregard strips him down to his white thong and smothers him with the sweat-soaked trunks. What follows is a prolonged and super-sexy bear hug that leads to servile worship. The sinewy victor basks in the fondling of his massive, rock-solid physique by his admiring and oh-so-handsome conquest. "Flex for me, boy," he orders Haynes as the two reciprocally enjoy the heat of their battle-worn bodies in one of the steamiest epilogues in BG East history!

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Calvin clutches against the bigger man as he crumbles in the bearhug

Calvin kneels and suckles at the bulge of the victorious bodybuilder

With Calvin pinned to the post, Beaux demands respect from the beefy pinup with a big bicep flex

Calvin's cakes wedgied as he sags and flags in the brutal bearhug

Calvin camel-clutched and crying out in Beauxregard's flexing finisher

Who wouldn't want to ride that hot butt? A humping full nelson grinds Calvin's chin into his chest

Beauxregard: 6', 210

The beefy bodybuilders face off and engage in an impromptu flex off

Haynes takes control of the bodybuilder with a rib-crushing bearhug

Beauxregard traps and bends Calvin back in the buckle for a brutal gutbash

Cal challenges Beau to do his worst: His beefy body braces against Beaux's big reverse bearhug

Beauxregard schoolboys and smothers the bodybuilder with a crotch-to-face pin

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