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  Cage Thunder vs. Mitch Colby*

Cage Thunder: 5'11, 180

Cage loses the mask but retains the power with a humbling, face-sitting gutbash

Colby plants his bountiful bulge in Cage's face in this steamy motel smackdown

Colby clutches Cage's boner as he works a tight bodyscissor on the formerly masked wrestler

Cage Thunder arches and cries out in agony as he's crushed in big Mitch Colby's rib-crushing bearhug

With a faceful of crotch, Cage succumbs to defeat as Mitch throws up a mighty bicep flex


Las Vegas is a city made of hopes and wishes, where the roll of the dice, the flip of a card, or the press of a button can make the difference between going home a big winner or crapping out. Flashing lights, neon signs, and flowing alcohol, with the ringing of slot machines serving as the soundtrack to dreams and nightmares.

In his hotel room, a mask-free Cage Thunder waits, the curtains open to the glittering lights of the fabled Vegas strip as he watches a football game, wondering. Will he show up? Is it really him? The anticipation makes his stomach clench, his nerves on edge. Who would have ever thought that he and the gay wrestling icon Mitch Colby would be in Las Vegas at the same time, and that Mitch would challenge him? With his friends conveniently out on the strip for the night, the writer/wrestler waits alone in his suite, wondering if he'll come up a winner in the biggest gamble he's made this trip. A knock on the door. He turns off the television and gets up, wondering if this is the moment he's waited for, dreamed of, wanted, since he saw Mitch Colby's first match for BGEast, in the gazebo against Alexi Adamov. Mitch is a fantasy man with blonde hair and chiseled good looks and blue eyes, a man with the body of a muscle god. Has he rolled the die and come up a big winner?

He opens the door, and there stands Mitch, in a tank top and shorts, eyes hidden by sunglasses. He steps inside. "Are you ready for me?" Mitch sneers, taking his expensive sunglasses off and tossing them aside. The air crackles with electricity, pheromones and testosterone. Cage shoves his chest back against Mitch's, knocking him back a step. He's ready. He's been waiting for this for so long. The moment is finally at hand.

With a contemptuous smirk, Mitch shoves him hard in the chest, knocking him sprawling across the mattress already set out on the floor, ready for some serious motel madness, the makeshift mat/ring where the two men will do battle. As Cage gets to his feet, Mitch strips out of his shorts...but Cage moves in as he takes off his shirt and the battle is on.

Wrestling requires a cool head, calculations, finding your opponent's strengths to avoid and his weaknesses for exploiting. Humiliated at how easily Mitch tossed him aside like a mere annoyance, Cage allows his anger to control him as he tackles Mitch and takes him down. But Mitch is bigger and stronger and within moments has rung two humiliating submissions from his foe and idol. Mitch gleefully strips Cage of his shorts and tauntingly smacks him with them, flexing, his muscles rippling beneath his smooth, tanned skin. He's gotten inside Cage's head already - total domination is within Mitch Colby's powerful grasp.

But Cage is neither a rookie nor a fool...channeling the easy humiliations and anger of the early moments of the meeting into a cunning plan to use the big man's strength against him - and the occasional low blow also comes in handy to bring the big stud down! Soon the two men are giving each other as good as they've gotten, submissions screaming out, flexing their muscles in triumph as their loathing slowly begins to give way to a mutual respect...and loathing is a thin line away from lust. Holds become slower, more drawn out, hands stroking muscles, nipples being tweaked, and desire begins to rise for the two as their bodies continue to come together, grinding, stroking, faces pressed into bursting bulges, big boners grabbed and stroked as wrestling become erotic worship...

And with Mitch's muscle and Cage's hot hairy chest, there's just so much to worship...

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Cage Thunder vs. Mitch Colby*
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Colby gets his crank clawed as Cage latches on tightly to the blue bulge

In control with the schoolboy pin, Colby works Cage's nipples as the match shifts gears

Cage surrenders to desire as he nurses on Colby's thick muscled pecs

Thunder rolls Colby up for a humiliating revenge facesitting mathcbook press pin

Bulge to bulge on a sofa, Cage stretches muscled Mitch out for a torturous torso trouncing

Unable to resist each other's wiles, the two muscled motel studs succumb to lust

Mitch Colby: 6'2, 206

His weight fully and deeply planted, Colby cranks an unmasked Cage in a spine-snapping camel clutch

Colby smothers Cage's face as he folds him up tight in a cross-ankle matchbook press pin

Payback: Cage sits tall in a schoolboy pin as he delivers a series of humbling slaps to Mitch

Cage strokes and gazes upon muscled Mitch as he flexes victoriously over a horny and humbled Cage

In sweet agony Cage surrenders to Mitch Colby's nip and rock-hard dick control

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