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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Blaine Janus  

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 145 Multi-award winning Leopard protege who went from top babyface to top heel

The blond-haired, blue-eyed prettyboy suffers a deep-digging abdominal claw

Jonny ratchets up the pressure on the relative ring-rookie with a face-smothering headscissors

The blond Canadian bombshell is twisted in a torturous abstretcher submission hold

Jonny sets about ending Blaine's ring aspirations with a skull-drilling, tombstone piledriver

Jonny carts the sagging, destroyed Canuck's body about the ring in a rib-crushing bearhug

"You have no idea"

Jonny Firestorm's relationship with Kid Leopard is complicated, to say the least. On the one hand, Jonny is The Boss' go-to heel for expertly initiating countless hot bodied young hopefuls to the harsh realities of professional wrestling. On the other hand, Kid Leopard persistently heaps contempt on his heel protege for his lax work ethic. When Jonny isn't suiting up to break down another mark that Kid Leopard has ordered him to brutalize, he is resentfully scrubbing the toilets, waxing the cars, and buffing the floors in a seemingly futile effort to learn the value of hard day's work.

"Put that away," Kid Leopard barks at Jonny when he finds him slacking off from his chores to play a game on his phone. The Boss has two of his tastiest young mat wrestlers in tow, Canadian phenom Blaine and his smolderingly boy toy, Rafael Valmor. "I've got a project for you," Kid Leopard tells Jonny. "Our buddy Blaine here wants to learn some pro wrestling. Show him some moves, how to use the ropes, the usual corner to corner stuff."

Blaine has been turning heads and heating up the BG East mats for years. His mix of mat skills and erotic ambition make him a fan favorite. The Boss hand picks a pair of robin's egg trunks to bring out the blond Canadian's baby blue eyes. "As for me, I have a project of my own to attend to," Leopard explains as he winks at cute Rafael and leads him from the ring room. "Jonny's going to take good care of you, Blaine," he assures the eager ring recruit as he walks off with the Canuck's boy toy. "Aren't you, Jonny?" Kid Leopard says with a private wink at his chore boy. "You're going to take REAL good care of him."

"Ready to show me some stuff," Blaine asks eagerly as he stretches out his beautifully tanned body. "You have no idea," Jonny replies with a smirk, pulling on a gray singlet and black boots. Jonny is a reluctant tutor. He demonstrates one move at a time and then permits the ring rookie to give it a try. "You'll do it wrong, so I'll have to correct you," Jonny explains impatiently. He explains the finer points of a technically perfect bearhug, and Blaine shows he's been paying attention by making the indy pro heel gasp in pain in his clutches. "I seem to be a fast learner, eh," the Canadian congratulates himself.

When it comes to The Boss' pet projects, there are always layers within layers. Blaine is, indeed, a quick study. The ring rookie commandingly puts Jonny through his paces, concluding with a leg nelson variation that Jonny never taught him. "I didn't show you that shit!" Jonny complains suspiciously, choking on the pain and shocked to be forced to submit to his "student." Blaine smirks condescendingly. Jonny wonders who is playing whom as the pretense of a wrestling tutorial gives way to a passionately heated battle. Sensing his status as The Boss' right hand man may be in jeopardy, Jonny lets loose with every vile, humiliating, crippling heel move in his extensive arsenal. A gut bashing abdominal stretch makes Blaine scream. Jonny rips The Boss' hand picked trunks off of Blaine's beautiful body and shoves them down his throat. He nearly rips Blaine's balls off. A spine jarring DDT knocks the Canadian upstart out cold, as Jonny makes it clear that he's nowhere near ready to cede his role as Kid Leopard's chosen champion.

"Jonny, what the fuck have you done!?" Kid Leopard and Rafael return to the shocking scene. "I told you to teach him, not kill him, for Christ's sake!" Jonny can't believe his ears. Once again, The Boss relentlessly criticizes Jonny's best efforts to please him. He stares disbelieving as Kid Leopard gently rouses Blaine and apologizes for Jonny's poor manners. Suddenly, Kid Leopard bull dogs one shocked young hunk, smashing him face-first to the mat and decisively demonstrating which sweat soaked wrestler is Kid Leopard's reigning favorite. "Come over here, kid," The Boss waves Rafael into the ring. "You can have the honor of pinning him." And as you might imagine, that was not the end of it!

In the wicked mindfuck that is the Leopard's Lair, you never know what The Boss has in store until all is said and done. But some things will never change. Kid Leopard will always take sick delight in working the egos and ambitions of eager young hunks against each other. And Jonny is always going to have to scrub his toilets. A totally hot squash!

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Jonny takes Leopard's order to "teach him ring stuff" literally by grinding him into the canvas

Jonny squat mounts and wedgies the prostrated, overmatched, bubble-butted Canuck

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