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  Van Skyler vs. Fabrice  

Van Skyler: 5'8, 185

Fabrice indulges in a little mid-match muscle worship, admiring Van's tree-trunk thighs

Van falls victim to the wiry francophone, nibbling his own sock as he's sleepered out cold

As if the choke wasn't disorienting enough, Fabrice adds his own sweaty sole to the action

Van determined to wring respect from the Canadian fighter and he'll start with his socked foot!

It's about lights out time for the sexy jock as he's brought to his knees in a tight sleeper

Sock It To Me!, or, Open Wide!

Van Skyler demands attention when he walks into a room. His beautifully proportioned, massively built physique make him wildly popular with fans and a target for prospective opponents eager to get their hands on all of his stunning muscles. His huge popularity gives the muscle hunk some cachet, even with The Boss. It was Van's idea to take on the phenomenal French wrestler Fabrice, whose matches have steadily grown more erotically charged. Van also stipulated the condition that they wrestle in socks.

As they circle one another on the mats, Van and Fabrice present stark and striking contrasts. Van is nearly half a foot shorter, yet nearly 40 pounds of thick, powerful muscle heavier. His upper arms are about as big around as Fabrice's thighs. His powerful glutes strain the seams of his tight briefs, appropriately emblazoned with the word "Fire" across his hot bubble butt. In sharp contrast, long, ultra-lean Fabrice stares way down at Mr. Popular with a dismissive sneer. Understimated in every match, Fabrice has a way of finding his opponent's buttons and pounding them into submission.

The initial collar and elbow lock up demonstrates the advantages of vastly superior muscle and a low center of gravity. Van shows off wrestling chops we haven't seen from him before. Confidently locking down leg locks and armbars, he tests the flexibility of Fabrice's incredibly long limbs. With studied skill, the muscle hunk locks on a face-to-crotch figure-4 head scissors, quite literally smothering his opponent deep into Van's bulging crotch.

Fabrice claws at his opponent's coiled body, desperate for air. Wearing him thin, Van smoothly spins, sliding into a crotch pillow figure-4 head scissors, giving him a gulp of air before shoving one socked foot into Fabrice's gasping mouth. "Eat that sock," Van demands with delight. Choking on his opponent's toes and dizzy from the vice crushing his skull, Fabrice gives away the first stunned submission. Van is the man!

It looks like it's all going Van's way as he dominates the lightweight French Canadian. He demands that Fabrice suck on his socked toes repeatedly. He plants a socked foot on the back of Fabrice's head, pinning his face to the mat as Van delivers the muscle posing pleasure that he knows his fans desire. His plan to humiliate and grind a sexy opponent underfoot seems unstoppable, as he insists on being worshipped as the muscle god he is.

In defeat, Fabrice takes to adoringly poring over every flexing inch of the physique star's glorious muscle. The supplicant pays particularly rapt attention to those hugely muscled quads. He can't keep his hands from stroking Van's socked feet. Van graciously gives him a flexing tour of all of his mouthwatering muscles, as Fabrice's hands slide hungrily up Van's muscled back, over his peaked biceps, and, suddenly, across Van's throat!

Fabrice's sleeper hold is instantly clamped closed and iron clad. Even Van's vaunted muscles go slack when his brain is deprived of oxygen. As his knees buckle, Van finds himself lowered down to the mat, leaning against his torturer's torso. A wrestling 'Pieta'! Fabrice's super long legs come in handy as he wraps them around the muscle hunk's tiny waist and uses his foot to prod Van's big bulge. Not only does Van refuse to submit, he grabs Fabrice by the ankle and shows the Quebecois just how he likes his crotch massaged! So now it's revealed why Van The Man insisted on socks!

Having discovered which of Van Skyler's buttons to push, Fabrice does what he does best. With equal doses of ball bashing and pedial stimulation, he drives Van back and forth between exquisite agony and gaping, gasping ecstasy.

Of course, Van can outmuscle him at any moment, but the more Fabrice strokes his crotch and shoves his own socked feet down Van's throat, the muscle hunk is torn between serving two masters. Will it be an ego satisfying victory on the mat, or an erotically satisfying submission gagging on his own sweat soaked socks? You've never seen Van in action this sexy before, but you will most definitely want to see it again!

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Van gets up close and personal with Fabrice in a crotch-to-ass, grinding, rollup pin

As if the shoulder-working armbar wasn't enough, Van grinds his foot into Fabrice's face

Fabrice's lean legs belie their strength as they crush the chiseled core of the muscled stud

Van Skyler presses his advantage with a sole to the face of the neck-locked blond boy

Fabrice adds insult to injury as he dangles the sweat-soaked sock in the beaten stud's face

Fabrice finds himself stretched out and humiliated in a cross ankle headscissor variation

Fabrice: 6'1, 145

Fabrice brings the muscle advantage to ruin with a tight sock garrote on his bigger foe

The lean French stud trapped in a tight, humiliating sock-to-face figure four headscissors

Van's The Man! Fabrice bulges big as he pays homage to the muscled victor's foot domination

Fabrice controls both heads of the muscle stud in the crotch-stroking rear naked choke

Van stands tall and triumphant with his competition trampled, tortured underfoot

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