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  Van Skyler vs. Hawk Rodman

Van Skyler: 5'8, 185 lbs

Van goes on a humiliating tear against Rodman with a face-to-crotch figure four headscissors

Skyler schoolboy pins Hawk and presses his ample bulge in the smaller stud's face

Van punishes and poses with a big bully bicep flex over a headscissored Hawk Rodman

Van's big biceps bulge in the punishing bearhug that sucks the fight and life out of scrapper Hawk

Nobody loves Van's body more than himself as he flexes in the leadup to his match with Hawk

Muscles aren't just for show! A Back and Forth Ball-Bash!

Van Skyler knows he has an exceptional body, and he loves to show it off! In the matroom of the BGeast South complex, he goes through a series of poses in a singlet, showing off that highly defined, thick musculature in a skin-grabbing singlet. His opponent for the day, Hawk Rodman, can't resist touching the mouth-watering muscles on display. He's a fighter and not intimidated in the least by the spectacle in front of him -- there's a lot to admire there, after all, and who could resist feeling how hard those flexed muscles are?

Perfection, after all, is meant to be admired, desired, and lusted after. And why not get things started with a low blow? Even the most muscular stud can't survive such an attack, and Van is no exception to this rule! The two young men roll, with Hawk unable to convert his early advantage into any kind of successful offense. Van's not just some pretty face on a gorgeous body -- the boy can wrestle, likes to, and payback is a bitch! Trapping Hawk's head between his thick thighs in a brutal headscissors, Van sadistically refuses to release the hold despite Hawk's desperate taps against his legs, his face turning redder and his hair getting damper with sweat. Instead, Van takes him for several rolling trips around the mats, pausing just to flex, as he keeps trying to crack Hawk's head like a walnut.

Finally, Van takes pity on Hawk's whimpers and releases the hold, leaping to his feet and showing off his muscles again in contemptuous pose, after pose, after pose. Despite the agony he's feeling, again Hawk can't help but admire and touch the bounty before him...until Van laughs with sadistic glee and drags him into a nasty body scissors with every ounce of his power focused on crushing Hawk's abs and cutting off his air. But Hawk's no fool nor is this his first time at the BGEast rodeo! And what is the Boss' first rule for getting out from under? A brutal ball claw, of course! Now it's Hawk's turn to shine, to gloat and taunt, as he mercilessly puts Van's spectacular studliness through a master class in mat wrestling and brutal holds -- but Van's not too good for a low blow or two of his own.

Van's nasty side comes out as he stomps and kicks Hawk's balls, straddles him with his sweaty, musty crotch in Hawk's sweaty red face, pulling it up into his groin to make sure he gets a good sniff! One good low blow deserves a turnabout, though, and as Van moans in agony with both hands on his aching package, Hawk seizes the opportunity to strip the writhing musclegod out of his singlet and down to a beauteous butt-bearing thong! Van isn't down for the count, though -- still some fight left in him, as he slugs away at Hawk's tender abs, slaps at his balls, and strips him down to his jock, only to discover why his ball revenge has had so little effect: Hawk was wearing a cup!

Emboldened by removing the protector, Van goes back to work as the scales are balanced. Their bodies continue to wear away at each other, as their skin becomes sweaty and red from smacks, each wrestler grimly determined to not submit, to come out victorious over the other, the grudges and dislike becoming heightened with each hold, each low blow, each ignored tap of submission leading to the inevitable knockout finish -- where one man walks out and the other lies out cold on the mat in defeat and humiliation. This is an instant classic BGEast mat war, to be watched over and over again.

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Van Skyler vs. Hawk Rodman
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Hawk suffers on his knees and Van prospers with a domineering double bicep flex

Skyler intends to earn every submission against Hawk. This time with a ball crusher

Hawk is trapped and arched in an inverted facelock as Van measures a forearm to his pecs

Is Hawk about to pull off an upset over the extravagantly built Skyler with a sleeper KO?

On his knees, Hawk coddles his abused balls as Skyler drags him up by his hair for more

Hawk pays for his impertinence with a leg-splitting, ball-busting stomp from sexy Skyler

Hawk Rodman: 5'9, 150 lbs

Skyler towers like a malevolent God with an insignificant Hawk crushed under his heel

Our hero Hawk risks life and limb to strip Skyler of his singlet straps to expose his perfect body

Hawk splits and spreads a thonged Skyler in a neck crunching rollup submission hold

Hawk has nowhere to run and hide as Van drags the boy back up by his jockstrap

Trapped in a crippling full nelson, Van may experience defeat against his smaller foe

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