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  Zip Zarella vs. Elite Eliot

Elite Eliot: 5'11, 190 lbs

The tattooed prettyboy seeks to clean up his opponent's act by employing the ring mop.

Eliot, slack-jawed and near ko'd, kneels, cuffed and strangled with a pipe from Zip.

Elite Eliot is brought low gasping with a brutal, chain-linked garrotte from Zarella.

Eliot closes in, looming, as Zip struggles to get his bearings and get off the mat.

Zarella puts on a sexy flex show worthy of the Ravishing One himself over a broken Eliot.

E-Z Come, E-Z Go

Fresh off their match at Wrestling with Pride 2018, Eliot and Zip have matters to settle. Zip's not happy with the outcome of that match, and Eliot may be envious because BG East viewers voted Zip the "Best Debut of 2017," an honor (among others) Eliot would like to score in 2018. "We're doing this again, huh," Zip says, smugly sauntering towards Eliot after the bell sounds. "You just can't get enough, can you?" Eliot replies with a wry smirk. The two men are more or less of a size, Elite being slightly the taller and fitter of the two, Zip, the prettier, as he's often quick to proclaim. They are two of the most beguiling wrestlers in the current indie and underground scenes, loaded with charisma and always ready for a fight. In a stage whisper, Zip advises his opponent, "This is the part where you run away!"

They circle each other and lock up, Eliot quickly snaps Zip into a side headlock, grinding the right ear into cauliflower on the spot. Zip tugs free and snatches Elite in a rear bear hug. Eliot makes two failed attempts to pry himself loose, prompting Zip to exert more painful pressure to the midsection. The third time's the charm, though, as Eliot slips free and twists Zarella's arm in a taut, nerve-jangling arm bar that forces the pretty boy down on one knee. Size and experience not being significant factors here, this pairing should particularly please fans of Tough vs Pretty matches. Some fans favor pretty boys on principle, but many more fans enjoy watching a tough guy mop the floor with his opponent's dimpled ass.

"Eliot, I'm sorry," Zip pleads contritely, writhing on the mat. Eliot won't let up. He gives the arm a few more ratcheting flicks. Pretty boys like Zarella are always sorry when they're on the losing end, but you can't trust them as far as you can throw them because they are merciless when they regain the advantage. Elite's body gyrates subtly and sensuously as he cranks up the stress on his adversary's shoulder, elbow, and wrist, raising Zip to his feet, the deceptively angelic face thrillingly contorted in agony as Eliot chicken-wings the arm. Zip escapes, and true to form, he whips Eliot into a torturous headlock, refusing the man even a modicum of mercy. "You asked for this," he groans as he tightens his grip. "You shouldn't have beat me the other night."

"I'm the pretty boy here," Zip exults, his grip numbing the nerves at the back of Eliot's neck. "Not for long," Eliot replies and promptly slips free. He puts Zarella into the rear bear hug Zip had him in, moments earlier, an irony that does not escape the pretty boy's attention. Give and take of this sort fills the first six minutes of the match until Zarella introduces a foreign object, a choke chain, which he wields with all the punk-ass disrespect for fair play that we suspected of him all along. He damn near kills the guy, and he's not yet done breaking the rules. But, dear friends, restitution is never pretty, and it seldom spares the pretty when the tables are turned. We can't promise you that Zip loses this rematch, but it's safe to say Eliot is not letting him walk away from this ring unscathed. The final minutes are full of surprises and epic, wince-inducing comeuppance. Try not to get a boner during the last ten minutes of this fight. We dare you!

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Zip Zarella vs. Elite Eliot
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BG East Grudge Match 5 Arena Galleries

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Zarella makes the best of Eliot's handcuffed predicament with a chinlock over the ropes.

Zarella, dangling a chain, taunts a cuffed Eliot with yet another instrument of torture.

Eliot's powerful legs beartrap his mouthy opponent in a hair-pulling body scissors.

Zarella humiliates Eliot and adorns him with a similar "mop-top" as he's bound to the ropes.

Eliot turns the tables, giving his opponent a much-needed comeuppance with a cornered pipe choke.

Zip reaches up and begs Eliot pathetically as his long, luscious locks are trampled underfoot.

Zip Zarella: 6'0, 205 lbs

Eliot drops Zip to his knees, crying out in a debilitating, shoulder-twisting armlock.

Zarella seeks to humiliate and upset his longtime foe with a trunks-pulling wedgie.

Eliot snatches the wind from Zip's sails (and the breath from his lungs!) with a bearhug.

Eliot's muscled thighs continue to keep Zip immobilized as he continues his attack on the long locks

With no ref to scold the prettyboy, Zip schoolboys and slaps on a blatant, two-handed choke.

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