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  Nathan Sargent vs. Ash DeLeon*

Nathan Sargent: 6'1, 195 lbs

Neck and back crunched and cranked painfully, Ash suffers in a torturous camel clutch

With a faceful of ass, Nathan is rolled up in a face-sitting pin as Ash toys and peels at his gear

Ash kneels over Nathan, nearly breaking him in half with the backbending bow and arrow variation

Ash mounts and locks Nathan down tight, exposed to his gutbashing fusillade

Ash stares down sadistically into the pained, fearful face of Nathan as he slaps on a rear choke

Kinkfest to the Nth Degree

Best Full Product of 2019
Some wrestlers are born to be heels, others have to be forged. Ash Deleon's skills and physique have improved by leaps and bounds since his debut, but still the budding heel is always on the lookout for matches that will set him apart from other wrestlers, and elevate him to vaunted ranks of BG East elite. So of course when the boss put him in touch with a kinky country boy keen to challenge the lion cub to an "anything goes" match away from prying eyes, Ash simply smiled and answered "anytime, anywhere."

But this challenge may prove to be more of a trial by fire than Ash first realized. The boss is notorious for knocking BG East's resident heels down a notch when they grow complacent, and what better way to keep a new heel like Ash on the edge of readiness than by calling in a ringer to force Deleon to new levels of erotic kink? It's clear the young heel is in for quite the lesson when his opponent makes good on Ash's declaration, ambushing him at BG East's lake house and abducting the unconscious Ash to the wrestleshack for a match like none he's ever experienced.

As Ash comes around slowly, condescendingly slapped awake by his captor and latest opponent, his eyes slowly rove up the tall hunk of military muscle standing over him, deliciously crammed into kinky fetish gear. Nathan stands head and shoulders above his opponent, even when Ash isn't on his knees. Deleon takes a measure of his opponent, noting the long, lean muscles and the ample bulge bouncing inches from his face above fishnet shorts, and starts to suspect he might be in a bit of trouble... then he realizes his hands are tied... literally.

Nathan seems well on his way towards neatly installing himself as a standout heel with a decidedly kinky style. When he told Ash "anything goes," Deleon probably didn't expect to start the match off a helpless punching bag with no hope of mounting an offense. With his wrists securely bound to the shack's rafters, Ash is defenseless as Nathan goes to town on his body. The burly brawler takes his victim to task for accepting his challenge, pounding Ash's body up and down, the shack filling with the relentless sounds of bare knuckles on hard muscle. To his credit, Ash survives the one-sided opening beating, refusing to break even as the toll on his torso drops him back to his knees, hanging limply by his wrists until Nathan decides his opponent is properly tenderized.

Even when Nathan finally unties Ash so they can get down to the real wrestling, Deleon is so battered he can hardly move, let alone hold off the towering fighter bent on bending him til he breaks. The first falls are further exercises in torture from the mind of a truly kinky sadist as Nathan torques and twists this boy into every shape imaginable, all the while continuing to work Ash's stubbornly resilient balls and abs. Deleon may be able to take beatings from the best, but he's still only human, and any man can only take so much. Before too long, Nathan has racked up the first few submissions in this battle of heel kinks.

But a true heel knows not just how to keep his jobber down, he can rally from even the worst punishment. Nathan may look the part, all sweat-dripping muscles and dragging Deleon to his knees as though begging for a reprieve, but when Ash's fist comes flying up and smashes his tormentor's balls with an audibly loud SMACK, Nathan crumples. Ash quickly mounts him, pouncing fast despite the beating his ironman body has absorbed. Now comes the true test, Ash has proven he can take it, but can Nathan?

The second half of this match pits the vicious against the tenacious, with two heels both vying to prove their superior fortitude and penchant for destruction. Ash may have succumbed to a few of his opponent's torturous methods, but he comes roaring back with a vengeance, and Nathan is soon moaning and then squealing in pain as both his body and his balls are bashed even more brutally than Ash's. Deleon's truly sadistic side comes to the fore as he crushes and twists and batters and bruises like never before. Mixing technical wrestling with hardcore beatdowns, spladles, camel clutches, and rear naked chokes share the stage with old-fashioned fist-to-balls action. This is the Ash Deleon we've been waiting for, the heel he was born to be.

In the end, only one man can walk away with his head held high. The loser of this match is not only bound and stripped but forced to cum in the throes of sheer erotic pain. One heel will cement his status as a dominant master of kink, claim the victory, and rob his opponent of their pride in the final moments of this contest, while the jobber is left dripping with sweat, cum, and shame, their limp form tossed like a ragdoll to the mats, left to ponder where it all went so wrong... or so right.

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Nathan Sargent vs. Ash DeLeon*
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Nathan has Ash right where he wants him, tied up and exposed to a relentless gutbashing

Naked as the day he was born, Nathan suffers, fading in Ash's ball-grabbing headscissors

Nathan writhes, his manhood trampled and ground under the foot of his more experienced foe

Ash lays wasted, ko'd under the smothering bulge of the burgeoning BGEast newbie

Nathan rolls Ash up onto his shoulders, making him kiss his own knee in a tight cradle pin

Ash is rolled up onto his shoulders, crotch split wide in Nathan's ball-clawing banana split

Ash DeLeon: 5'8, 147 lbs

Nathan makes his mark in his debut, stringing the handsome heel up from the rafters

Nathan revels in his controlling debut, grinding the handsome face of the hunky heel underfoot

Ash in trouble back bending precariously with Nathan's head in his spine for a bow and arrow

Nathan realizes his debut hopes are going up in smoke, his chin cranked to his chest in a nelson

Hands locked tight around his chin, Ash leans waaaay back for a camel clutch variation

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