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  Jax Atwell vs. Nino Leone

Jax Atwell: 6', 166 lbs

Jax arches and writhes, trapped in a schoolboy pin as Nino pounds away at his gut

Nino has Jax right where he wants him with a gut-bashing inverted heaclock

Nino battles back in Jax's crushing bearhug with the patented Kiss of Death sleeper

Jax and Nino battle to a stalemate with a test of strength, trapped in Nino's scissors

Nino looks to put Atwell to bed, making him fade in a reverse figure four headscissors

The Great Outdoors

Birds are singing and the sun is high in the sky, the air fragrant and wet with humidity. Jax and Nino walk out to where the mats are set up for their match, bare chested, giving each other side glances as they walk, checking out their foe. They are of a size, give or take a pound or two here, an inch or so there. Both are lightly hairy, lithe, eager to get to mats and on with the business at hand.

Both are strong competitors - and more than a little interested in the arousal and excitement from the testosterone-laden adrenaline rush that comes with combat. The two grapplers face off with some friendly jostling, a slight push followed by one a little less friendly, a little more aggressive. Then Nino grabs Jax into a headlock, tossing him to the mat and wiping the smirk right off his face. Nino's early advantage, putting the muscular lean stud through a ringer of holds, makes Jax realize the hairy kid is no pushover. Desperately he yanks off Nino's trunks - but Nino returns the favor and they get to their feet, facing off in their underwear now! Nino isn't above some nipple play and the occasional, not so rough, crotch grab - which is all but invited now they are in their skivvies!

Grunting and heaving, their skin reddens and gets more slick with each move and hold, each offensive and each counter. A brutal choke has Jax unable to breathe, his face tightening, and the lack of oxygen making him easier prey. Nino expertly flips him back-first to the mat, and they kiss tenderly, Nino's hands drifting down over Jax's lithe torso. He takes advantage but Jax doesn't seem to mind, even after a sleeper weakens him even further. Their bodies entwine as they kiss again, deeply and wet. Nino asserts his dominance time after time as Jax struggles against the body holding him down, mixing tenderness and aggression. Jax has had enough of this confusing humiliation, flipping Nino over and straddling his head, his sweaty musty package draped across Nino's hungry face.

Now it's Jax's turn to hold Nino down. Leone struggles against Jax's muscle-strength as their crotches press together and they kiss yet again. Nino powers his way back to control, only to continue this erotic dance back and forth, pain and passion mixing together as neither wrestler wants to give in to the other. They both seem to love being held down or holding the other down. Cries and grunts and the wet smacking of their bodies against each other echo through the great outdoors, two men panting and struggling and arousing each other to a frenzy until Jax winds up on top, biting and licking Nino's ear as Nino struggles beneath him. The hairy chested fighter quivers wrapped up within Jax's arms and legs as they kiss again while Jax's hands drift over Nino's nipples, his chest, his stomach...but is it passion or another distraction?

Nino's mouth comes back to Jax's hard nipples, controlling him while he also takes advantage of the defenseless ripped muscle body that is his for the stroking, the kissing, the fondling... In this two man erotic battle, holds becoming more humiliating, grips tighter, muscles stretch further, but the undercurrent of attraction, of passionate desire for the foe never seems far from their minds. Dominance, victory, can only belong to one.....but in this kind of battle can there be a loser?

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Jax Atwell vs. Nino Leone
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Nino wraps his strong quads around Jax's midsection, working a rear choke scissors combo

Nino humps and rides Jax into the mat and lays waste to his toned midsection

Jax has had enough and snatches Nino from behind with a ball clawing choke hold

Atwell takes control of Nino's hot, hairy body with a liplocking bodyscissors

Nino stares directly into the fading eyes of his opponent as he brutally strangles him

Jax is trapped in Nino's guard and holds off his arms, distracting his foe with another liplock

Nino Leone: 5'8, 140 lbs

Nino runs his hands (and lips!) all over every inch of Atwell's sexy, furry muscled body

Jax is at Nino's mercy, forcing him to watch his bulge being worked in a rear choke

Jax takes over the driving seat as he mounts Nino with a bulge to face bodyscissors

Nino shuts Atwell down on the mats, locking him in an inverted headlock scissors combo

Seduction by sunset; Nino feels up Jax's muscled bod while engaged in a kiss

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