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  Jake Jenkins vs. Braden Charron

Jake Jenkins: 5'7, 159 lbs

Braden lifts the young musclestud up off of his feet and shakes him in a reverse bearhug

Braden hoists the lightweight, barefoot rookie high into the air with ridiculous ease

Jake lies like a broken toy in the ring as Braden surveys the destruction he has wrought

Braden slaps a vicious backbuster camel clutch on the leanly-muscled Jake

As if the incessant bashing wasn't enough, Jake lies helpless, acting as a stepping stone for Braden

The Tortoise and the Hare

Braden Charron has spent more than his fair share of time taking wicked beatings at the hand of heartless heels. In fact, his capacity to soak up punishment is legendary. He's been atrociously assaulted, bashed and brutalized, crushed and cracked, demolished and destroyed, and like a sponge he's soaked up every last drop of his own humiliation, and impressively kept showing up for more. But a while back, Braden reached his saturation point, and lately he's been pouring out every merciless act of depravity he suffered onto his hapless opponents. And it turns out, this babyface bodybuilder with big brown eyes and a bodacious bubble butt enjoys dishing it out way more than he ever enjoyed taking it.

Jake Jenkins did not get the memo on Braden's recent reinvention. Jake dives into the ring, wearing sensationally shiny and tight golden trunks and does a quick, jogging lap around the posing muscle man in the middle. "Looks like we've got a big guy over here," Jake chuckles, tauntingly poking the bodybuilder in the back and hopping away. "Are you too slow to keep up," he asks rhetorically, bouncing on the balls of his bare feet. While Jake is one of the smaller studs in the stable, pound for pound, he is also one of the most dangerous. His extensive amateur wrestling and MMA background have enabled him to own the mats against much bigger opponents. He sees the mass of luxurious muscle on Braden and can't help but cluck with confidence, knowing just how to exploit a gym bunny so heavily laden with aesthetic, though not always functional brawn.

Midway through his second lap, though, Jake takes a sudden clothesline to the throat that instantly knocks him flat on his back. "Too slow," Braden mutters, dragging the babyface heartthrob off of the mat and catapulting him into a corner. "I'll show you how slow I am," Braden growls, flinging him corner to corner so hard that Jake bounces violently off the turnbuckle and collapses face first to the mat.

Braden whips Jake corner to corner so often and so hard that the ring visibly shimmies across the floor. The barefoot battler's knees buckle as impact after impact sends shockwaves down his spine. The ghost heels of Braden's checkered past show up to inspire his target-locked, rapid fire assault on Jake's throbbing back. He scoops the kid up in a lovely cradle, like so many heartless pro heels once did to Braden himself. The badass bodybuilder parades his prize around the ring before slamming him down across his knee, up and down again, like child's play. Jake writhes and wriggles on the hook, stuck helplessly as his opponent pries his vertebrae the wrong way.

Jake's taut, muscled back glows bright red as stomps and punches rain down. Famously flexible, the MMA stud's gorgeous body is twisted like a washcloth, wringing buckets of panic-sweat and screaming tears from him. Long, lavishly decadent bearhugs break him in half as he hangs backward, screaming in agony, swallowed in Braden's merciless, muscled embrace. "Can someone get me a towel in here," Braden snarls, muscles dripping with power and pride. "Because it's getting seriously hot moving this slow," he sneers, before returning to the work of savoring what it's like breaking down a hot, fan favorite hunk of tortured muscle.

Jake learns the hard way the dangers of being in the path of an oncoming avalanche of impeccably toned, beautifully crafted, mountainous muscle bearing down on you. It might start slow, but with years of psychic wounds and battle scars just beneath the surface of Braden's mouthwatering musculature, once he gets started, he will break you in half and bury you under a mountain of hurt.

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Jake's flexible back's resilience is severely tested against the spine-warping torture rack

Jake's back is further tested as Braden stretches him out in a turnbuckle-assisted backbreaker

Braden works and wrecks Jake more and more in a wicked, modified abstretch

Rolling Jake up almost onto his shoulders, Braden goes for a pinfall over his smaller foe

Braden puts his bulging muscles to work with a rope-assisted backbender on Jake

Laid out and wasted, Jake lies lifeless, beaten under the conquering boot of Braden

Braden Charron: 5'8, 190 lbs

The massive crushing arms of Braden coil around Jake's lean core in a bearhug

Kneeling and trapped in the ropes, Jake's lean body is exposed to Braden's big forearm shots

Displaying a massive amount of power, Braden presses the MMA stud high overhead

Jake arches and claws desperately to escape, as his back bends in a brutal bearhug

Braden poses and pops every inch of beautiful powerful muscle he'll use against Jake

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