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  Kenny Starr & Rocky Sparks vs. Kayden Keller & Ash DeLeon

Kenny Starr: 5'9, 175 lbs and Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

Ash watches on in pleasure as his tag partner slaps on a ball-clawing single-leg boston

Kenny uses the full weight of his tag partner for a big butt bomb to a laid-out Ash

Stretched and trapped on the mat, Kenny is victim to a big gut bashing to his ripped midsection

Rocky goes for a handstand and brings his knee plummeting down into Ash's exposed abs

The bubble-butted boy in blue writhes on the mat as Ash brings a big boot down on his back

Writhing Agony Times Two

Best Overall Match of 2020
Tag team wrestling is an entirely different animal than a singles match, and woe to the fools who don't think that's the case and prepare accordingly. A good team must put aside individual ego and work together in sync; each must know instinctively what to do when, and must know his partner well enough to be able to communicate - without words. This takes lots of practice and work - hours in the ring and gym. On top which there just has to be chemistry. A team with good chemistry but different styles will work together better than two wrestlers with similar styles and without it.

Ash DeLeon, BGE's up-and-coming young heel, has always looked up to studly heel Kayden Keller, idolizing him and wanting to be like him. He's taken his lumps, and his beatings, and has always come back for more - learning from each experience and growing in the ring. And always studying those Kayden matches. Joining this star in the ring as an equal partner is a dream come true for the sadistic heel-in-training.

Rocky Sparks already faced both Kayden and Ash in singles matches, neither of which quite went the way he might have hoped. Despite what one might seem a masochistic death-wish, Sparks jumped at the opportunity for another shot at them both at once. But he needed the right partner to have his back in the ring against this newly formed heel super-team. Why not Kenny Starr? Starr has the attitude, the beef, talent, and the necessary thirst for inflicting pain - even seeming to feed off his own. He's up for the challenge, but... Can Kenny sublimate his own ego in order to work as part of a team? And without putting in sufficient ring time so each understands his partner instinctively, thoughtlessly, can a team of Starr and Sparks pull off what could be a major upset?

Rocky is alone in the ring when the hunky heels arrive. They salivate watching him flex and stretch and prepare for the beat-down they are confident they're going to inflict, especially admiring the pecs and the ripped abs even as they surround him alone in the ring. Just then Kenny arrives, full of mouth and attitude, and the seductive boys in blue are ready to face off against the heels in black.

Rocky and Kayden are first to tag in the ring against each other - and Kayden quickly levels what he calls 'the pretty boy' with a knee to the abs and a foot on his balls as Rocky writhes on the mat. As far as he's concerned, the beatdown is on! Kayden trounces and trashes the lean muscleboy, barely breaking a sweat as he puts him through hold after hold, heaping insult upon abuse upon more insult - could the match be over before the first tag?! And with a nasty piledriver as an exclamation point, Rocky is out cold. Kenny is just as stunned.

Kenny tags in - but he wants Ash first! Kayden shrugs and complies, tagging in his budding heel partner as the two sneer at each other before locking up - and it's soon clear why. Kenny uses his muscle to make quick work of the young heel, tossing him around and putting him through some painful and humiliating holds, including a nasty head scissors that exposes Ash's abs to abuse - much as Kayden abused Rocky's. Kenny is clearly enjoying himself, a big grin on his face as he avenges his partner, and acolyte Ash moans and struggles to get free. Ash's abs are soon reddened from the abuse they're taking - until finally, like a good partner always should, Kayden interferes and now it's Ash's turn to get some beating in. Not that he didn't proud of, or seem to enjoy, his own endurance!

Kenny knows his own way around the ring so as Kayden watches, the struggle between the two goes back and forth, until finally a tag bring in Rocky such that the two can execute some beautiful teamwork on weakening Ash. Quick fire tags allow the now revived ripped babyfaces to keep Ash down - and finally Kenny contemptuously tosses a battered Ash out of the ring - before he finally gives in! Ash tags disappointed Kayden in but the boys in blue are on a roll - and now it's Kayden's turn to suffer!

But you can't keep a jilted heel down for long - and despite his agonies the seeming advantages of the team in blue are now a thing of the past as Kayden by himself tortures first Rocky and then Kenny, tagging in Ash for precision punishment. Can the Sparks/Starr team recover in time, or are they fated to go down in writhing agony at the hands of the uncoordinated but consistently nasty heel team? As the battle goes on and the punishment mounts, nothing is can be taken for granted in this brutal, ball and abs battle for team supremacy....

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Team Torture 22


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Kenny Starr & Rocky Sparks vs. Kayden Keller & Ash DeLeon
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Ash in trouble, his head wedged and trapped between the legs of an ab-bashing Kenny

Kayden's bulge hovers over his rolled up opponent's face as he throws up a double bicep flex

Kayden carries the lightweight Rocky up and over to the mats with a monkey flip

The boys in blue reach out to each other as they helplessly fade in tandem rear chokes

Heel tricks of the trade on display as Ash helps to ratchet up the pressure on the abstretch

The heels reign victorious once again as they both put up double bicep flexes over their opponents

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs and Ash DeLeon: 5'8, 147 lbs

Stretched out, Rocky lies helplessly exposed for a big gut bashing to his chiseled core

Kayden looks to put the blue boy out of his misery with a neckcrunching piledriver

Kenny cries out in pain as his balls are brutally trampled under the bigger heel's boot

Rocky gets his world turned upside down and his ripped abs crushed in an inverted bearhug

The Starr grovels at the feet of the heels as they pull him up by his hair and trunks for more

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