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  Rocky Sparks vs. Kenny Starr

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 160 lbs

Rocky flexes his award winning abs to the max to absorb a powerful fist from his opponent

Rocky flexes and grabs at the crushing, muscular arms to withstand the bearhug

Kenny bares his teeth (and his opponent's!) with a fish-hooking camel clutch

The grudge match between the two studs turns catty with a mutual, root-ripping hairpull

Rocky pulls at Kenny's trunks in desperation as he's bent in a backbreaking boston crab

Family Feud

Rocky Sparks and Kenny Starr figured they'd be an unbeatable tag team. After all, the cousins grew up wrestling one another from sun-up to sunset most summers when Rocky's family would visit the old family farm where Kenny's family lived. Rocky was the city mouse to Kenny's country mouse, both of them fascinated by the differences between them, but united in their identical passion for grappling. When Rocky had an opportunity to take on his twin nemeses, Kayden Keller and Ash DeLeon, in their very recent tag team match, Rocky knew there was no one else who would have his back like his cousin. Kenny and Rocky know each other's strengths and weaknesses inside out, and they can practically finish each other's sentences. Their secret weapon against their notorious tag team opponents would be that cousin clairvoyance, and the certain knowledge that blood ties are unbreakable.

Things did not go as the cousins had planned when they stepped in the ring against Kayden and Ash in Tag Team Torture 22. The match made history, earning the title as the fans' choice for Best Overall Match of the Year. But the sensational wrestling drama left Kenny and Rocky nursing bitter wounds, and it reignited their childhood rivalry. As a tag team, they weren't just beaten, they were obliterated - ground into a writhing mass of brutalized beauty and wasted muscle. Their stunningly sexy loss hurt that much more for being humiliated in front of each other, unable to defend themselves or the family honor. Rocky and Kenny suffered a complete breakdown of communication, as the heels broke them into pieces and climbed inside their heads. By the time Kayden and Ash had their brutalizing way with the cousins, Kenny and Rocky were left picking over the carcass of their tag team dreams and pointing the finger at each other to explain their spectacular failure.

The next day, the conflicted cousins showed up in the gazebo to hash out what went wrong, determine who is to blame, and bury the hatchet, probably in the back of the Sparks/Starr family's weakest link.

"Yo, cuz," Rocky gives a wary greeting when he interrupts Kenny's pacing and fuming. "Chill the fuck out," Rocky says, "shit happens." Kenny can't believe his ears. "Shit happens!? So tell me how did it happen last night!" "All right, I'll tell you," Rocky snarls. "You lost your fucking head, like you always do. You let me get beat up and double teamed, and then we lost."

Steam starts to rise from Kenny's ears as he snaps back. "You think it's because I lost my head, when it was you who played a pussy scene, tapping out and giving up right before I could have actually done something to turn it around!" The aggressive body language is all it takes to ignite the dry tinder of this grudge match as the two, blond pretty boys spontaneously attack one another. "You're mom ain't here to save you this time," Kenny taunts, "but you can go back and cry to her like you always do!"

No one can hurt you quite like family, and Kenny and Rocky bite into each other like rabid dogs. Kenny rides his anger, and his confident size advantage, to crush and pry his cousin to desperately screaming submissions. The country cousin makes Rocky squeal and beg, twisted around the gazebo railing and trapped in a surfboard. "You sound just like my pigs back home," Kenny laughs. Rocky roars back into contention by digging his fingertips deep into Kenny's juicy pecs and cider pressing the air from his lungs with crushing scissors. "Fuck you, you illiterate little fucker," the city cousin growls, refusing to relent until Kenny is forced to tap out, his jokey smile wiped right off his face.

This is personal, and not just because of their titanic defeat as a tag team, but because of countless petty rivalries and family dramas that have been building their entire lives. Hair gets pulled out by the fistful. Wet willies and noogies settle scores that have been tallying for 20 years. They trade gut punches, which seems unwise when one of these muscled lightweights sports the Best Abs of 2020. But it's the low blows that signal that victory here in the gazebo is less about their future as a tag team than it is about unloading old baggage that they've been carrying around since they were kids out back behind Kenny's barn, testing their bodies and their egos against the one person they thought they could count on to stand by them to the bitter end. If Kenny and Rocky can't settle this feud and patch things up, swooning fans are going to be bitterly disappointed to never see this stunningly beautiful, light-haired, babyface tag team in the same corner again, and Thanksgiving dinners with the Sparks/Starr family are going to be seriously awkward!

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Rocky flexes his abs, looking none the worse for wear against his shocked foe

A rib-crushing double armbar body scissors has Rocky in trouble (and pain!)

Rocky looks down gleefully as his powerful thighs crush the skull of his handsome opponent

Rocky taunts his prey as he yanks him up and traps him in a leg full nelson

Kenny is yanked and dragged back down to the mat with a handful of his shaggy hair

Rocky's abs are put to the test as they're dropped over the railing of the storied Gazebo

Kenny Starr: 5'9, 175 lbs

Kenny flashes a poster-worthy smile as he bends and twists Rocky in an abstretcher

Kenny lies beaten and broken, exhausted and exposed to yet more torture

Rocky's body gets pasted to the Gazebo walls with a railing-assisted surfboard

Rocky's ripped hairy body is in a world of hurt as his legs are bent and twisted in a figure four

Kenny flexes his biceps to the max in a bid to end the match with a camel choke

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