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  Brute Baynard vs. Damien Rush vs. Chace LaChance

Brute Baynard, Wrestler For Hire: 5'10, 210 lbs

Chace LaChance: 5'9, 170 lbs

The spoiled rich brat flexes disinterestedly while his hitman works over his would-be opponent

Damien and Chace seem to have come to an agreement as Brute grovels on the mats

Brute takes out his anger on a disrespectful Damien with a back bending inverted facelock

Damien finds his muscles worked over as his arms are locked and stretched out

Bodybuilder Hitjob Gone Wrong!

There are certainly a lot of privileges that come with being part of the 1%. Anything you desire is just an envelope full of cash away, and there always seem to be people ready to do your bidding. Damien Rush is not in the mood to break a sweat today, and that fact is precisely what he plans to take advantage of. For this match, the trust fund baby's biggest struggle was not to train enough to edge out a closely matched opponent (who shares a similar dismal track record). Instead, it was to find someone who would guarantee him a win - a brutal one - while giving him the pleasure of watching his opponent being torn apart in front of him. He considered a few names who could be up to this task, but Damien felt he knew the one who'd be the perfect choice.

Chace LaChance awaits his opponent, salivating at finally having muscled but spoiled brat Damien to lock up against, and unaware of the sinister deal being made behind his back. His warmup session interrupted, Chase sees Damien's arrival - looking hot as ever with his hairy defined pecs - but accompanied by his bodybuilder/hitman, the ever menacing Brute Baynard! Dressed up in the tightest, most revealing gear we have seen him in so far, Brute's presence triggers alarms inside Chace's head. "So... what's your buddy doing here?" he asks Damien. "Well, I had a match with you, but I saw this associate right here and realize I'd rather spend the next 20 minutes looking at myself in that mirror," responds the rich boy.

Chace complains, but it is too late to back down. Brute is already inside the ring, and the time it took him to call Damien a bitch for his ruse was the time he needed to get the hell out of there. Chace's reward for deciding to man up is an almost 10-minute-long nightmare! Manhandled and overpowered like never before, Chace finds himself tossed, stretched, bent, beaten, and choked to the brink of unconsciousness. Crushed under the full weight of his muscled mercenary opponent, his agony is only stopped by the words "I give!" and yet they only seem to lead to a more grueling stage of torture. And to rub salts on his wounds, Chace is forced to hear the irritating running commentary of triumphant Damien, as he laps up the damage his hulking man-servant does subjecting him to one of the worst drubbings of his long wrestling life.

The exposed abs of a standing ab stretch finally lures Damien to get inside the ring and be part of the merciless beating, laying his own fists into those rock hard gut muscles until Chace is nearly passed out. But the double-teaming suddenly comes to a halt when Damien goes to 'pin' his almost inanimate victim for a 3-count. Brute drags the rich snob by the hair, expecting his dues for a job superbly done. "Oh, right" he says reaching into his trunks for a bill. It's not the bill Brute was looking for - Damien has dismissed Brute as cheap labor! The irked but heretofore polite bodybuilder body-double turns instantly into a one-man tag team, ready to make some one, or better yet, BOTH, these athletic wannabes pay - one way or another!

Be ready to enjoy the mayhem that ensures in this cautionary tale - only from BG East - which sees the ring barely holding together as all this muscle power gets deployed - and destroyed - in unique ways. Tantalizing bulges, exquisite suffering and sizzling action! You might be forgiven for thinking twice about asking someone, "Wrestle for me!"

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Brute Baynard vs. Damien Rush vs. Chace LaChance
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Brute brings Damien flat to the mat on his back as he stuffs his ever-running mouth

Chace's impeccably muscled body is bullied around the ring and smothered by the Brute

Brute has had enough of these mouthy prettyboys as he traps them both in inverted facelocks

Chace gets opened up with a big brutal abstretch, exposed to Damien's whims

Damien gets his block knocked off as he's dropped to the mat with a big forearm

Richie Rich gets his vengeful hands on his restrained unruly employee with a two-handed choke

Damien Rush: 5'11, 180 lbs

Expecting a one-on-one match, Chace comes face to face with his opponent and hired muscle

Brute turns, bends, and breaks the back of the muscled stud in a boston crab variation

Brute isn't about to let the one percenter get away with paying him one percent for his work

Kneeling and yanked back by his hair, Damien gets an elbow drop from his muscled laborer

Brute takes on double duty, straddling a crushed Chace, with the blueblood in a torture rack

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