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  Calvin Haynes vs. Chase Addams

Calvin Haynes: 5'9, 200 lbs

Calvin Haynes flexes arrogantly in the mirror and wears the shit out of that "DUMB JOCK" tank

Bent back with his face wedged up into a lightly-haired pit, Calvin suffers a ball claw

Bent and stretched out over a knee, Calvin starts to flag and fade in a dragon sleeper

Bent over with his head trapped between Chase's thighs, Calvin's gets his balls viciously clawed

Calvin, trapped in an inventive headlock, forced to feel the power of the smaller, superior leg

When The Hero Takes a Fall

Best Squash 2021
Best Submissions 2021
Calvin Haynes is sexy, there's no question about that. His years of dedication to turning his body into a work of art worthy of reproduction in marble is apparent with even just a sidelong glance. In his gray tank top with the words DUMB JOCK stretched tautly against his chest as he shows off his impressive muscles in the ring, posing and flexing, the biceps bulging, the impressive quads that look like they could crack a skull with the greatest of ease. As the jock drops down to do some push-ups to pump up his impressive chest and arms to an even impressively larger size (which hardly seems possible), outside the ring Chase Addams can but watch with wonder and amazement. The thickness and definition of the incredible Mr. Haynes nearly dwarf him in comparison. But he is not intimidated. The boyish grin on Calvin's face, deepening dimples in his handsome face, spur Chase on as he carefully climbs through the ropes and removes his own shirt. He expresses his deep admiration for Calvin's magnificence, even asking him to do some more posing so he can admire the hard-won size of his soon-to-be opponent.

Pride certainly goeth before a fall, and Calvin has been around BGEast long enough to know better -- but...a compliment is a compliment, and Calvin is happy to oblige. "What do you think?" Calvin asks, showing off his impressive biceps before starting to remove his own DUMB JOCK tank.

Dumb jock is certainly the right label! While he has his arms up over his head and his face inside the shirt, Chase quickly slides behind him and hooks his arm upward and between Calvin's legs -- a dirty cheap shot that topples the muscle stud and leaves him writhing and primed for Chase's vicious onslaught. Chase is well-trained and a master of many holds -- not to mention more than a little bitter that pretty boys like Calvin get all the attention from the fans and bloggers. Calvin is going to pay, in pain and sweat and suffering, for all the slights, real and imagined, that Chase has endured. "I'm a wrestler," he taunts Calvin as he puts him through another series of terribly painful and humiliating holds, one after another, "size don't matter in the ring, you dumb jock." Even when Calvin manages to get his quads of death around Chase's body, the skilled and quick-thinking smaller stud manages to counter the hold and make Calvin moan again quickly. Chase smirks as he enjoys this workout dummy as he hones his skills on a live victim.

Methodically, Chase works the bigger stud, slowly weakening and destroying a body part at a time. Oh, you think your legs are strong? Let's see how flexible those hamstrings really are! Nice biceps? How do they feel after a few punches and twists? How far will these arms bend backwards? Just how limber ARE you, dumb jock?

Strength and power are rarely enough against a smaller opponent as skilled and experienced and knowledgeable as Chase -- there's a reason why many wrestlers don't want to get in the ring with him. Sexy stud Calvin is finding out the hard way that maybe he should have spent more time honing his wrestling skills rather than just lifting weights and thinking size would intimidate opponents into defeat and submission! And it's not just the scientific holds Chase has mastered -- he also is a master of the cheap shot, the low blow, the use of the ring ropes as a weapon! Calvin never has a chance to even try to recover, let alone mount any kind of offense! Chase only lets him catch his breath momentarily before launching in for some more vicious beating.

Calvin's moans and groans only spur Chase on to greater heights of mastery, cruelty, and dominance, inflicting a beating on the sexy dumb jock that will haunt his nightmares for the rest of his career -- and he will never, ever, take a smaller opponent lightly again!

This is a master class in domination and being a heel that should be savored and watched, over and over again...

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Calvin Haynes vs. Chase Addams
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Chase seizes the bull by the horn and leads the big, beefy jock around the ring with a ball claw

With one big arm barred, Calvin is bent back with a crippling crossface hold

Calvin is completely at the mercy of the taller, leaner heel with a shoulder-wrecking armlock

Chase continues to brutalize and emasculate the self-styled dumb jock with a ball claw

Chase treats the muscled jock like a heavy bag as he grounds and stretches him out in an armbar

The beefy, body beautiful's face and back are tortured in the turnbuckle with a suspended scorpion

Chase Addams: 6', 170 lbs

Calvin finds himself trapped and armbarred under his smaller opponent with an elbow to his obliques

Calvin's big, beefy body gets ridden into the mat and bent back with a chin-pulling camel variation

Calvin gets ridden hard and put away wet as Chase sucks the fight out of him with a camel sleeper

Calvin's pride gets ground (much like his poor balls) under the heel's vicious, crushing boot

Calvin's body is trapped and spread in the ropes, helplessly exposed to a turnbuckle beatdown

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