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  Rocky Sparks vs. Seon Cruz*

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

Seon takes a moment to fully appreciate and arouse his rope-bound opponent

Rocky's fabled impenetrable abs look on the verge of a breakthrough, courtesy of Seon's elbow

Rocky lets his lust take over with a liplock as he works his opponent in a spladle

Seon continues to press his advantage on his bound foe as he gropes and toys with his gear

Rocky is completely helpless to defend himself, his hands shackled to the ropes as he's choked

Dominating Skills Come with a Price!

Rocky Sparks is proud of his ripped abs, and even prouder of how much punishment they can soak up. Sparks gets downright giddy as his iron abs get pummelled, knowing how hard he's worked to keep them ready for almost any challenge. He hikes and runs, mountain bikes (even wrestling his cycling buddies as in Gear Wars 7), and his intense ab workouts add sparkle to that tight, ripped midsection, winning him BGEast's 2020 Best Abs fan poll. He takes his body toughness seriously and he gets off on it too, aroused by the most brutal of edgy bashers (Wrestling Kink 1). He was also voted Best Jobber! He can soak up punishment below - and above - the belt. Now hardbody Rocky uses his rippled body as a lure for eager fighters with itchy fists. Today he entices a hot BG East rookie into his snare, like a power-bottom on the prowl.

Lithe and muscled newcomer Seon Cruz has admired this star jobber from afar, and after a close-up look at Rocky's ring abdominal workout, he longs to practice his repertoire of kicks and tenderizing blows on those perfect marble rock-hard abs... Rocky is very game. Too game? Cocky Rocky willingly lets confident Cruz shackle Rocky's hands behind him in the ring ropes, so Seon will get sure shots at those gut muscles. With Sparks as his heavy bag, Seon is sure Rocky has let his passions leave him open. "You really think you can break my abs?" Rocky challenges. "I really KNOW I can break your abs" comes Seon's reply. A trained kickboxer and all-around fighter, Sean came to BG East ready to impress, from his perfectly fitted undergear sheer lines, to his array of gloves and binders at the ready.

Baf! Baf! Seon tests his bare fists first against the smirking stud, bringing a crescendo of reaction moans. Unable even to slow the pace with protective hands, Rocky feels Seon lay in increasingly sharp shocks at will, as Sparks emits loud snaps of pain. "Oh, you sound good too!" deadpans Seon, clearly enjoying the too-cocky pain sponge's piercing paroxyms. Then Cruz switches to heel kicks right to Rocky's reddening midsection. Watching the pain pass through his victim, he pauses to take advantage of his position.

Seon can't help but take multiple erotic breaks to control and caress the muscles of his helpless and gasping jobber star. Seon pauses to drill first an elbow, then a knee slowly into the gut of the standing stud, then goes forehead to forehead as he tries to arouse the star further, feeling over his hurt muscles. The bulges in their trunks are close and getting closer. Seon always returns to the punches, and when they're not to the sore abs, they move up to the just-caressed hairy chest of the gasping jobber, thumping and then punching pecs then moving in for more close feels of the melting midsection.

Seon can barely hear the exhausted whisper of Rocky's raspy voice as he announces that "I've had enough of this" and bursts suddenly free from Seon's binding, barefoot-kicking the seductive boxer in his own gut, sending him back and down. Smiling like he already won by surviving, Sparks now turns the tables, roll-pinning Cruz and pounding, punching, and torturing the rookie's abs, barefisted and then with MMA gloves! A headscissors/throat choke begins to drain the energy and breath out of the gasping stud as Rocky is just getting started with punches to the prone muscle rookie. He goes right for Seon's bulge with his own caress-breaks. Legsplits and further torture leads to a pouch to face schoolboy pin with Rocky's abs looking as fresh now as the moment he offered his challenge. Was this the plan all along?

Both are so excited now, they go for broke as the action switches back and forth, boxing gloves are introduced, and the two share in mutually destructive and yet seductive 'gutplay' which leaves one of these two studs tied in the corner, oiled up, groped and kissed happily before being stripped nude. Brought close to climax by the victor's tired but still wrist-wrapped hands, one muscle star is shown just how the tables can be turned with nipple-sucking and edging as a new form of punishment for a gut challenge that turns the tables on the loser.

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Rocky Sparks vs. Seon Cruz*
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Even with the shackles still on, Rocky brings Seon crashing down to the mat on his back

Seon looks to wring another submission from pain sponge Sparks with a pit-sucking dragon

An over-the-knee backbreaker has Rocky bulging and arching as Seon lays down a beating

Rocky stands tied in the corner, his abs bright red from punishment as a boxing glove rubs his bulge

Seon shows absolutely NO mercy as he rocks Rocky's skull with a big, hard right hook

Seon digs for oil in Rocky's softening abs with a bound, bent-over uppercut

Seon Cruz: 6', 150 lbs

Though tied up, Rocky doesn't seem to mind the attention as Seon presses a lusty assault

Still bound, Rocky gets bent back over the ropes, his abs exposed to Seon's powerful punches

Sparks smirks sitting pretty atop Seon as he presses his advantage (and bulge! into his face)

Groping his masochistic foe's bulge, Seon surrenders himself to his growing lust with a liplock

With his pants around his ankles, Rocky soon finds there's finally nothing holding Seon back

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