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  Nathan FX vs. Kirk Donahue

Nathan FX: 6'1, 170 lbs

Kirk exults in his dominance of the later ring proceedings with a vicious ab-stretcher variation

Working out his triceps with some dips, Nathan gets some dips of his own...underwater

Kirk intends to get Nathan wet...very wet, carrying him up and over for a pool-splashing suplex

Nathan's body collapses like a neutron star as he's dropped crotchfirst over the pool railing

As if being trapped in the ropes wasn't bad enough, Nathan gets tied up in a headscissors

So Much for Your Tanning Session -- Pool to Ring Action Bonanza!

Kirk Donahue cannonballs into the pool, splashing water on Nathan FX, who was hoping for a restful and dry morning basking under the sun. Newbie Nathan protests, but Kirk quickly gets his vengeance on the lithe wannabe model as only a vacationing pro wrestler at rest can. Soaking wet, Kirk heaves the killjoy a several feet in the air and bangs the guy's crotch against the nearest aluminum handrail. Nathan howls, then coughs, clutching his family jewels. Donahue playfully tucks FX's head under one arm and chokeslams him into the deep end. Nathan rises to the surface, coughing up water and gasping for air. Bully Kirk sits on the pool's edge and scissors his thighs to the swimmer's head. "Get your fucking mermaid scales out of my face!" protests Nathan, referencing Kirk's silvery trunks "Mer-MAN!" Kirk corrects him. And Man he is: Kirk Donahue's jobbery scales have long fallen off to reveal a slithery heel ready to let his heel flag fly, unless rumors there are two Kirks are more than fantasy.

Thighs gripping the head still, Kirk dunks Nathan underwater and up and out again, repeatedly. He coolly remarks that the push-ups are good for his triceps. In a surprise reversal, Nathan grabs Kirk by the wrists and flips him headfirst into the water. "The thing is, Kirk, you're at my house today!" When Kirk emerges, Nathan scolds him for not respecting Nathan's right to relax at poolside without getting splashed. He continues, repeatedly dunking Donahue much the same way Donahue had dunked him. Tensions heightened and flared, the two wrestlemen fight in the aquamarine waters. Kirk locks Nathan in a full nelson and then dives backwards, plunging them both into the deep end.

Panting for air, the men climb the steps. Nathan has had enough of Kirk's weaponizing of the pool: "We can take this shit to the ring!" Evidently pleased with the suggestion, Kirk easily throws Nathan on his shoulders in a fireman's carry and heads to the ring, but not before plunging them both into the pool one more time. Still in their swimsuits, the two climb up on the ring apron, and Donahue stretches apart the top and middle ropes to assist Nathan to the BG East ring floor. It's no gentlemanly gesture. As Nathan crawls through, Kirk slams the middle rope to the crotch. "The ring is a little more high speed," Kirk observes as Nathan collapses, once again clutching his balls. The ring rope is no handrail, but it gets the job done.

Kirk gets Nathan in a reverse bearhug, his fingers clasped just beneath Nathan's abs. He heaves his opponent up and over his shoulder. No splash this time, just a clipped grunt as Nathan bangs into the mat, chin first. No water to break the fall, just the hard reality of the ring. Nathan clearly doesn't know who he's dealing with. Welcome to BG East! "You're ripping my arm off, bro!" Nathan protests in a raspy plea for moderation as Kirk cranks his arm, just getting started. As Donahue falls back, his kneecap digging into newbie Nathan's lower spine, FX is the very image of pain and suffering. Suddenly, getting his hair wet doesn't seem so bad. Kirk releases and shoves the limp body away. Nathan no sooner gets to his feet than Kirk forcefully thrusts his foot against the tendons behind his opponent's left knee.

Heel Kirk has multiplied the ways he can inflict pain and humiliation upon his enemies. He doesn't mind that Nathan pays more for his haircut than Kirk pays for shoes. What he despises is Nathan's assumption that he has a right to tell Kirk what he can and cannot do. After hold after agonizing hold, and reversals, both bodies end up truly sweaty and pink as raw hamburger. Kirk won't relent until he pounds the last teaspoon of arrogance out of Nathan FX's once gym-toned and now tattered swimmer's body.

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Nathan FX vs. Kirk Donahue
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Nathan cries out as he's hoisted up off of his feet with a brutal reverse bearhug

Kirk proceeds to test just how flexible his longer, leaner opponent is with a ringpost bow-and-arrow

Nathan's handsome face gets ground into Kirk's quads as he's trap-clawed in a chickenwing

Kirk stands before a rope bound Nathan and shows him just what true power looks like

Pouring every last ounce of considerable muscle he's got, Kirk bends his spoiled foe in the ropes

Has Nathan finally paid the price for ruining the Kirkster's fun? Oh no...far from it

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170 lbs

Kirk tosses Nathan over his shoulders, splashing into the pool with the greatest of ease

Nathan intends to waterlog the "mer-MAN" as he drags him into deeper waters from behind

A soaked and sputtering Nathan promises Kirk things would go down differently in the ring

Kirk muscles his taller foe around the pool with a neck-crunching full nelson

The thickly muscled Kirk hoists his thinner victim up as an offering to the heel gods

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