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  Forrest Taylor vs. Wolfboy

Forrest Taylor: 5'7, 156 lbs

Spare the rod, spoil the child: Forrest and Wolfboy engage in a test of strength

Forrest gets his world turned upside down (and his trunks wedged up his ass!) in a trunk-pulling pin

Wolfboy's rips and tears away at the ginger jobber jerky with painful hold after hold

The wolf trapped! Forrest cranks back hard in a boston crab on his dark-haired foe

Forrest looks like he could use a stretch with his arms yanked back in a standing surfboard

Groundskeeper Grind: Standoff in the Gazebo

Best Mat Battle 2022
Best Ring Match 2022
Wolfboy trespasses into the BGE compound and comes across Forrest sweeping up dead leaves in the gazebo. Forrest tells him, "You can't be here. You gotta go." Getting close to the bottom rail and gaining an unobstructed view of handsome Forrest, Wolfboy replies, "That's not gonna happen at all, man." Wolfboy's like that, bucking against authority and stiff-necked rules-players like groundskeeper good guy Taylor. Wolfboy knows immediately he wants to kick this dude's ass. More than that, he's itching for a dirty fight. Forrest is slower to recognize it while working, but he is hungry for a fight, too, never more than when Wolfboy glares at him rebelliously, clutching the balusters. Wolfboy's eyes burn holes in the boy scout; Taylor stands his ground, blocking him from entering.

Taylor tries to shoo Wolfboy away by sweeping dirt and debris at him, thinking this will scare off the intruder. Instead, he pisses Wolfboy off. It is almost certain that Forrest subconsciously does this to stir up Wolfboy's ire. Who would not want a piece of Wolfboy? Wolfboy can take a hint. He pushes back, climbs to the outside rim, and leaps into the gazebo. Forrest goes after him with the broom, and the two hotheads struggle, huffing and groaning, all four hands on the broom handle. Wolfy gets behind Forrest, pulling the handle to the ginger's throat. Forrest throws him over his head, judo style, and Wolfboy lands hard on his back. Tossing aside the broom, Forrest straddles Wolfboy's chest and pins the invader's wrists to the mat.

"The party's just getting started, son," says Wolfboy, in a voice that does not conceal his thirst for this fight. The battle itself is not careful or thought-out. It's a messy little brawl that's sexy as fuck even before the fighters peel off their shirts and jeans. The grunts and groans are horny, the action is back and forth, the bodies brim with testosterone and overstretched egos. Shirts come off shortly after the three-minute mark. Wolfboy taunts Forrest, and Forrest takes the bait and slaps him across the face, a real slap, one you can hear fifteen feet away. Minute by minute peels off a bit more of Taylor's reserve. Wolfboy is taking a licking, and he knows it, yet he pushes harder. He is hungry for a down-and-dirty brawl.

Wolfboy delivers a double-fist punch to Forrest's chest, Star Trek style, bringing Mr. Clean to his knees. Wolfboy gets a schoolboy pin, but Forrest muscles out of it spectacularly. By now, Wolfboy is more than impressed with his opponent's fighting style; he's a bit worried, too. But like a wolf, he intensifies his attacks. Then, shortly after the seven-minute mark, the pants come off, and Wolfboy gets unasked-for help in stripping him of his raggedy jeans. The battle swings back and forth with chokes, scissor holds, stomach claws, backbreakers, body slams, wedgies, and cleanly outlined bulges upfront. Close to the halfway point, Wolfboy takes the lead.

Can he keep it, though? Wolfboy doesn't seem worried as he puts Taylor through one grinding assault after another. He wears the freckled conformist down, not bit by bit, but by a succession of walloping aggressions. This match is a classic, thanks to the toughness and plain-old hard feelings of Forrest and Wolfboy both. BGE longtime fans will be reminded of the matches with Marky Mark Oxner, Patrick Donovan, Gil Barrios, Kid Karisma, Jake Jenkins, and the like, or of Gazebo 2's Vinny vs Lance blowout brawl. This is a free-wheeling ass-kicking that's bound to please BG East fans, old and new.

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Forrest fighting back cries of unbearable pain as he suffers from a very deep-digging ab claw

Deprived of air, Forrest's neck may snap like a twig before he passes out in Wolfboy's tight choke

Jobber Rising? Forrest clutches and cranks back on his opponent with a camel clutch

Wolfboy continues to tear into the mouth-watering jobber with a ball-clawing backbreaker

Not letting the jobber go, Wolfboy draws him under his arm for another round of torture

Forrest is forced to suck in a lungful of Wolfboy's pit sweat with an inverted headlock

Wolfboy: 5'7, 145 lbs

Wolfboy topples to the mats as his feisty foe rips his pants off of his fallen body

Arm-hooked and arched, the fire-haired fighter struggles to free himself from the Wolfboy's clutches

Dangling like a tantalizing morsel, Forrest is inverted in a brutal hanging ab claw

Forrest bends and writhes helplessly to stave off the pain in a ball-clawing boston crab variation

Wolfboy throws up a victorious bicep flex with Forrest's face wedged into his sweaty bulge

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