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  Seon Cruz vs. Jason Aleqsander

Seon Cruz: 6', 157 lbs

Seon welcomes the rookie to BG with his bicep flexed into his throat in a rear chinlock

Seon will not tolerate humiliation against the rookie as he works a back-bending boston

Having nothing but everything to prove, Jason schoolboy pins Seon with his crotch in his face

Seon is lifted overhead in a suspended surfboard by the lean babyface

Locked down and stretched out, Jason is completely helpless as Seon sinks a claw deep in his abs

Ring around the Rookie

The ring: the true test of a wrestler's skill, determination, and stamina. It is a symbol of dominance and submission, of strength and weakness, of pain and pleasure. Everyone at BGEast aspires to climb through those ropes and make an indelible mark on the history of the sport, the underground, and the company. Stars are made within the strictures of its ropes, while others simply slip back out under the ropes never to be seen again. How much can you handle? How much can you take? How much can you dish out? Every rookie has to test himself here.

For Seon Cruz, the chance to fight full-on BG East style for the cameras inside of our fabled ring is a dream he's tasted only once before, in his sexy edgy debut against Rocky Sparks. Training long and hard for this challenge, his lean chiseled body catching the light, he takes his corner, excited yet tense for a match against another newcomer pro aspirant. He wants to win, he wants to impress the fans and the Boss, he wants future chances and foes, and he wants his face on the website - posing in victory.

Equally chiseled and ripped, Jason Aleqsander has everything it takes to be a star - but wanting something isn't the same as being something. He's had less wrestling training, but he's ready to put his athlete's body, ego and new skills on the line here in the Arena's ring, in hot gear. Taking a good look at his opponent, he isn't impressed. At all. "You're the best they have?" and he shows off some acrobatic skills, the first of many. But Seon doesn't care - he can match the acrobatics, but his handstand leaves a little to be desired. But the gymnastic skills test isn't over - as Jason shows off again only to land right in the perfect place for a clothesline from Seon. The only tumbling he's interested in is some rough-and-tumble. Fighting! Seon takes control of the match early, soon rolling up Jason into a small package pinfall combination that the handsome stud cannot break free from. Seon takes advantage of the situation to get in some flexing and taunting - before Jason is finally forced to say the magic words. But his nightmare is just getting started.

Sprawled out in the center of the ring on his stomach, poor Jason finds himself on the receiving end of some brutal stomps before Seon tucks Jason's feet through his arms and applies a brutal Boston crab, sometimes letting one leg go while still torquing the one he's holding, and why not reach back and grab a handful of hair to bend the spine even more? As the beating intensifies, the desperation grows in Jason's eyes. He's not going to let his debut end this way, is he? But Seon is unrelenting, unmerciful and undeniably determined to make his name at poor Jason's expense... as he moves on to an amazing and dazzling display of torturous leg holds, having finished the back. Those oh-so-perfect, defined abs make a great target for some fists, elbows, and stomps before moving on to his arms torquing and tweaking the elbows and shoulders until Jason is howling in agony, and what's a little humiliation between rookies?

How much of this pro beating can Jason take? Every time he gets to his feet he walks into another brutal hold from Seon, who is taking his time, toying with his victim, and enjoying every second of the humiliation he is providing his hapless opponent - with the occasional contemptuous flick of his hand across Jason's face in a bitch slap before Jason staggers into the corner, hanging on to the ropes with what's left of his energy and strength. Seon delightfully strips down to even skimpier ring attire. Jason does the same, but that moment of respite is all he needed - a clothesline drops Seon to the mat and now it's payback time.

And Jason is, well, a bitch to fight and he now wants revenge... back and forth the two studs battle, their bodies becoming slippery with sweat as the battle rages... and there's only one way this can end - with someone sprawled unconscious in the center of the ring while one panting man stands above him, flexing and flicking his sweat onto his prone foe...

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Seon Cruz vs. Jason Aleqsander
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Jason gets a faceful of pit as he's bent back over the ropes in an inverted headlock

Jason gets a rough hazing in his debut with a back-bending, hair-pulling, single leg boston

Seon is all smiles with his long-lean body stretched out bending and breaking the new blood

Freshman Jason gets rolled up with his ass up in the air and suffers a humiliating spanking

Looking to shock the fans in his first match, Jason locks on a tight figure four headscissors

Using his long legs to work the rookie, Seon rolls Jason ass-up onto his shoulders

Jason Aleqsander: 5'8, 150 lbs

A back-bending inverted headlock has Jason breathing Seon's pit-sweat deep into his lungs

Jason fights back! Seon gets yanked back, gasping and struggling for air in the chokehold

Jason goes for a ride on Seon's shoulders before he's brought crashing back down to earth

Feeling pretty sure of himself, Seon puts on a flexing display over his schoolboyed opponent

Grounded on the mat, Jason battles to escape the clutches of Seon to turn this around

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