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  Dio Characi vs. Rocky Sparks*

Dio Characi: 6', 190 lbs

No stranger to the adoring lens of a camera, Dio flexes a smoldering single bicep flex

Holding some incriminating proof aloft, Dio lords his dominance over a grovelling Rocky

Rocky rules this round with a cocky double bicep flex as Dio feels up his ripped body

Backed into a wall with his arms nelsoned, Rocky gets a brutal fist to his ripped core

Rocky yanks at his kneeling foe's hair as he pulverizes his skull in a standing headscissors

I've got a job to do. I'm going to play with you now!

Sexiest Match 2022
"You look good, buddy," aspiring photographer Rocky Sparks admires, snapping art house instant photos of Brazilian it-boy, Dio Characi. Dio's arrival at BG East has lit fans on fire and left wrestlers lined up around the block for a chance to sample the internationally renowned hunk's wrestling prowess. Dio was charmed by Rocky's insistence that he simply needed to photodocument the Brazilian's aesthetic beauty. It's all about the art, of course, when Rocky explains that he needs to apply baby oil to Dio's gorgeously pumped pecs to make better use of the lighting. "Fuck, dude," the photog gasps, looking through the camera. "It's not every day I get to shoot an Adonis like this!"

"After all of that touching my body," Dio observes after getting a liberal coating of baby oil, "I think you're not just here for the photo shoot. I think you want to wrestle me." Rocky protests. He disavows any motive other than his passion for visual arts. When Dio slams him to the mat and mounts him in a schoolboy pin, he tries to buck and kick free. "Get off me, I have work to do," Rocky snarls furiously. "But don't you think this is a good angle for a photograph," Dio insists, flexing his glistening biceps down at the pinned photographer. "Actually," Rocky interrupts his own protests to admit, "you're not wrong."

The next 27 minutes seamlessly stitch together muscle worship, brutal domination, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the male form in stunningly sexy proportions. Dio is a force of nature, using his size and strength advantage to muscle Rocky from wall to wall. When the Brazilian discovers Rocky's on/off switch by teasing the photographer's sensitive nipples, his cherubic face beams with delight. "I'm going to play with you now!" Rocky whimpers in reply, "That's no fair! That takes the fight out of me!"

Rocky nearly passes out as he's smothered deep in his opponent's pillowed pecs. He writhes and wriggles, perfectly balanced in equal measures of pain and pleasure, as Dio crushes his balls and licks his washboard abs. Rocky soaks up the punishment, finally convinced to give up on finishing his photoshoot. "Will you finally admit that you really wanted me," Dio asks, pushing his partner's buttons at will. Rough and ready Rocky refuses to concede easily, but Dio never really wanted this to go too easily!

The photoshoot resumes, once one profoundly satisfied stud is coated in cum and too exhausted to refuse to have the humiliating moment documented for posterity. These two blisteringly hot, sexy hunks expertly blur the lines between work and pleasure, and everyone leaves with what they came for!

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Dio Characi vs. Rocky Sparks*
28 minutes

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Working his way into Dio's scissors, Rocky continues to commemorate the occasion

The perverted photographer grinds his ass into the sensational stud's face

Dio locks down and gropes the paparazzo with restraining, controlling crotch claw

A triangle choke hold has Rocky getting up close and real personal with a dominant Dio

Rocky submits to his own lust, feeling himself up as Dio's bulge eclipses his face

Dio takes his turn behind the lens with a humiliating shot of his foe trapped in a headscissors

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

Rocky realizes he may have pushed to his luck as he's held aloft in a rib-crushing bearhug

Dio is in full control of this contest with a big double bicep flex over a schoolboyed Rocky

Both ripped studs surrender to their desire for each other as Dio takes top with a schoolboy

Dio is not so easily fooled, keeping the picture out of reach as he claims a liplock

The incriminating photo leaked to the world! Rocky worships Dio's victorious bare foot

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