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  Jason Aleqsander vs. Kayden Keller

Jason Aleqsander: 5'10, 150 lbs

Kayden crushes the air from his opponent's lungs with an over-the-knee gutbuster

Kayden yanks his lifeless jobber up over his shoulders with a rib-crushing bearhug

Jason looks like a shell of his former self as his broken body is held up by his head

Jason begs for the torment to end as he's dragged up off the mats by his throat

Trapped between a rock and a hard place, a cornered Jason's abs are pulverized

Post-graduate Destruction

We could think of BG East as a University, with Kayden Keller being its current valedictorian. Showing a world of promise right from his rough freshman days, Kayden could now be working on his doctoral dissertation on how physical pain can break a man's will. That's one of a few logical metaphors for why he accumulated so many matches in just 8 years, credits towards his Bachelor of Beatings, now a Masters in Pain. Kayden's evolution and loyalty to U have earned him the right to be BGE Resident Heel. Having earned so many credits with The Boss, Kayden gets a major perk: to have dibs on fresh meat. After 8 years of learning how to destroy every kind of man, Kayden is more than happy to 'teach' how it's done to as many as he can.

"You look just as impressive as The Boss said," says Kayden as he meets his requested opponent. Yet impressive is an undergraduate word to describe Jason Aleqsander. The man is fucking exquisite! With the face of a Hollywood lead, piercing eyes, toned swimmer's build, and hypnotizing bulge in wrestling bikini trunks, Jason clearly captured the attention of many on his arrival at BGE. He stunned with a last-second victory in his very first match, the close contest against Seon Cruz, who was perhaps too entranced with Aleqsander for his own good.

Now confident from this success, Jason is hyping himself up flexing in the BGE ring mirror, like a freshman pledge ready to ascend through the BG East fraternity ranks. But if there is something every observer of the School of BGE U has learned, it's that the 33 previous courses called Demolition end in the same final exam, and no one so fresh and good-looking as this fresher comes out of it in one piece!

Like a graduate assistant who wants to be liked, Kayden is only mildly menacing as he enters the ring in his all-black kilt and gear, confident that he'll pique some interest in what is under those folds of fabric, while hiding his easy arousal. He immediately takes charge of his pupil, using chokes, bearhugs, stomps and crabs to batter the lighter upstart. The menace grows slowly.

"You've got a lot to learn" implies the Master of pain. The lithe and muscled young athlete is more than ready to suck it up, subduing his screams as best he can. He puts on a very good face. Killer Kayden clamps on headscissors as soon as his kilt is gone, showing Jason up close just what those legs can do, and what's between them. From pec claws to ab pounding, he relentlessly and methodically demolishes the prettyboy as though going through a syllabus with glee.

Jason's agonized face finally lights up when he deftly evades a throw by Kayden. It's the elusive break every rookie prays for when they realize they have bitten way more than they can chew. Finally finding the chink in Kayden's armor, Jason stuns the resident heel with consecutive dropkicks and acrobatic throws that could wreck Keller's plan for the final exam. A cocky double bicep pose to Kayden's face is followed by even cockier commentary; "really thought you had something going there, didn't ya?" Well, don't hold your breath if you were expecting a Demolition upset. Whatever glimmer of hope Jason thought he had found evaporates in seconds as Kayden catches him mid-air and gives him a reality check with a savage signature backbreaker.

It isn't as if Kayden needed additional reasons to kick the shit out of a rookie. Jason just dug himself into a deeper, darker hole from which there will be no chance to escape. In fact, Kayden changes Jason's title from rookie to jobber before restarting his lesson: a beating with its intensity now increased tenfold thanks to the anger running through his veins. Aleqsander is in for an utterly humiliating session that, in typical Keller fashion, will have no body part exempt from his wrath. The back-breaking, ball-busting, pec-smashing action will have the faculty salivating as Jason's exquisite body slowly melts under the merciless dominating onslaught.

He might not have a chance of victory, but Jason might win a legion of fans with his impeccable suffering and outstanding performance. Kayden's broken a lot of men at BGE, but who can stop a wrestler from doing what he does best. A spectacular, triple-impact finale puts an end to the Demolition hazing. Or does it? "I'll get my report to The Boss... I think he's got BIG plans for you..." Sounds like he passed the course, in his own way. His sophomore days should be even more enjoyable to follow!

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Killer Keller's crushing quads clamp tight on his victim's skull in a headscissors

Kayden throws up a cocky bicep flex as he works a skull-crushing headscissors

Jason's lithe body bends to breaking across the heel's broad shoulders in a torture rack

Jason gets brought to his ass on the mat with Kayden choking the shit out of him from behind

Kayden looks to finish his helpless victim off with a skull-crunching piledriver on the mats

Kayden delights in the demoilition of the delectable jobber as he grinds his balls underfoot

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

Jason's body grounded, locked, and stretched out, his abs exposed to brutal gutbashing

Kayden bears down, looking to rip the muscle off of Jason's lean pecs with a double claw

Kayden kneels over his broken jobbertoy with a crotch to face, double bicep-flexing schoolboy

The only thing keeping the demolished jobber on his feet is Kayden's killer clutches

The jobber's limp body is Kayden's for the taking as he's set up for a boston crab

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