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  Brendan Byers vs. Forrest Taylor*

Brendan Byers: 6'2, 210 lbs

Brendan bends the little stud backwards in an inverted headlock with his face in his pit

David looks to bring the Goliath crashing down with a big forearm up into his balls

You'll believe a ginger can fly! Brendan carries his lighter foe up and over with a suplex

Brendan is nowhere near finished with his jobber as he drags him up off the mat by his hair

Forrest clings to life (and consciousness) by trying to drag himself up the much larger Titan's bod

Goliath Awaits!

Best Squash 2022
Everyone knows what you mean when you mention David and Goliath - a fight that at first seems unfair, pitting a boy against a true giant. What chance could the boy have against someone so much larger, stronger, and more dominant? Yet there are many lessons contained in the story's outcome - brains beat brawn, size doesn't matter, never overlook the underdog - that can also be applied to the wrestling ring.

The lessons to be learned from bigger wrestlers taking on smaller fighters are generally less poetic, but wrestlers aren't fighting a high stakes war. A wrestling match is a contest with men using only their bodies as weapons. Wrestling is a primal dance of dominance in a ring, where the best fighters have only their instincts, finely honed through experience and training, to best their foe. It's a song of submission, not of Solomon.

Such man to man matches are often sexually charged, the fighter's erotic instincts becoming aroused by the body contact, the pheromones excreted, and the rise of testosterone as two men battle for supremacy, one over the other...

Horny Forrest Taylor warms up in the ring, a young David in suspenders and tartan plaid. Fit and trim, with strong thighs and a delectable bubble butt, the handsome bearded young wrestler awaits the arrival of Brendan Byers, almost giddy with anticipation. BGEast fans have seen the evolution of this Goliath. He grew from a fresh-faced youth with a lean ripped body into a muscle stud of almost unbelievable proportions - thighs as thick as sequoias, biceps almost as large as Forrest's head - and as Brendan has grown in strength and size so has his own appetite for domination, for control, for overpowering an opponent and thus humiliating him. Brendan finds such conquests arousing, erotically stimulating, and just a good time, since he thinks he has the muscles to suck it up.

Brendan flashes an anticipatory smile as he climbs through the ropes and sees his victim. Forrest doesn't flinch in the face of Brendan's size, his smile inward because he likes the idea of a fight with a stud so much bigger than he. A win will push him higher in the company hierarchy. A loss to a sexy hot super stud could be the start to something, well, erotic. He can't lose!

The 'wee man' is cocky, refusing to be intimidated by giant Brendan, even as he flexes his powerful biceps right in Taylor's face. They touch their chests together with a little bit of force at first, and Brendan clearly likes the challenge being presented: someone who isn't just going to roll over for him, someone who might put up a much fight is there in Forrest? A low blow sends the little stud sprawling as Brendan uses his strength and power to manhandle and maul young Forrest, eventually working those suspenders down and stripping him to a tight butt-hugging bikini that only slakes the rising lust. After a brutal, spine-snapping body slam from Brendan's great height, Forrest is able to gasp out, "is that the best you got?"

"Just getting started," Brendan calmly replies, yanking Taylor's head back by the beard and pulling him up into a nasty camel clutch, and then starts a series of vicious forearm smashes to Taylor's chest - rapid-fire, like a machine gun, before slamming the youth back down into the mat again. A fistful of beard drags a moaning Taylor, his back and chest aflame with pain, up to his feet. Brendan flexes a bicep in his face. "Kiss it," He growls, and when there's a slight hesitation he drives the bicep into Taylor's face, so he has no choice. The erotic charge between the two continues to court and spark as Brendan blasts him through a series of brutal over-the-knee backbreakers, Taylor's head and feet snapping like rubber bands as his lower back lands on the thick quad of his brutal giant. Before Taylor's brain can even process the pain Brendan has bounced back up to his feet, Forrest stretched out in his arms as he carries him around the ring like a practice dummy, his grunts coming more from desire than exertion as he slams him down and bounced him back up into the air again and again and again.

Both arms flexed, Brendan towers over his writhing victim. "Come on, boy, crawl up," he taunts, as Forrest does, his hands pulling him up along the front of Brendan's strong physique, his big meaty pecs just there for Forrest's fingers. Distracted, Brendan is now felled by a low blow! Forrest traps Brendan's head between his own impressive quads, squeezing. Tough Brendan breaks free with a gloating "nice, nice" as he pulls Forrest up to his feet by his beard yet again. Both men's trunks show evidence of their arousal - as the battle heats up even more, the sexual chemistry rises as the dominance becomes even more brutal - and Forrest gets stripped so his is clearly on display. As the bashing reaches Brendan's brutal finale, destroying his opponent as he loves to, and the loser is carried, humiliated, out, it doesn't look like there will be any real loser - no matter how vicious the beating!

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Brendan Byers vs. Forrest Taylor*
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Brendan bends his ginger jobber across his broad shoulders in a beard-pulling torture rack

Stripped of everything (including his dignity) Forrest's face is ground into Brendan's bulge

Forrest is truly living a jobber's fever dream, bent back in a crotch-smothering ball claw

"Nice...nice..." Brendan growls as he drags Forrest up off of the mat with a handful of his beard

Forrest in position to pull off a monumental upset with a crotch-smothering headscissors

Brendan brutally bends the body of his lightweight victim over his knee in a backbreaker

Forrest Taylor: 5'7, 145 lbs

Grovelling on his knees, Forrest gets forced facefirst into the rockhard glutes of the big boy

Forrest gets ground into a fine paste, crushed under the stud's knees with a ball-clawing wedgie

At least Forrest will be able to die happy, his face inside Byer's trunks for a piledriver

Forrest's lean, lanky, limp body hangs lifelessly over the massive shoulder of the heel in a bearhug

Forrest lays prostrate on the mat's, laid bare before the eyes of his merciless muscle master

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