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  Dio Characi vs. Kirk Donahue

Dio Characi: 6', 190 lbs

The body-beautiful Brazilian gets scissored and bent in an inverted headlock from heel Kirk

Pretty-in-Pink Dio gets hooked and hoisted over Kirk's broad shoulders for a backbreaker variant

Just a little sore at losing out on snagging best bod, Kirk pleads his case with a bicep flex

Dio's accomplishments only put a target on his back for this kind of painful humiliation

Stripped of gear after gear, Dio cowers and suffers in the corner as Kirk lords over him

May the Best Butt Win? Whatever It Takes

Dio Characi is on fire! The Brazilian beefcake is riding high, after raking in a bevy of year-end fan-fave awards. It's probably understandable that his already healthy ego has grown quickly, after fans chose him as Debut of the Year, Top Babyface, and Best Body! Fawning reviews keep pouring in for his previous matches, as does passionate praise for his pumped pecs and bubble butt. With the wind at his back and fans clamoring for more, the hunky cherub hasn't been shy about calling the shots when it comes to who he wants to wrestle, and what style of wrestling he wants to try his magic hands at next.

No one was too surprised by who it was that Dio asked to face next. He couldn't take his eyes off Kirk Donahue from across the ring when the two of them were in the audience for the first Wrestlefest 4 match a few months ago. Kirk's reputation precedes him. He struggled early on to translate his indy pro credentials into success in the BG East ring. Like Dio, Kirk's youthful good looks and beautiful body have earned him repeat titles, in his case for having the Best Bulge and Best Butt. They also made him a huge target for heels, but now he has become one. Now the heat between them was palpable the instant they were in the same room together. What was more surprising was Dio's stipulation as to what type of match he wanted with Kirk: Strip stakes! With pins, submissions, and knockouts resulting in the loser losing another item of gear.

When Kirk finds Dio already in the ring, admiring himself in the mirror, he rolls his eyes. Taking the reins of the rules in this match, he announces that he wouldn't even need to put on the wrestling singlet he brought, "because there's no chance that you're going to pin me, or that you're going to make me submit today!" Dio likes what he sees, with Kirk's hot body already glistening as he flexes his muscles to compare with the reigning Best Body at BG East's. "I do admit," Dio concedes with a sly smile, squeezing his opponent's pumped arms, "those are big biceps."

Kirk's growing guile and depth of experience show up early and often. When he offers Dio to show off his intimidating muscles in an opening test of strength, the powerful Brazilian easily overwhelms his seasoned opponent with an undeniable size and strength advantage. But Kirk's knee to the gut neutralizes the babyface beauty's momentum, dropping him like deadweight. "That's not fair," Dio bitches adorably, apparently under the impression that Kirk is an opponent who will follow the rules. Kirk is incredulous. "Not fair? This is pro wrestling! You're pretty strong," Kirk mocks, even as he bends Dio's spine around his knee and wrenches his head backward with a chinlock. "But being a skilled pro like myself, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I'm walking out of here with my gear!"

Dio is an enigma. You have to wonder if getting out-hustled, outwrestled, stripped by a sweat-soaked, freckle-faced pro wrestling hunk like Kirk was on his agenda all along. Whether he wanted it or not, however, the multi-award winning babyface is driven time and again to the edge of panic, repeatedly submitted in brutally dangerous, expertly applied holds, and losing one item of gear after another. A chokehold submission loses Dio his form-fitting singlet. A crucifix hold not only shows off the hypnotically bouncing Brazilian bulge, but wrings out a second screaming submission that leaves him stripped to a pink thong. Dio can't seem to find a counter-move, growing more bitter by the minute as he loses his boots, next socks, then even kneepads.

When Kirk announces that he's going to spare the overwhelmed, weeping babyface beefcake his last shred of dignity and allow him to keep his thong, fans might be wondering if the rising heel is losing his edge. By parading his battered opponent around by a leash, forcing Dio to crawl on his hands and knees, diabolical Kirk demonstrates he's still honing his hot, homoerotic edge to perfection. As Dio is lead away with Kirk's form-fitting trunks and the award-winning bulge and butt so close to his face, it's clear there is little stripping that could make the views any better.

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Dio Characi vs. Kirk Donahue
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Kirk displays his branded blend of merciless mercy on the beefcake with a kiss-of-death sleeper

Kirk uses the ropes in an effort to break the back of the babyfaced beauty in a camel variation

Stripped to a pink thong as his last piece of modesty, Dio dangles in an abstretch variation

Holy shit! Dio on top of a ko'd Kirk?! Characi looks about to claim victory over the buff bully

Kirk goes low, planting his shoulder to Dio's core as he drives him backfirst into the turnbuckles

Two of the best butts in BG on display, but there can be only one...Dio broken in a fireman's carry

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170 lbs

Dio is as enamored with himself as the fans are, but one wrestler will not let him take the throne

Dio's beefy pecs threaten to bust the singlet straps as he's hoisted in a reverse bearhug

Kirk grounds and works over the much-awarded babyface with an arching chinlock

Kirk looks to put the hot rookie to rest with his wrestling dreams as comfort in a sleeperhold

Yet another fall goes to Donahue as Dio lays wasted on the mat, a sock being peeled off

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