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  Forrest Taylor vs. Mason-bot Brooks*

Forrest Taylor: 5'7, 156 lbs

Freddy still trying to work out the controls on the Mason-bot with Forrest schoolboyed

Uh-oh! Grappling mode is engaged as Forrest is ridden into the ground in a crotch-ripping grapevine

One thing is for certain: Mason-bot is anatomically correct, but Forrest just has to check...

The face of a truly satisfied customer as Mason-bot strokes and chokes his owner

Forrest opts for the premium subscription as the sweaty studbot humps him into the wall

Buyer Beware

Forrest Taylor has had a tough time handling his opponents. Fans awarded the bearded, lightweight stud the title Jobber of the Year based on his string of crushing, humiliating defeats. Wanting to get a taste for how the other half lives, Forrest eagerly became an early-adopter when he pulled out his credit card for the brand new, state of the art, next generation innovation in homoerotic wrestling entertainment. Forrest bought himself a robo-wrestler!

Specifically, he purchased a Mason-bot 3000. Designed with specifications to feature the best and worst characteristics of BG East fan-favorite Mason Brooks, Mason-bot is pumped and primed as Forrest and his gamer buddy Freddy Campbell unwrap him and try to figure out how he works. "I thought you said you were going to buy the Kid Karisma-bot," Freddy says, as he downloads the controller app to his phone. "That one was too expensive," Forrest admits. "This one was on clearance. It's what I could afford." While Freddy tries to figure out the controls and settings, Forrest checks out the merchandise, tugging at Mason-bot's yellow singlet for a better look at just how lifelike this sexy robo-wrestler is.

Reading the owner's manual on his phone, Freddy explains, "It says he has a Jobber Mode." Instantly, voice-activated Mason-bot announces, "Activating Jobber Mode." Forrest quickly dominates the automaton effortlessly, throwing him to the mat and threatening to rewire the hunky machine from the inside out with beautifully powerful bodyscissors. Cocky now, and soaking in what it feels like to finally serve, rather than be served brutal punishment, Forrest laughs with delight. "Too much for you, Mason-bot?" The automaton writhes and whimpers through gritted teeth. "Fuck you," he says woodenly. "I will never give up!" Like a jobber, thirty seconds later, Mason-bot taps out, overwhelmed and in a seeming panick.

Although Forrest enjoys Jobber Mode immensely, Freddy accidentally activates Grappler Mode, and Mason-bot instantly turns competitive. As the automaton locks on a front facelock and skillfully forces Forrest to the mat, Freddy shakes his head. "Oh, fuck, Forrest. You're screwed!" Competitive Mason-bot is a whole lot more than our Jobber of the Year can handle. The automaton chokes him out, smothering him in his thick pecs, and taunting him in a schoolboy pin that gives Forrest a view of nothing but Mason-bot's incredibly lifelike bulging package.

Freddy can't find the off button, and things turn from bad to worse for unlucky Forrest when they accidentally activate Kill Mode. "Note that activating Kill Mode will void the warranty in all 50 states and US territories," Mason-bot recites. "BG East will not be held responsible for any damages, including serious injury or death." With that helpful disclaimer out of the way, the automaton initiates a devastating barrage of brutal submission holds. Forrest submits again and again, in a sleeper hold and a torture rack and an abdominal stretch, as Freddy runs out of the matroom in search of better cell reception to contact customer service.

When Forrest discovers his toy's last remaining challenge level, Erotic Mode, he reconsiders whether to follow through on his threat to return Mason-bot for a refund. Mason-bot demonstrates that he's fully functional when he strips them both out of their jockstraps, revealing both wrestler and robo-wrestler are fully aroused. Wrestling melts into passion. Their hot bodies, both human and android, are worshiped hungrily.

"Continuing this encounter will require upgrading to a premium subscription," Mason-bot announces, when he pins Forrest to the wall in a bearhug, grinding their cocks together, edging him toward completion. "I already have your credit card information on file." Forrest definitely got a lot more than he bargained for, but he's already left a five-star review for his favorite new toy!

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Forrest Taylor vs. Mason-bot Brooks*
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Taking control of his new toy, Forrest chokes and scissors the shit out the singlet-clad stud

The AI in the Mason-bot is bent on destruction with a torture rack on the jobber consumer

Who is the master here? The Mason-bot schoolboy pins and flexes over Forrest

"BG East will not be held responsible for any damages, including serious injury or death."

Freddy is either unable to help (or likely unwilling) as the Mason-bot humps Forrest's face

Headlocked by the Mason-bot's unyielding arm, Forrest's pale cheeks get spanked

Mason-Bot Brooks: 5'9, 150 lbs - The Himbo of Tomorrow

The boys set about unwrapping Forrest's most recent financially irresponsible purchase

Forrest is really getting a kick out of "Jobber Mode" with a bicep-flexing schoolboy pin

Forrest in real trouble as "Kill Mode" is activated and he gets his beard pulled in a camel variatio

The switch for "Erotic Mode" has been flipped as Mason-bot strips Forrest of his gear

Forrest feels in control (for once) as he indulges his dom-daddy fantasies on the muscled automaton

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