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  Rocky Sparks vs. Nathan FX

Rocky Sparks- 5'9, 155 lbs jostles for his closeup against his taller beau

A ball-clawing bow-and-arrow variation has Nathan's long bod stretched and helpless

Still clad in jeans, Rocky manages to roll his bigger foe up and folds him in a bully pin

Rocky's rockhard abs are more than built to withstand Nathan's gutbashing offensive

Throwing up a victorious double bicep flex, Rocky rides his trapped foe in a schoolboy pin

Nathan is forced to stare up at his chiseled conqueror as he fades in a skull-crushing headscissors

Perfect Photo Shoot -- but Dude, What the Fuck!

Two of underground wrestling's most popular stars loll around the BG East campus, barefoot, shirtless, trading affectionate gibes. Rocky Sparks and Nathan FX are clearly enamored of each other as they zigzag across BGE's grassy banks, arm in arm, taking in the beauty of the landscape and each other. Love is in the air. They arrive at the swimming pool, which happens to have a wrestling mat next to it. "Here is everything we need in this world, seriously," Rocky says, smiling broadly. They agree to a wrestling match, remembering past jousts in college and at home with their brothers. They push and shove, teasing each other. Rocky grabs Nathan's thighs, and the two tumble down together, laughing. Rocky straddles Nathan's waist and pins his shoulders to the mat. They laugh. Nathan submits, and they get on their feet for another round.

Nathan and Rocky are genuinely stuck on each other, but their competitive nature leads them to rougher horseplay. Rocky stretches Nathan, bending him over his waist and grabbing his crotch, just enough to draw an "ouch" out of him. "You're such a piece of garbage, man," Nathan growls. "You know I love you, though." Rocky flashes a big smile, replying, "Love you, too, man." Nathan dips his hand in the pool and sprinkles water on his chest. On their knees, the two men strike double biceps poses. Rocky pinches Nathan's hard guns and then pushes Nathan on his back and straddles his waist. "I thought we were done with this," Nathan complains, still smiling, though.

Rocky stands, towering over a kneeling Nathan. Nathan headbutts Rocky's crotch, bringing Sparks down on the mat, where Nathan locks him in a full nelson hold. Their competitive natures get out of hand. Smiles fade. Nostrils flare. Nathan says, "Dude, what the fuck!" The casual repartee continues, nevertheless, but it has a harder edge now. Rocky's thighs pinch Nathan's ears, crotch resting on Nathan's chin. Fun and games aside, Rocky feels the urge to dominate his buddy. He smothers Nathan under his armpit. Then, he flips him over, his crotch now riding the seat of Nathan's jeans. Rocky luxuriates in his mastery of his buddy's body.

The action moves into the pool, where Nathan strips Rocky of his jeans. Rocky remains in control, though, thanks to his college wrestling experience. These are two tough dudes, smiling and trash-talking through an increasingly aggressive contest. Rocky wants to move the fight back to the mat, but Nathan feels the water is more conducive to a fair and even game. Rocky won't take no for an answer, so he picks up Nathan and tries to carry him up the steps out of the pool. They towel off and resume wrestling on the mat.

These two are no strangers to rough play. It gets rougher, but the spirit is still more competitive than vicious. They use wet towels to choke and muffle. The struggle is mutually exhausting. In the end, one man is the apparent winner of this extemporaneous battle. He tries to force his partner to say out loud that the battle is over, but it's not. Not yet. He promises, "You go do whatever you want, all right. Well, I'll see you there. See you there." The thought of a follow-up to this exemplary BG East battle gets a lot of us hard and licking our lips for more.

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Cranked back in a camel clutch, Nathan finds himself helpless and groped by his foe

Not even giving him a chance to change into gear, Rocky muscles his waterlogged opponent about

Nathan is literally dragged into deep water, fighting for air in a tight rear naked choke

With his bigger body grounded, Nathan's ribs creak under a nipple-tweaking, gagging bodyscissors

Ever the sadist, Rocky taunts his gagging victim to his face as he chokes him over the pool railing

Nathan gets dragged out of the water ion the merciless arms of the smaller Sparks

Nathan FX - 6'1, 170 lbs flashes the winning smile that got Rocky in his feels

Nathan and Rocky are joined at the hip as they traipse around the BG campus

Dropped to his knees and his arms barred up his back, Nathan gets stretched out in a surfboard

Nathan looks to neutralize his opponent's wiles, dropping him to his knees with a full nelson

Adding insult to injury, Nathan's long-limbs are neutralized with a neck-crunching leg nelson

Nathan gags and gasps for air with his hair pulled as he's garroted with a pool towel

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