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  Wolfboy vs. Mason Brooks*

Wolfboy: 5'7, 145 lbs

Looking like the quintessential Poindexter, Mason begins the rowdy Wolfboy's full evaluation

Wolfboy has nowhere to run with his body twisted and stretched out in a bow-and-arrow variation

Humped and ridden into the mats, Wolfboy finds himself crumbling under the sensual pressure

Mason is a man who loves his job, copping a feel of the boy's ass as he stretches him out

A malicious Mason folds his bare-assed and broken subject over his knee, tamed and tagged

"We want to be there for you!"

Wolfboy is up for his annual performance review. In white short-sleeve shirt, tie, and black square glasses, Mason Brooks surveys his notes on Wolfboy's performance, losses, and wins over the past year. Mason the Manager is good at reducing people and events into numbers and checkmarks, all for this required evaluation. After a series of yes/no questions - and checking out Wolfboy's muscles - Mason sets the clipboard, pen, and glasses aside to discuss Wolfboy's "lack of discipline."

He loosens his tie, shuts the door, and pulls a black double paddle out of his black pants. He slaps the paddle to the palm of his hand, saying, "It's my job to keep you in line." Wolfboy notices the bruises on Brooks's arm as the midlevel executive removes his white shirt. Brooks says, "I'm proud of my battle scars," in an emotionless yet defensive monotone. He slips out of his pants, revealing a black open-back jockstrap.

Wolfboy senses that this tension is building to something physical. The two men circle, and Wolfboy motions for Mason to come at him. They lock up collar and elbow, then tumble down, with Mason on top, mounting Wolfboy and pushing his face to the mat. The personnel director grabs a handful of Wolf's curly hair and starts bouncing his full weight against his backside. "I heard ... that you are ... a little ... arrogant prick." He rolls over, locking Wolfboy's head in a figure-four lock. Wolfboy's face turns red. Guttural sounds escape his mouth. He's trapped. Mason's fist pounds Wolfboy's abs. Mason repositions, applying an elbow back bend and a series of other holds designed to hurt and weaken, if not cripple for life.

Wolfboy has been, in fact, a bad boy at a variety of underground promotions. Lately, he's toned down a lot of his mischief making. Or he tries to, anyway. He doesn't gladly accept criticism. He hates posers, which isn't a crime; rather, it's a quality to be admired. But he also bites the hand that feeds him ... or he used to. He's a black sheep, but one who has made several attempts to conform to social norms. However, social norms are not a big part of underground wrestling. He's a vibrant and entertaining wrestler with loads of sex appeal. He likes to hurt people, a desire he shares, given his profession, with many heels and a good many babyfaces. Furthermore, he has a boyishly good-looking face and a big dick. Most of all, he is passionate about wrestling.

Mason Brooks's imitation of middle management platitudes is dead on. He represents a more polished version of Wolfboy. Both are mischief makers and sadists. Wolfboy is upfront about his nature; Mason conceals his with dry wit and sarcasm. He's an excellent wrestler in the ring and especially on a mat. Tormenting Wolfboy (or anybody) arouses him, and he's a natural heel for that reason. Midway through the match, he mounts Wolfboy's waist and leans in to kiss his lips and cheeks. Their harmonized heavy breathing is a turn-on for them and for viewers. Mason peels off Wolfboy's green trunks, revealing an extreme and sumptuous cock. He straddles Wolfboy's face, giving the wolf an opening for payback: a scissorshold. It's short-lived, however. Mason takes the opportunity to tease and attack Wolfie's cock and balls.

Agony has a beauty of its own. Mason and Wolfboy are masters of it, giving and taking. Mason's twisted parody of corporate America is funny and dead-on accurate, but BGE fans will mostly be drawn to the erotic heat of two beautiful (and dangerous) twisting bodies, ferociously engaged and earning more than raises. With an extended spanking for the errant wrestler, lessons will be learned!

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Wolfboy vs. Mason Brooks*
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Wolfboy's leanly muscled bod gets bent over Mason's knee for a humbling, bare-assed spanking

Wolfboy mouths Mason's mounded crotch as he works him over with a smothering nipple-twister

With his bare, scholarly booty covering his subject's handsome face, Mason folds Wolfboy in half

Mason's masterful quads clamp down in a smothering bodyscissors to exhaust Wolfboy's air

Legs twisted and stripped of his gear, Wolfboy gets bent back torturously by his judge

With a controlling clutch of his curly hair, Mason humps the boy's face in figure-four headscissors

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 150 lbs

Wolfboy gets put through a rigorous battery of tests to prove his mettle and technique

A naked Wolfboy continues to find his lean, lithe body twisted and tortured to near-breaking

A controlling claw to his pecs, Mason rides and grinds Wolfboy into the mats with a lusty liplock

Wolfboy is laid bare, his entire form on display as he's bent and broken over Mason's knee

Wolfboy seems he's finally come to heel, kneeling before Mason and groping his magical nipples

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