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  Freddy Campbell vs. Mickey Knoxx*

Freddy Campbell: 5'11, 185 lbs

Freddy rides high, working a crack-ripping gear wedgie on his prostrated opponent

Freddy's handsome face turns red as its swallowed by Mickey's killer quads in a reverse headscissors

It may be curtains for a wedgied Freddy as Mickey flexes and stomps his face into the mat

Mickey flaunts his ripped, toned bod for the groping hands of his sexy, crafty opponent

School of Hard Knoxx: Mickey looks to shake the mantle of jobber with a win in his sophomore outing

Life Imitates Art

Mickey Knoxx is a man of many talents. The sexy rookie wrestles hard, works out religiously, and always carries a sketch pad with him. When he offers to draw a portrait of Freddy Campbell in the mat room, Mickey's reputation as a skilled artist precedes him. Freddy is flattered and delighted. He strikes a seductive pose and patiently waits for Mickey's creative process to capture his beefy body and bodacious butt, or his relentless fighting spirit. When Mickey reveals the completed sketch, however, Freddy is pissed off. "This isn't a picture of me posing. This is a picture of you giving me a wedgie!"

Taking issue with Mickey's "artistic liberties," Freddy grabs the smirking Canadian by the balls and drags him to the mat. It's a case of life imitating art as these two fierce wrestlers struggle to outdo each other in applying torturous wedgies that showcase two of the hottest asses in wrestling. The more seasoned and bigger of the two, Freddy takes the advantage by immobilizing the hardbodied Canadian hunk with relentless ball claws. He savors the sights and sounds of making his opponent writhe and whimper, yanking on Mickey's singlet so he can slap the hell out of the all-over-tanned rookie's luscious glutes. "What's the matter Mickey? This not how you thought this was going to go?"

The drawing pen may be mightier than the sword, but Mickey's gut check reversal and brutal, backbreaking dragon sleeper on Freddy sends a clear message. He may be a rookie. He may have a target on his aesthetically stunning ass. But he's here to wrestle, and he's not about to let babyfaced Freddy bully him. He not only yanks the sexy red singlet right off of Freddy's body, but he literally rips the screaming stud's briefs apart at the seams in what can only be described as an epic atomic wedgie. "Not so cocky now, huh, Freddy?"

All of that ass slapping and gear-massaging of such gorgeous glutes clearly turns on these easily erotic gladiators. The brutally intense, smothering face-to-crotch headscissors, the face-sitting, and then the hair pulling turn up the heat as their layers of stretched gear lie in tatters on the mat. They tear into each other to the point of exhaustion, leaving bright red handprints on each other's butts and possessively exploring each other's hard-working hot bodies. It looks like it might turn into a double ass-chapped stalemate, until one hunk digs deep and wrings out his sobbing, writhing opponent in a wedgied bearhug that demonstrates once and for all whose gorgeous glutes suffer the most by the time it's all said and done.

The wrestling passion spills over into equally fierce erotic desire. The lucky winner celebrates with a victory lap and the unleashing of his eager cock, stoked hard and already glistening from their intensely intimate battle. The loser is hardly hating it, continuing to stoke the victor's fire, sucking on his ears, taunting his taut nipples, and toying with breath play, just the way the winner wants it. Freddy may not have walked away with the Mickey Knoxx original drawing he'd hoped for, but nobody walks out of the matroom disappointed in this sixtieth X-Fight product from the company that invented the genre. An explosive finish after truly 'hot ass' wrestling!

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Freddy Campbell vs. Mickey Knoxx*
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Freddy is like a dog with a bone, lifting Mickey off the mats in a humbling atomic wedgie

Freddy in full sadistic bully mode as he rolls and folds Mickey in half under his rugby built quads

Freddy presses his advantage with his sweaty bulge in his foe's face as he flaunts the pilfered gear

Mickey finds himself face down in the mat, his midsection crushed in a flexing Fredd

As if the leg-locked backbending chinlock wasn't bad enough, Freddy throws in a wedgie

Mickey looks like all the fight has been wedged out of him as Freddy claims him in a liplock

Mickey Knoxx: 5'8, 160 lbs

Mickey looks to bring Freddy his reckoning with a crotch-clawing, pit-smothering backbreaker

The singlet-clad stud rides Freddy into the mat and drags his gear up his crack in a grounded wedgie

Freddy takes total control as he pulverizes Mickey's skull in an unforgiving headscissors

The X-Fight heads towards its rightful climax with Mickey riding Freddy in a hot, mutual liplock

No stranger to the darkness: this babyface brawler will lure you into a den of dirty tricks

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