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  Rocky Sparks vs. Mason Broder*

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

Calm, cool, collected...controlling... Rocky's powerful quads collapse Broder's ribs in a bodyscissors

The last thing Mason might see is Rocky's bulging bicep eclipsing his face as his crotch is claimed

Mason is fading fast, sinking into defeat with his face headscissored into his opponent's eager bulge

Mason refuses to go down to the smaller lean machine without a fight, working a rear chinlock

Mason ensures that his smooth opponent will remember him for a long time with a neck-crunching nelson

Taken to the Edge of Heaven

Wrestling is an often unintentionally erotic sport. Usually, it's just two men in scanty gear rolling around in close physical contact with each other. Sometimes hands go where they probably shouldn't, and the combination of physical contact, adrenaline and testosterone can take a match in a completely different direction than the one it began. Both Mason Broder and Rocky Sparks aren't opposed to a match going further than planned. The two sexy studs have been keeping an eye on each other from a distance since both joined the roster. They're similar in wrestling styles and experience, and neither minds if their gear gets pulled down or off. After all, what's an erection between buddies? Especially after an intense back and forth struggle between two well-matched men?

The chemistry between the two hunks is apparent as Mason stretches and warms up while a very appreciate Rocky watches. "You all warmed up now?" Rocky asks with a sly grin as Mason gets to his feet, and they keep giving each other the once-over. "Think you can beat me?" His grin grows wider when Mason scoffs at the very IDEA the lean blond stud could win the match. But Rocky's not finished yet. "Let's make it interesting," he goes on, pulling out two cuffs. "How about loser has to wear these?"

Mason, confident he won't be the one to wear them, readily agrees to the stakes and the two studs start their struggle. Neither gets the edge for long over his foe. Grunts, groans, the sound of sweaty skin smacking against sweatier skin eminate from the matmen as the two men struggle for dominance and control over the other. Rocky maintains a playful demeanor, like he's enjoying himself even as Mason puts his strong lithe body through some brutal and powerful holds. Mason's frustration at not being able to put the slightly smaller blond away as quickly as he should soon shows on his face. Rocky's hands begin to explore the darker stud's nooks and crannies while Mason is under his physical control. Finally in charge, Mason takes out his frustrations by peeling off the singlet Rocky is wearing, stripping him down to briefs. The battle goes on, the sweat begins dripping and bulging briefs start to get tighter.

Rocky's arousal grows, and as their bodies entwine and tangle, Rocky thinks in terms of his own kink: he likes the idea of having a sweating stud like Mason totally under his control! Known for his edgework, Rocky likes bringing opponents right up to the verge of climax but not allowing them to finish. He gets off on that sense of power, the control it gives him. With the prospect of handcuffs dangled, winning would make Mason more than his beaten opponent, it would make him Mason's master. Mason was warned, but never took it seriously because beating Rocky would not be an issue. In his mind.

First one, then the other crosses the pain-pleasure line as this mighty battle of the studs escalates and the two men trade control, and erotic holds! Mason doesn't want to wear those handcuffs. Nor does he want to be edged! Yet Rocky's expertise and skills keep wearing Mason down, and as he feels his resolve weakening and his cock hardening, he makes one last push to win the match and make Rocky his sex toy!

But would that really be losing? The explosive end of this match must be seen to be believed!

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Rocky Sparks vs. Mason Broder*
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Mason's limits are tested with a twisting leglock and back bending bow-and-arrow variation

The two lusty studs come face to face, little between them but lust and lean muscle on the mats

Mason switches gears using Rocky's cock, working a crushing headscissors as he takes control

Mason gets bent and broken across his foe's knees, offered up to the wrestling gods as an offering

Rocky is a true sadomasochist, riding and humping his prey with a wide crotch-ripping spread

With his hands bound overhead, Mason submits to the ruff and raunchy dominance of Rocky

Mason Broder: 5'9, 168 lbs

Rocky climbs atop Mason, cutting an imposing figure of dominance as he rides the split stud

Rocky grits his teeth, struggling to regain control with his crotch ripped wide open in a spladle

Rocky is intent on reminding Mason who runs the show with a crotch-claw assisted pin on the mats

In a tight, cocky bully pin, Rocky grinds his bulge into the face of his opponent with a double bicep flex

When all is said and done, Mason may not have done enough to win as he lies stripped and stroked

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