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  Monstah Mike vs. Freddy Campbell*

Monstah Mike: 5'10, 230 lbs

Forced to gaze into the face of the enforcer, Freddy finds himself in a hot case of mistaken identity

Driving his prey into the walls of the shack, Monstah flexes and tastes the fear in Freddy's sweat

Mike manhandles and maneuvers Freddy into a facedown double armbar on the mats

Utilizing an inverted cradle swing, Mike controls prettyboy Freddy with staggering ease

Fortune favors the brave, like Freddy, as he wedges Mike's gear up his muscled glutes

The Wrong Ginger Jobber

Freddy Campbell can't quite believe what he sees when a huge muscle beast who goes by Monstah Mike suddenly fills the door to the wrestle shack. Freddy is just there to get in some stretching and meditation in the middle of an intense day of wrestling. The good-natured babyface isn't anticipating a confrontation, much less is he expecting to catch sight of this mountain of rock hard muscle blocking his exit.

"Hey, the bossman sent me to collect some money you owe. We need to take care of that," Mike explains, no nonsense. Despite Freddy's stubborn insistence that he doesn't owe the Boss any money, Mike insists on collecting. "He said I'd find some ginger jobber out here." He points out Freddy's hair and complexion as proof that he's got the right man. When Freddy insists on settling the misunderstanding with the Boss directly, he can't manage to squeeze past the massive bodybuilder who quite literally fills the door frame with his gargantuan shoulders. Instead, the unfortunate ginger gets a forearm smash to the chest that picks him up off his feet and catapults him into the back wall of the shack. "Seriously, how many ginger jobbers would this place hire? It has to be you," Mike snarls. "The Boss needs his money!"

As it turns out, of course, there is another notorious, miserly red-headed jobber at BG East who does owe the Boss. The lumberjack leprechaun, Forrest Taylor, rented out the ring room earlier that day, and then skipped out before settling up his bill. It would all be a hilarious case of mistaken identity, except for the fact that Mike will not take "no" for an answer, and he's going to beat out of him every penny he thinks Freddy owes, one way or another.

Mike is clearly familiar with how to put the squeeze on a reluctant debtor. He mounts his squirming mark in a schoolboy pin, pounding Freddy's pecs with a barrage of forearm blows. He stretches out on top of the wrong ginger and repeatedly pounds his rock hard physique down, tenderizing Freddy like a stubborn cut of cheap beef. When Freddy tries to defend himself, driving a punch into Mike's granite pecs, it clearly does more damage to Freddy's fist than to Mike's mighty chest.

Monstah Mike is literally the biggest challenge unlucky Freddy has ever faced, and the stakes have never been more dire. When push comes to shove, and he's caught in the crosshairs of a rock hard debt collector with tree trunk thighs and 17-inch upper arms, Freddy levels the playing field, and levels Mike, with a savage punch to the balls. He snaps the debt collector into bodyscissors, trapping the bodybuilder's arms behind him and ripping at Mike's astonishingly thick pecs. "Fuck, I can barely get my legs around you," Freddy gasps, struggling to keep the furious muscleman's power in check. As much as Mike was a surprise to Freddy, the resourceful and tenacious ginger stuns the massive muscle beast, wedgying those phenomenal glutes and then ripping Mike apart down the middle with a savage spladle.

Their gear gets stripped, as the heat of the battle gets them both rock hard. Both of their monster cocks join the fight to settle a debt neither of them actually owes. With one of them determined to carry out his assignment and the other desperate to defend himself from being wrongfully accused, it turns into a battle to see who's forced to cum first. "And now," the eventual winner snarls in the loser's face, "now, I'm going to take your money!"

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Monstah Mike vs. Freddy Campbell*
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Rolled and folded, Freddy is helpless as Mike's lust is aroused with the bubblebutt in his face

Freddy clings and claws at Mike's mountain bicept as he's strangled and controlled with one hand

His massive mitts clutching Freddy's hair, Mike brings his target to his knees near his bulge

Monstah Mike stretches the pale jobber out like taffy and stomps the shit out of his bulge

Mike masterfully works over the prettyboy, riding him into the mat and groping his balls

Freddy looks to make Mike pay (in more ways than one) with a wide crotch-ripping spladle

Freddy Campbell: 5'11, 185 lbs

Monstah Mike's massive body blocks the only way in and out of the titular Wrestleshack

Freddy kneels and nuzzles Mike's musky package, seeking mercy from the big bruiser

Freddy broken down, stroking Mike's big bicep as he's forced to chew on his sweaty gear

Drenched in sweat, the two studs face each other as Mike crushes Freddy's windpipe

Freddy vacillates between fear and lust, instincts warring while he's fully controlled by Mike

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