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  Tanner Ripley vs. Mason Brooks

Tanner Ripley: 5'9, 165 lbs

Tanner lifts and shakes Mason tightly on the hotel mattress with a rib-crushing bearhug

Mason mounts and manhandles the underclassman and massages his swollen bulge in his face

Mason's mouthwatering pecs heave powerfully as he manipulates his bulge with Tanner's face

Tanner's eyes wide in pain with his spine bent to near breaking in a torture rack

Mason gets stretched out expertly on the bed with a foot massage on his bulge in a bow-and-arrow

A Fun Night Together... Again

Tanner plans a surprise for his old flame Mason, who's in Norfolk on business. A friend gives him access to Mason's hotel room, and Tanner orders room-service champagne, exchanges his street clothes for a white bathrobe, and gets cozy on the bed. What a surprise for Mason! He is genuinely taken aback and pleased to see Tanner, sexy in his casually open robe, but he can't waste time snuggling with Tanner. This is a business trip, and he has work to do. He's torn between work and pleasure. He puts his foot down, telling Ripley to get his clothes and get out. Ripley is not so easily put off. He cozies up against Mason's back, lips to his ear, and playfully hooks his arm around the businessman's neck. Brooks takes the bait and hip tosses Ripley onto the bed. Hell, there's always time for wrestling!

Mason strips down to his trunks, and for old times' sake, the two old friends bump chests and wrestle. Mason pushes Tanner onto the bed and applies a figure-four headlock. He fondles the crotch, its warmth and its firmness. He squats on Tanner's face and strikes a double biceps pose. "I missed that," Brooks confesses, noting that Ripley is "still fun to squeeze." Ripley grunts and moans like it's sex, and of course it IS sex: two undressed men testing their muscle and strategy, enjoying the sublimely masculine ritual of wrestling. Ripley reverses, his legs crushing Mason's upper torso and tugging at his old pal's "lion's mane." He locks Brooks's face between his thighs, nose shoved to crotch, and arches his body, adding pressure to Mason's discomfort. Mason taps out. Tanner releases, and Mason slides to the floor.

"I'm sorry," Tanner coos and kisses Mason's forehead. His hand slides down the chest and abs to clasp the stiffening crotch. Mason moans, taking it all in. Tanner squeezes harder, getting a rise out of his old pal. He pulls Mason to his feet and locks on a full nelson and dry humps him. Mason throws Tanner and himself back on the bed. He climbs up the writhing body, his chest to Tanner's face as he bangs his crotch to the ribs. A shift in position, and crotch rubs on crotch; then, Mason strokes the bulge with his foot. Tanner moans ecstatically, offering himself up to Mason's heat and passion. Within seconds, Brooks is in total control of Ripley's body, playing it like a musical instrument as his groin strokes his face. Tanner moans "I give."

Many fans would be happy to trade places with either of these hunks. Mason delights in the effort Tanner put into surprising him, imagining him hitchhiking to this hotel, explaining to the friendly driver that he was on a mission "to get beaten up by a jacked older man." He fondly reminisces about a previous battle. This cat-and-mouse game goes way back, months maybe years. Tanner responds to these gibes through clenched teeth. He regrets nothing. He can't get enough of Mason. The fighters slip out of their gear, revealing thongs. In the end, they are buck naked in the shower, bodies still locked together.

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Gagged with his own gear, a bodyscissored Mason forced to gaze into the sadistic grin of his foe

Laying prone with a thick arm around his throat, a fading Tanner gets stripped of his gear

Trapping his opponent's head in the crook of his leg, Mason works Tanner's exposed bulge

Completely at Mason's mercy with his legs twisted, Tanner worships his bulging bicep

A lucky Tanner gets trapped under Mason's weight with a faceful of his thick, massive pecs

With his arms ripped back, legs trapped, and back bent, Tanner is another broken prettyboy

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 150 lbs

Businessman Mason appears to be severely overdressed for a hungry, horny Ripley

Snatching a handful of Mason's locks, Tanner clamps his thick powerful thighs in a bodyscissors

Mason masterfully manhandles the prettyboy with a crotch-grabbing, crotch-to-face schoolboy

Like a king on his throne, Mason lords over his subject with a sensuous wedgie

Mason's powerful quads clamp tight in a standing headscissors on his fading opponent

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