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  Jason Aleqsander vs. Freddy Campbell

Jason Aleqsander: 5'10, 150 lbs

Waiting for his opponent to show up, Jason shows off some practice moves in the Wrestleshack

Freddy bends the cute jobber to near-breaking with a leg-locking, backbending submission hold

Freddy winces as the smaller stud drives him backfirst into the wall to break free of the rear choke

Freddy already aching from one slam with the ball tenses up for another one as Jason lifts it overhead

With the jobber's legs locked and arms barred, Freddy pulls back, working over Jason

The Joy of Jealousy

Runner up for Top Babyface of 2023 in our Fun Fan Poll, Jason Aleqsander keeps scoring with fans even when he's not racking up many points in the Wins column. On the mats, anyway. But in his other sport of soccer, he's more than a match, and likes showboating all over the field. Soccer and wrestling aficionado Freddy, known for his deceptively innocent looks on the field and on the mats, also happens to be the partner of one of the meanest heels in BGEast, Ash Deleon. Oh, it's complicated: this is the Ash whose jealousy over fellow heel Chase's beating of 'his' Freddy is the reason for this catalog's Wrestle Revenge 4. But perhaps Freddy too, as much sexy fun as he has in his wrestling dalliances, harbors a bit of jealousy himself?

For it was the sizzling outdoor sunset battle, Backyard Brawls 17, that not only allowed Freddy's partner Ash to toy with and destroy sexy Jason, but nabbed 'Best Submissions in a match' honors in the same 2023 Fan Poll! And would you believe all the while Freddy and Jason play on the same soccer team for fun? (It's the same team striker Freddy got challenged to a win-win finale of Gear Wars 9: Soccer to Socks) Newcomer Jason is far and away the best player and might take Freddy's position, after already 'thrilling' his bf.

So Freddy has 3 good reasons to be jealous of this tantalizing soccer and babyface superstar! Not that he doesn't already have enough reasons to want close physical contact with Jason's chiseled, ripped athlete body. Jason shows his 'serious side' as bullying Freddy lures him to the wrestleshack under the pretense of some dribbling practice. Jason handles the ball with ease, but Freddy arrives with only one thing on his mind! Attack!

The mats are ready as Freddy pounces, shoving and berating the shocked footie star and provoking a fight. "I see how it is," deadpans the star as they take off their shirts, revealing those killer abs; Freddy's seeing more than red. The two scrap in shorts at first as Freddy shows off his own superior body bending skills, but it's not long before they're only in socks and underwear as Freddy's nelsons, chokes, camel clutch, scissors, and flips allow him to strip off Jason's nice soccer shoes and begin to prove what a babyface loser this prettyboy is in the sport of wrestling.

But Jason is truly an all-round athlete and Freddy relishes those 'never day die' fight-backs and the 'no pain, no gain' attitude! Intense back and forths show just how much Freddy has learned from his bf: using Ash's specialties, Freddy delivers sudden ball shots (even using Jason's own shoe), ab workovers, and slaps the jock's wedgied ass, allowing him to savor Jason's distress. Jason sucks up pain stoically despite his moans of pain, but gets his own revenge using the soccer ball to add to his effective fist shots to Freddy's own vulnerable abs. Soon it's a free-for-all frenzy of violence as ball shots to, or with, any nearby ball! Bounced against the tightening walls of the shack, the boys are getting more and more exhausted by this all out brawl, with sock in mouth backbreakers leading to chokes and a sudden overtime finish to their match that is unique in our history! This has all the nasty submissions, surprising use of objects, and painful body shots and blows enough to show the full sexy effect of the joy of jealousy.

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32: Sexy Soccer


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Jason Aleqsander vs. Freddy Campbell
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Freddy looks to crush the fight completely out of Jason with a back-breaking torture rack

Looking to prove to everyone that he's no pushover, Jason flexes and stomps his foe underfoot

Freddy plants his bounteous bubble butt on the blonde jobber's face and axehandles his abs

Freddy tests the resilience of Jason's abs and bounces the soccer ball off of his midsection

Jason launches off the wall, displaying his fancy footwork on the soccer ball for a grounded Freddy

Freddy's thick powerful legs clamp tight on Jason's ribcage in a punishing bodyscissors

Freddy Campbell: 5'11, 185 lbs

Freddy launches his attack before they can gear up and snatches Jason in a full nelson

Freddy sinks his claws in deep, dragging Jason back into a deadly rear naked choking embrace

Jason raises the soccer ball high overhead to put Freddy's core strength to the test with a floor slam

Freddy rolls and folds Jason up on his shoulders and wedges his trunks up his tight ass

Freddy pulls Jason tightly into his clutches, rear choking him as he works over his nipples

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