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  Damian Pike vs. Mickey Knoxx

Damien Pike: 5'9, 160 lbs

These boys came to play (and fuck each other up), but neither can fight the attraction they feel

Hoisting Damien up in his powerful arms, Mickey sets about crushing the boy's ribs in a bearhug

Blurring the lines between pain and pleasure, Damien broken in an OTK crotch-teasing backbreaker

Mickey is helpless to stop the groping of the cocky jockboy as he's trapped in a headscissors

Trapped in a bullying schoolboy pin, Damien gets his face ground and smothered in Damien's bulge

Learning the Ropes: The Best Way!

There's just something about getting into the ring to wrestle the first time. Both Mickey and Damien grew up watching wrestling on television, sometimes getting to see it live; and both have always dreamed of taking their wrestling skills to that level. It's not the same as mat wrestling, or even private matches on motel mattresses. Both leapt at the chance to get in the ring together, put their manhood and masculinity on the line! Both made their ring debuts being destroyed by BG East's superheels (Jobberpaloozer 22 and Dark Knights 20), but otherwise their BGEast matches have all been on the mats. Each of them longed for a truly competitive match in the famous ring they've dreamed of since coming of age!

As they circle each other inside the ropes, looking for weakness and an opening, the stirrings of lust and desire begin to rise within them as the adrenaline and testosterone kicks into gear. Damien gets an early advantage on Mickey, running him through a grueling gauntlet of vicious submission holds and stretches... with arousal stirring inside their trunks. Sometimes those stretching holds feel good, and those endorphins go straight to their groins. But finally the pain onslaught is too much and Mickey screams out a submission against his will, and Damien takes advantage of his opponent's weakness by going straight back to work after a few contemptuous muscle poses over the fallen Mickey, sprawled and defenseless in the center of the ring.

Damien is having a good time now, fully in control, as Mickey resists giving in to how good it feels for him to be dominated by a capable stud who knows what he's doing. And Damien is putting on a great show, torturing the beautifully muscled flesh of his sexy foe. But Mickey isn't done for - and his own desire to conquer, to torture, to be in control slowly clears his mind and gets his heart pumping. Before long he is flexing his own shapely biceps over a sweating, beaten opponent - and now humiliation becomes a part of the game being played. Only one of these studs will be the winner, as the battle becomes slowly more and more erotic, as these matches tend to do. The finale is definitive but both these studs are pleased to worship and share the pleasure of a ring match where they each get their share of spoils.

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Damian Pike vs. Mickey Knoxx
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Damien works to keep his opponent grounded as he pins and smothers him with his bubble butt

Prettyboys can cause pain too! Dangerously handsome Damien rips Mickey's legs wide

With his opponent seated (and nearly folded in half!) Mickey works a grueling, kneeling surfboard

Damien really feels it now, slammed hard into the mat with his powerful foe flexing over top of him

High on the punishment he's afflicting, Damien turns Mickey over for a boston crab variation

Mickey gets stretched out and bent, busted in Damien's over the knee backbreaker

Mickey Knoxx: 5'8, 160 lbs

Mickey pushes up off the mat and brings the pain with his quads clamping down a headscissors

Mickey gets the envious position of kneeling at the feet of the cocky jock and feels up his lean muscle

Someone needs to throw in the towel before Mickey takes a nap in this backbreaking double arm strangle

Mickey can't seem to get a breath of fresh air as he's dropped and smothered in Damien's crotch

It's Damien's turn to kneel before the muscled punk and pay homage to his ripped body

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