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  Rocky Sparks vs. Kal Connor*

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

This ain't Brokeback Mountain, but one of these cowboys will be walking with a limp...

Rocky rubs his hands all over his (metaphorically..for now) roped calf's sculpted muscle in a camel clutch

Kal refuses to be tamed, taking his opponent to the grass and pounding on his exposed abs

Rocky's powerful denim-clad quads clamp and squeeze down tight, forcing Kal's air out in a bodyscissors

Rocky takes the action to the shack and proceeds to rope up his bucking bronco

A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done

Rocky and Kal have been put to work on the grounds of the BGEast Ranch, and are enjoying a friendly beer and some jawing as they sit side-by-side, the sexual tension between them palpable. When Kal moves in for a kiss, Rocky pushes him away, startled and shocked, and things gets a little nasty between the two of them - and as BGEast boys tend to do, they start wrestling in the grass - and ripping each other's clothes off as they fight for dominance! Who knows what beer-tinged hormones will bring up after these 'pardners' have both gotten stripped down?

There's some menace and violence, but there's also arousal and a sense of play between the two as they roll shirtless in the grass, Kal on top before Rocky reverses out. Back and forth they go, the tension getting higher as the two slap at each other with their torn shirts. The playfulness begins to slip a bit as Kal gets Rocky down and chokes him with his own handkerchief - and turn-about is fair play after all! The holds are still painful and dominant, but both are clearly enjoying themselves and getting aroused as they move from tender to brutal and back again.

Finally, they take off for the nearby 'wrestleshack' to finish things off - grinding against each other in the doorway before Rocky tosses Kal inside. As they strip down to their underwear to keep fighting for dominance, as their erections fight to break free from their cotton bindings, and ropes naturally get brought in as this brokeback match becomes middle-of-nowhere erotic, and mouths come into play. The two determined lusty cowboys work to get the other off as the backyard battle becomes a wrestleshack getting-off war! Who will be the first to finish in this incredibly hot and sexy erotic pairing! Who just can't quit whom now?

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Rocky Sparks vs. Kal Connor*
37 minutes

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Kal all trussed up with a faceful of sweaty pit as the victorious cowboy lays hand on his stallion

Caught between pleasure and pain, Kal finds himself withering under Rocky's crafty, powerful assault

Kal seems to have found his opponent's buttons as he rolls him up on the mat and works his nipples

Rocky appears to have everything all wrapped up with Kal crumbling under his lusty liplock

Rocky works his insistent hard on as Kal submits to his sexual wiles, sucking on his nipples

As if it wasn't already hot enough; things get steamy in the wrestleshack with a scintillating liplock

Kal Connor: 5'9, 160 lbs

The two evenly-matched studs come face to face, eager to come out on top of this sexy rodeo

A grinning, cocky Rocky rides Kal to the dirt with a crotch-to-face figure four headscissors

Rocky continues to clamp his quads on Kal's chiseled core with both studs struggling for control

Rocky continues to ride Kal to the ground and tries to bring him to heel by choking him with his own gear

Both cocky cowboys are stripped of their gear with Kal flaunting his goods to his crawling foe

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