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  Kirk Donahue vs. Zach Ramos

Kirk Donahue, Heel: 5'10, 170 lbs

Locking the bigger man's powerful arms with a double underhook, Kirk bends Zach over his knee

Zach grimaces and fights through the pain as he hoists his opponent in a ball-clawing torture rack

Kirk's gorgeous bubble butt flexes as he tries to survive and fight through the pain of a single leg boston

Kirk in real trouble with Zach's muscle squeezing and crushing the fight from him in a suspended bearhug

The bigger man lies crumpled in the turnbuckles, watching the smaller man celebrate his dominance

Bad and Badder

Zach Ramos and Kirk Donahue are both on a hot, mean streak. Zach's string of victories comes after his impressive debut that ultimately ended in a humiliating loss. With a beautiful smile, silky smooth skin, and that luscious mane ready to be pulled around, it seemed as if the Latin hunk was doomed to become the newest piece of meat for all the hungry heels to feast on. But instead, Zach used his buck-naked defeat as fuel to go harder against whoever faced him next. Applying the same ruthlessness he was subjected to in his debut, Zach demolished his next four opponents proving he is much more than just a prettyboy.

Kirk, on the other hand, had fought his jobber reputation for years. After racking up loss upon loss, Kirk's fate suddenly changed when he found a sinister, alternate version of himself with the help of BG East's looking glass posing mirrors. The former Jobber of the Year seemed suddenly replaced by a daunting menace, leaving a trail of destroyed bodies as vengeance for all the suffering his former self had to endure. Still thirsty for more, Kirk is now gunning for the buzzy, talked-about long-haired heel. "Not on my watch," evil Kirk thinks.

As the match opens, Kirk checks out as Zach stretches in the center of the ring. They are similarly matched in height and weight, but a side-by-side seems to give Ramos the advantage. However, whatever pounds of muscle the Latin beefcake might have on Donahue can easily be compensated with Kirk's expertise and cunning. Donahue is smart to proceed with caution after watching Ramos show off his 17-inch biceps, but still, he is repeatedly sent rolling across the ring in a series of lock-ups. Zach's confidence shoots through the roof as Kirk hesitantly asks for a test of strength. Once again, the wild-haired Latino downs Donahue, but a swift, treacherous knee to the gut brings Zach to heel. Realizing that breaking big Zach will take more than he bargained for, Kirk goes for Ramos' lower limbs, including those deliciously meaty thighs. Keeping his foe down might be the freckled heel's best bet at winning this match, but will he be able to squeeze, stretch, and pummel the big man to submission?

This is Heelbash, so no one can expect to leave this fight unscathed. Heels might forget they can feel pain too, but their agonizing faces and cries are a cruel reminder. Sweat mounts as the intensity increases and flashbacks of their worst defeats start to cross each of their minds. And as the match progresses the question changes from who can dish out the most punishment to who is resilient enough to outheel - and outlast - his opponent? Ultimately, someone is crushed by the relentless embrace of his opponent, his winning streak tarnished and left looking up to the ceiling lights wondering if his hard-earned reputation will ever recover from this.

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Kirk Donahue vs. Zach Ramos
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Heel Bash 8 Arena Galleries

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Zach takes the wind from Kirk's sails (and from his lungs!) with a deep-drilling spear in the corner

A grounded ab-stretch variation has Kirk screaming in agony, begging for mercy from his foe

Zach looks to drive Kirk back into his jobber role, carrying him over his shoulder and flexing victoriously

Zach gets the bigger man on the mat and works on destroying his legs as Zach hangs in there!

Zach's thick legs are absolutely neutralized with Kirk cranking and twisting a figure-four leglock

Zach works over Kirk's powerful legs, close to getting a submission but Kirk grabs the ropes!

Zach Ramos: 6', 200 lbs

Cranking that neck and digging his knee into Kirk's spine, Zach works a brutal twisting bow-and-arrow

Trauma-induced flashbacks of jobberhood play out on Kirk's face as he writhes in an abstretch

Kirk finds himself hoisted off of his feet with his opponent's arms crushing his ribs in a bearhug

Zach feeds the sadistic beast that lurks inside, gleefully drilling a fist deep into the smaller man's core

Kirk finally climbs back on top, pausing to flex and celebrate with his grounded opponent in the corner

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