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  Ash DeLeon vs. Dante Lesen*

Ash Deleon: 5'8, 160 lbs

Ash curls his legs around Dante's neck in a figure four headscissors and splits his legs

Dante's longer leaner body gets bent backwards in Ash's crippling over-the-knee backbreaker

Stripped to his jock, Dante kneels as his opponent binds him to the rafters of the Wrestleshack

Completely strung up, Dante is unable (or unwilling) to stop Ash from consummating his erotic assault

Drawn into the seductive embrace of the sadistic wrestler, Dante melts in a will-draining liplock

Plugging Holes in both their Wrestling Fetish Lives

Sometimes wrestling is just a straight up battle - and sometimes the lines between wrestling and erotica get very, very blurred. The body contact, the friction of sweating bodies fighting each other - arousal can either be an embarrassment or the start of something far more intense.

Ash DeLeon always found wrestling sexy, fun, and erotic - but joining the wrestling stable at BGEast gave him the option to explore many more long-held fantasies, and hone his punching skills (abs and lower!). He's ready to develop even more. Ash's domination games, vying for total control - seemed to bring Dante Lesen, his scheduled foe in the Wrestle Shack, who loves the playful toggle between eroticism, sport and the blurred lines of light SM and wrestling.

Clearly, this was an erotic bomb just waiting to go off. As the youthful studs struggle against each other, feeling each other, the temperature starts to rise. The holds are tough and brutal, taking each other right to the edge of a submission before letting it get more playful. Both men love either side, but as their bodies sweat and their skin turns red from blow after blow after blow, new fantasies arise in Ash's mind, fantasies both his growing arousal and horny mind demand be explored.

Outerwear gets stripped down to sweaty undergear, and Ash's dominance and kinky side, his need for control and mastery over his sexy fevered partner emerges - and the holds become less wrestling and more bondage-style as Ash explores Dante's trembling body, soon handcuffed to an overhead beam. Leaving the torso exposed for more of Ash's famed ab torture, more exploration, Ash slips into the role of full dominant master, bringing both pleasure and pain to Dante's worn body, skin red and enflamed, until the line becomes so blurred in Dante's head that it may never unblur. Ash then brings out his sex toy, threatening to teach Dante the pleasures of total submission, of getting his ass not just kicked but controlled by someone else! This erotic game of cat-and-mouse finishes in an explosive dual climax the likes of which the shack has never seen before.

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Ash DeLeon vs. Dante Lesen*
34 minutes

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Stripped of his trunks, Dante kneels and gets his face ground and smothered into Ash's bulge

With a faceful of Ash's sweaty pit, Dante gets trapped and smothered in a ball-clawing headlock

A dangling Dante finds himself in a position familiar to so many of Ash's previous foes

Lying facedown on the mat, Dante's ass arches up off the mats, Ash looking set to claim his spoils

Dante's height advantage doesnt mean shit as Ash traps him in a bodyscissors, full nelson combo

With a toy lodged up his hole, Dante gets rolled up on his shoulders in a crotch-ripping spladle

Dante Lesen: 6'3, 180 lbs

An oblivious Dante smirks as he looks down his nose at his shorter opponent as they face off

Ash's quads clamp down tight around Dante's ribs in a formidable, crushing bodyscissors

As if planting his ass in Dante's face wasn't humiliating enough, Ash rips and claws at his bulge

With Ash's ass firmly planted in his face, Dante gets rolled up, his own ass at the heel's disposal

With his arms bound overhead, Dante kneels helplessly, his abs ripped and clawed to shreds

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