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  Brad Rochelle & Jonny Firestorm vs. Monstah Mike

Brad Rochelle appearing with Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 190 lbs

Fresh off that Top Heel win, Jonny's feeling himself and challenges Monstah to a test of strength

Jonny might as well be dropkicking a wall as an unstoppable Monstah Mike just...keeps...coming

The Monstah looks bound to break Brad right back into retirement with a neck-crunching full nelson

Pulling on Mike's big legs, Brad stomps and grinds his boot into the big man's balls

Likely the sexiest dog pile in history as Jonny goes for a big splash on both muscled studs

The New Sheriff, the Old Sheriff, and One Dirty Deputy

Monstah Mike has been announcing his ascendency as top badass at BG East from the moment he arrived. "I definitely got the best physique in this league," he mutters to himself with his typical lack of humility, as he eye fucks himself in the mirror. Mike's not the only one duly impressed with his stunningly pumped muscles. Fans can't get enough of his stunning physique, and they have clearly taken to his take-no-prisoners, no-holds-barred erotic demolitions. Fulfilling his own prophecy, Mike has been unstoppable inside and outside the ring. If his braggadocio seemed premature a few months ago, it's hard to argue with his declaration that he's "the new sheriff of BGE!"

If you want to back up your claim to be the best, however, you've got to beat the best. Reigning Top Heel and perennial fan favorite Jonny Firestorm walks into the ring room to give Monstah Mike the opportunity to prove he's the new top dog. "Holy shit, look at the size of this guy," Jonny immediately mutters to his best buddy, Brad Rochelle, who follows Jonny into the ring room. You don't get to be sheriff by being completely clueless, and Mike is instantly suspicious of the handsome hunk in trunks and a leather jacket showing up with Jonny. "That guy?" Jonny waves Mike's suspicions off. "He's just the time keeper, the bell ringer, a wannabe. Don't worry about him. You just worry about me!"

Mike doesn't seem too worried when he's clutching Jonny's throat in both hands and lifting the hairy chested heel off his feet like he weighs nothing at all. "This ship is mine now," Mike declares. "I'm the man at BG East!" The insurgent badass pounds Jonny corner to corner, driving a shoulder tackle so hard into Jonny's gut that the humbled heel soars through the ropes and lands in a heap at his buddy's feet outside the ring. Even with Brad's coaching, Jonny can't find the key to unlock Mike's overwhelming strength. Trapped in headscissors between Mike's gargantuan quads, Jonny's screams of agony are muffled with his mouth trapped deep into Mike's crotch. "The beast is here," Mike announces. He is a juggernaut, pounding Jonny to a pulp. When he throws his back into the ropes to torpedo the fading Top Heel one more time, Brad leaps up and grabs the back of the bodybuilder's trunks, stopping him in his tracks.

"I can't watch this anymore, Jonny," Brad announces, charging headlong into the fray to defend his buddy. For a time, Mike's magnificent muscles appear more than enough to overpower both classic hunks simultaneously. A test of strength against both men at the same time puts the buddies down on their knees effortlessly. Like an avalanche crashing down a slope, it's looking like nothing Jonny and/or Brad can do can derail the new sheriff.

But victory in the ring never only hinges on strength. Mike is a sensationally sadistic muscle master, but has he met his match once diabolically devious Jonny and Brad pull out all of the dirty tricks and vicious double team moves they've perfected over the years? It's a brutal battle to the end, with a knock out finish and the undisputed top dog ringing the bell announcing his undeniably decisive victory. Whoever it is you think wins, this is the biggest test Monstah Mike and the diabolical duo of Brad and Jonny have ever faced!

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3-Way Thrash 6: Bodybuilder Beatdown Arena Galleries

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The Monstah is laid low! Brad leans back in a boston crab with Jonny helping add leverage

Even with their powers combined, it may not be enough to bring down the big bad Monstah

Mike fades in the corner, trapped in a rear naked choke as Jonny batters his pecs with forearms

The top heel looks like his reign is over with a flexing Mike's quads crushing his skull like a grape

Jonny manages to hoist the massive Monstah Mike as Brad launches in to help finish him off

Looking all the worse-for-wear, Jonny is hoisted and carried like a sack of flour over Mike's shoulder

Monstah Mike: 5'10, 230 lbs

A hall of fame come to life as Brad Rochelle and Jonny fucking Firestorm team up again!

Brad watches in disappointment and astonishment as Mike throttles Jonny in a suspended choke

Jonny is never one to back down from a fight, but the fear is evident as he may be in over his head

Close to putting the Fire(storm) out, Monstah Mike gets yanked back by his trunks

Working like a well-oiled machine, the powerful tag team debilitates Mike in backbreaking headscissors

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